Dewalt DCF887 Vs DCF888 Impact Driver – Your Go-To Machine?

Dewalt DCF887 Vs DCF888 Impact Driver – Your Go-To Machine?

The debate of Dewalt DCF887 Vs DCF888 impact driver has been heating up among the craftsmen community nowadays. Both Dewalt impact drivers have spectacular features like a brushless motor, 3-speed settings, and a lightweight grip. 

However, today’s showdown will focus on which impact driver offers better value for money and has more overall performance features.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the review.

First, we have a head-to-head comparison to start the Dewalt DCF888 review that highlights both impact drivers’ major features and specifications. 

Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 Comparison

The main difference between Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 is the speed and extra features. DCF888 is superior because of its ultra RPM of 3250 and Bluetooth connectivity.

Dewalt DCF887B Impact DriverDewalt DCF888B Impact Driver
Motor BrushlessBrushless
Torque205 Nm 205 Nm
RPMUp to 2800Up to 3250
IPMUp to 3200Up to 3800
Max Chuck SizeSize 6.35mm20 mm
Speed setting3 Speed3 Speed
Length16.22 inches15 inches
Weight2.8 lbs.2.8 lbs.
Best ForScrewing nuts and boltsDriving carriage bolts into wood
Reviews on Amazon4.84.6
PriceCheck hereCheck here
Read ReviewRead Review

Dewalt DCF887 Vs DCF888 Pros and Cons:

Dewalt DCF887


With a powerful high-torque brushless motor delivering up to 205Nm of pound-feet.

PrecisionDrive mode lets you control better when screwing. You might not do any damage to the material or screws.

The tool is extremely lightweight and small, making it very easy to use. It also fits in little spaces.


Can’t handle hard work

Minimal quality control issues

DeWalt DCF888


When it gets too far away from the mobile device, it produces out-of-range notifications.

It will send an alert when it gets low on battery or if it is overheating.

205 Nm torque allows heavy application-based DIY projects to be completed quickly and effectively

The user may change three speeds and torque settings to improve productivity in repetitive applications and minimize fastener and material wear.

Precision Drive mode is present in this model.

Excellent handgrip makes it easy to use


Bluetooth connectivity feature sometimes lags and glitches.

Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 Features Review


The battery is one of the essential aspects for a tools man on the job. Both of our competitors today have a lithium-ion-powered battery present in them.

This lithium-ion battery has a great battery life for an ongoing job that involves tightening several bolts and nuts.

The Dewalt DCF887 typically averages a run time of around one hour on the top speed setting. The Dewalt DCF888 averages a run time of 1 and a half hours on a full charge on the maximum speed setting.

However, usually, you don’t even have to work through the maximum speed setting as it is required for high-end work only. For day-to-day work, you will mostly be utilizing the first two speed options, which will save plenty of battery life for you. 


Its brushless motor delivers the power generated by your Dewalt impact driver. The brushless motors are based on newer technology than the previously used Nicad motors. These typically give around 75% more run time which improves the efficiency as well as performance.

The Dewalt DCF887 and Dewalt DCF888 feature this great brushless motor, which improves efficiency and precision and provides top-end performance. 

In addition to this, the brushless motor barely produces any annoying noise and allows you to work in your complete comfort zone.

So, if you were looking to set up your gear for your next plumbing job. Either of these bad boys is a must-have in your gear. 

Speed Setting:

Do you often have difficulty in an application when you are driving long screws into wooden posts? Well, it might be because your current impact driver might not have the necessary speed options that improve precision and provide added power.

Going with an impact driver with multiple speed options is better, as you never know which speed option you might require on your next DIY project.

To solve this issue, Dewalt has equipped both the DCF887 and DCF888 with three-speed options for precise and proper fitting of nuts into the wood and other surfaces. 

In your Dewalt DCF887, you will be getting a 2800 rpm torque to drive the screws and a maximum of 3200 impacts per minute for proper fitting of the screws in their place. The Dewalt DCF887 comes with a Precision 1 Drive that allows you to have appropriate control over the speed and adds an extra layer of protection while performing the job. 

The Dewalt DCF888, on the other hand, also features three-speed settings, but it offers more RPM and IPM. You will be getting around 3250 rpm and an impact of 3800 per minute, which is a great upgrade over a DCF887.

Weight and Size:

In terms of size, the DCF887 is a bit more compact and lightweight than its counterpart, DCF888.

This allows you to achieve a better handgrip and a comfortable work experience, especially when you are a full-time craftsman or a plumber who has to use these impact drivers almost every day. The DCF887 is a great ergonomic option.

On the other hand, the DCF888 is a bit heavier than DCF887. However, its size is still nearly the same as DCF887. So, you won’t feel like you are holding a hammer drill while using the DCF888.

In terms of weight, the DCF887 weighs around 1.3 kg with a 1.5/2 Ah lithium-ion battery. This makes it a piece of lightweight equipment that deserves a place in your toolbox.

On the other side of the table, you have an ideal 0.9 kg net weight on your DCF888, making it one of the lightest impact drivers in its price range. 

These impact drivers have a user-friendly size-to-weight ratio and don’t add a lot of extra load on the user who is drilling the large screws into the wall.

Grip, LED light, and Warranty:

Grip: Dewalt has been known to launch impact drivers that feel extra light on the hands, and it doesn’t feel like you are holding a hammer in your hand. This lightweight design is quite popular across the board, and it is the front running reason why their impact drivers have a comfortable grip.

The Dewalt DCF888 weighs barely 2.8 lbs. without a battery, and it is one of the lightest impact drivers in the town. The grip is ergonomic on the hands, and your hand control is maintained even during the vibration while screwing the nuts and bolts.

Similarly, the DCF887 is a little heavier, not much, just a tad more than its successor. However, it maintains a steady grip as the soft material holds onto the hands while applying driving carriage bolts into the wood. 

LED Lighting: Have you ever seen a Dewalt DCF887 vs dcf888 review that doesn’t mention its brilliant 3 LED job light? If so, then experts might have misled you. The Dewalt DCF887 offers an intense, high-powered 3 LED job light which comes in extra handy when you are screwing in tighter spaces with low lighting. 

In this way, the LED lighting allows you to focus on driving the long screws into the wood and not worry about missing the target.

Similarly, we see a 3 LED job light on the DCF888 as well. So, you might be thinking, how is this an upgrade? And why should I buy Dewalt DCF888 impact driver with the same LED light? Well, I would like to bring to your attention that the 3 LED light on the DCF888 has a slightly better lightning result than its predecessor Dewalt DCF887 impact driver.

Warranty: Lastly, how can we not cover the excellent Warranty offered by Dewalt? Dewalt has a fair market share in the tools industry in the US market because they provide reliable tools covered with a warranty.

The warranty period on their models and their warranty service both are quite attractive to a plumber or electrician who barely thinks again and goes right in with the purchase.

Now, let’s talk about the Warranty on these two models specifically. The DeWalt impact driver DCF887 generally offers a three-year limited warranty on the impact driver and a first-year warranty on the wear and tear of the impact driver. This first-year wear and tear warranty is a deal maker as it gives peace of mind to the plumber looking to make a purchase.

On the other hand, we will sum up the Dewalt DCF888 impact driver review section by discussing its Warranty. It has a three-year limited warranty, and a first-year service warranty commonly referred to as the wear and tear warranty. 

Usually, you will see a similar warranty across the board for Dewalt, and therefore these two bad boys also have an identical warranty. 

DCF888 vs DCF887 Kit Comparison:

Dewalt Kit Comparison

You might be looking to buy Dewalt DCF 887 impact driver kit when you are surfing through Amazon? If so, you might be a little disappointed to know that the DCF887 impact driver kit doesn’t offer a lot other than the tool itself. 

In your Dewalt DCF887 brushless kit, you will be receiving 2 brushless batteries, a charger, Dewalt DCF887 impact driver, and a tool kit box. This is almost everything that the kit has inside it. 

On the other side, you have some extra accessories in the Dewalt DCF888 kit. In your Dewalt DCF888 brushless kit, you will be receiving 2 brushless batteries, a charger, Dewalt DCF888 impact driver, a belt clip, and a tool kit box.

So, if you don’t need a kit box badly and have a spare one at home. It is better to go for the impact driver only. 

However, you can purchase the kit box if you want to keep your tools safe and protected from any extra wear and tear. Keep in mind that you will only be receiving the kit box with DCF887, and in the case of DCF888, a belt clip, and that’s it.  

DCF887 Variants

Dewalt DCF887B

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver
Dewalt DCF887B

The DCF887B is a brushless impact driver and it offers 3 different speed settings. More than that, it ensures precision speed for added control and stability.

Check DCF887B Price Here

Dewalt DCF887D2

Dewalt DCF887D2
Dewalt DCF887D2

The second variant of Dewalt DCF887 is a complete kit where you will not only get the tool but also 2 batteries, one belt hook, as well as a robust Dewalt charger.

Check DCF887D2 Price Here

Dewalt DCF887M2

Dewalt DCF887M2
Dewalt DCF887M2

The M2 model is also a complete kit, but instead of 2Ah batteries (available in DCF887D2), you will get two 4Ah batteries for a long-lasting working experience.

Check DCF887M2 Price Here

DCF888 Variants

Dewalt DCF888P2BT

Dewalt DCF888P2BT

The P2BT variant is a complete Bluetooth kit where you will not only get the impact driver but also two 5Ah batteries and a charger.

Check DCF888P2BT Price Here

Dewalt DCF888D2


Similarly, the second model does come with a Bluetooth kit, but this time, Dewalt has added only 2Ah batteries along with a patented charger.

Check DCF888D2 Price Here

My Recommendation: DCF887 OR DCF888

From my personal experience with both models, I can assure you that they are much more similar than they are different. However, there are few details where the DCF888 outperforms its counterpart DCF887. 

Firstly, it has a better handgrip which is very important for me as someone who occasionally tries to fix things just for fun in my spare time. The DCF888 is a bit more reliable and precise in driving the screws into the wall in terms of performance. You won’t need to go in for a second round with this bad boy.

So, to sum things up, I will say that although the DCF888 takes the edge over DCF887. If you want to use a tool solely for DIY and a regular job, you should go for the DCF888. However, the DCF887 is also a good option if you occasionally do some woodwork or want to fix something in the home which requires an impact driver.


Now that we have gone through each aspect of these two amazing impact drivers.

I want to conclude this article by saying that an impact driver is a piece of must-have equipment in your toolbox no matter what sort of repair job you have on your hands. 

These impact drivers that I have reviewed for you today offer some of the best features in terms of performance and application on the market today. 

The battle of Dewalt Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 Impact driver finishes here! Good-bye. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dewalt DCF787 and DCF887?

The Dewalt DCF787 is a bit heavier than DCF887. Both are brushless and use the same batteries. DCF787 has a single LED, while DCF887 has a triple LED installed in its body. The DCF787 also doesn’t have a three-speed selector, which limits its performance capabilities. The DCF887 features a three-speed selector, which provides improved performance, especially while driving large screws and bolts.

What is the difference between a 1/4 and 1/2 impact driver?

Torque is the major difference when we compare a ¼ and a ½ impact driver with each other. The ½ impact driver has a higher torque than a ¼ impact driver.
A ¼ impact driver is great for fitting, removing screws, and tightening screws. These are great for home improvement projects like installing an ac combustion vent or hanging a painting on the wall.
On the other hand, the ½ impact driver/wrench is used for handling automobile works.

What is the strongest Dewalt impact, driver?

Handling a long screw or tightening a screw into a wall requires precision and power. The Dewalt DCF888 with up to 3800 impacts per minute and 205 Nm torque has the right mix of features, making it the strongest Dewalt impact driver in the industry.

Is Dewalt DCF787 brushless?

Yes, the Dewalt DCF787 comes with a brushless motor. It has 57% more run time than a traditional motor.

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