Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z – The Winner is Unveiled!

Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z – The Winner is Unveiled!

The impact driver is one of the tools that is drawn upon the most frequently in the arsenal. When you complete various jobs around the house, including hanging drywall, building a wall, installing a door, or any of several other similar tasks, you will most likely be using your impact driver.

If you need a product that is capable of delivering a big deal of force and can last for a long time, an impact driver can be an excellent addition to your collection of power tools.

Makita manufactures several different impact drivers. Amongst them, we are reviewing Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z today, it is a long debate because both impact drivers are excellent.

Let’s take a look at each of these drivers and figure out which one would be the most suitable for the tasks that require the use of your power tool!

Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z Review in Short

Makita’s extensive collection of cordless power tools includes a variety of impact drivers to choose from. The Makita XDT16Z is the company’s impact driver that offers maximum power. However, as you will see when you read our review, the XDT13Z is a strong rival in this market. We have analyzed and tested these tools ourselves.

The main difference between the XDT 13 and XDT 16 is that the XDT16Z is noticeably smaller. Weights for the Makita XDT13Z and XDT16Z are 2.08 lb. and 1.96 lb, respectively.

The Makita XDT13Z and Makita XDT16Z both have 3600RPM as their maximum speed. When it comes to torque output, the Makita XDT13Z had 1500 in. lbs., while the XDT16Z has 1600 in. lbs

Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z – What is in the Box

Makita XDT16Z

makita xdt16z review

The only item in the box is the Bare Tool. The 18V LXT Cordless impact driver (XDT13Z, tool only) from Makita offers power and durability for various fastening applications. The battery and charger have to be purchased separately.

You can buy the battery separately here. Or if in case you don’t have the charger you can buy the charger here.

The electrically driven and brushless Makita BLTM motor is designed to provide a longer run time, higher power and speed, and enhanced durability.

To facilitate efficient attachment, the adjustable speed Brushless motor provides 0-3,400 Revolutions per minute, 0-3,600 IPM, and up to 1,500 inch-pounds of ideal torque.

The instrument is around 5″ in length, weighs about 3.3 pounds (with the battery included), and offers a comfortable grip for the ease of the operator. It is of a miniature form. The light from the L.E.D. is efficient in the workplace, hence improving vision in settings with a limited amount of light.

Makita XDT13Z

makita xdt13z review

The only thing that comes in the box is the tool itself; the battery and charger are sold separately. If you haven’t already purchased an impact driver, now would be an excellent time to do so.

You can buy the battery separately here. Or if in case you don’t have the charger you can buy the charger here. or you can choose from the list of batteries for your impact driver.

The Makita XDT13 cordless impact driver is a simple tool, but despite its lack of bells and whistles, it packs more than enough power to complete any given task.

The entire length of the XDT13 impact, from tip to tail, is less than 5 inches, and it only weighs 3.3 pounds.

The user can adjust the RPM from 0-3,400 with a single pull of the variable speed trigger, and the IPM (Impacts Per Minute) can be set anywhere between 0-3,600.

The auto-locking collar makes it possible for you to insert a bit with only one hand, and then it immediately returns to the “Locked” position.

Makita XDT16Z Review in Detail

The redesigned XDT16Z 4-Speed Impact Driver that Makita released onto the market was a game-changer for the industry. It may be a behemoth in terms of its features and power (1,600 pounds), but not in terms of its little stature of 4-9/16 inches.

Makita XDT16Z

The new DeWALT Atomic 20v Max Impact Driver, with the rumored specifications, is likely to be the next closest competitor in terms of functionality. The Makita XDT16Z is currently the best makita impact driver on the market since it ticks all of the necessary boxes.

In addition to a choice of four different speeds for the power output, this impact driver features four different precision fastening settings: assist mode, auto-stop mode, tightening mode 1, and mode 2. You are prepared to drive longer fasteners if you use the Assist (A-Mode) feature.

The drive starts out moving slowly until it encounters resistance from the tightening process. After that, it begins to ramp up for a full power drive, which is ideal for those cam-outs that are all too typical.

The Auto-Stop Mode is ideal for removing nuts or bolts because it automatically stops the driver when the head is loose enough to lessen the amount of resistance encountered.

Therefore, if you are a lineman or a mechanic, you can securely loosen the remaining nuts and bolts by hand without having to worry about dropping a nut or bolt.

Size and Weight

Makita’s this impact driver weighs in at slightly under 2 pounds when it is in its basic tool form. Even when a battery with a capacity of 2.0 Ah is installed, it only weighs a total of 2.9 pounds.

It is one of only a couple of impact drivers that we have tested that weigh less than 3 pounds with a battery, and none of those other impact drivers can equal the performance of the Makita we tested.

This 18V/20V max impact driver is one of the most portable options available, thanks to its overall length of 4.6 inches. It is also one of the most powerful options.

When compared to Milwaukee’s 2857, the 20V Max Atomic DCF850 from DeWalt is roughly half an inch and around a millimeter shorter than its competitor.

Using this impact driver makes it easy to work in confined spaces while reducing the amount of strain placed on your muscles.

One-Touch Power Selector

Under the chuck is a one-touch power selector button that has four different speeds, which is one of the things that we appreciate very lot. Modifying the speed can now be done with just one hand, thanks to this functionality.

It also enables the backward spin auto mode, which prevents further impact and rotation from being applied to the tool once the fastener has been loosened to the desired extent. This helps prevent the fastener from being over-loosened and falling to the ground.

Brushless motor

The Makita XDT16Z is one of the numerous high-quality impact drivers available on the market that has a brushless motor. Because of this, carbon brushes, which are subject to wear and tear and need replacement, are no longer required. As a direct consequence of this, the upkeep of your instrument will become much easier.

In addition, brushless motors are held in high esteem for their lower heat output, which enables the impact driver to be used for extended periods of time without the user having to worry about it becoming overloaded. This is due to the fact that a brushless motor contains a much-reduced number of moving mechanical parts inside the unit.

Dual LED lights

Operating lights that are already integrated into a tool are always a desirable feature, especially if the space you work in, whether it is a garage or a construction site, is quite dark.

This is especially helpful while working on tasks that demand to multitask, such as repairing vehicles or performing other activities simultaneously. Rather than lugging around a separate flashlight, it will be much easier for you to see what you are working on if the tool you are using has LED lights integrated right in.

Changing the bit is easy

Changing bits is now much easier thanks to the 1/4-inch hex chuck. When you are operating with a screw or a fastener and your hands are full or you are in a tough situation, this might be beneficial.

Makita XDT13Z Review

The Makita 18V LXT® Cordless Impact Driver (XDT13Z, tool only) from the company that leads the world in cordless innovation has the endurance to run for a range of fastening applications.

Makita XDT13Z

The incredibly effective Makita BLTM Cordless Motor is made to deliver more power and speed, a longer tool life, and longer run times. Its brushless design is the source of all of these benefits. It is controlled via electronic controls.

It is a component of Makita’s 18V Lithium-Ion system, the complete wireless product technology in the world, and is powered by slide-style 18V Lithium-Ion batteries. The world’s most extensive system of cordless tools is this one.

Makita produced the more prevalent lithium-ion 18V device. The Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries feature the fastest recharge times in their respective classes, enabling users to work for more extended periods with minimal downtime for charging.

The user can adjust the RPM from 0-3,400 with a single pull of the variable speed trigger, and the IPM (Impacts Per Minute) can be set anywhere between 0-3,600. You just need one hand to enter a bit into the auto-locking collar, and the collar will immediately return to the “Locked” condition after you release it.


As a starting point for our first speed test, we stacked sufficient sheets of plywood to provide room for a ledger screw measuring 3-5/8 inches. After that, we got out our reliable stopwatch and measured how long it took for the screwdrivers to completely sink the screws.

We did this test a total of four times in an attempt to get an accurate reading of the average. With an average of only 4 seconds required for each screw, the XDT13Z was one of the fastest drivers that we tested.


We welded half-inch Grade 8 bolts to an I-beam so that they could be utilized in our tests so that we could identify the maximum torque that each edition was capable of breaking loose at and the maximum torque that each model was capable of tightening a nut to.


We examined any special capabilities that the tool might have, often known as the bells and whistles, in order to establish how convenient it was to use. After that, we made extremely accurate measurements of the length of each model as well as its weight.


The design of the XDT13Z impressed us in certain areas, but in other respects, it did not live up to our expectations, and as a result, it received a score that was somewhere in the middle of the range for that category.

Ergonomics and Comfort

If you want to arrange human well-being while also optimizing the functioning of systems and machines, there needs to be sync between the two.

The simplicity of use of the human body and the way it functions are taken into consideration during the construction of XDT13Z. It comes equipped with both an impact driver and a hammer driver drill in one convenient package.

There is a rubberized handle for the purpose of preventing slippage, facilitating smooth operation, and ensuring a firm grip and grasp. The user is protected from exhaustion and fatigue thanks to the reduction of excessive vibrations, which makes it easier for the user to avoid these effects.

Additionally, the fact that it is lightweight makes it easier to use, and the fact that it can be carried without causing the user to be loaded in any way makes it more convenient.

LED light

Turn on the light and get your job straightened out and accurate, regardless of whether you are working in an area that is completely in the shade or on some complicated joint that is difficult to get into your line of sight.

A LED is placed on the front of the device, and its presence helps to illuminate any dark areas. It is considerably brighter than its previous iteration, and once the trigger is pulled, it maintains its illumination; hence, you do not need to continue pressing it.

Other Features

  • Because the BL Brushless Motor lacks carbon brushes, it is able to operate at lower temperatures and with greater efficiency, resulting in a longer lifespan.
  • The electrical control of the efficient BL Brushless Motor helps to maximize the use of the battery’s power, resulting in up to fifty percent more run time on a single charge.
  • The electronically-controlled BL Brushless Motor makes optimal use of energy to adapt the amount of torque and revolutions per minute (RPM) to the requirements of the application as they change.
  • A design that is both compact and ergonomic, at only 5″ in length.
  • With the battery included, it weighs only 3.3 pounds, which aims to minimize operator fatigue.

Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z Comparison

During Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z review we have found a lot of things that are unique to each of these tools. It is slightly shorter in length than the model of Milwaukee’s Gen 3 M18 Fuel impact driver, measuring in at 4-9/16 inches in total length.

The XDT16 model from Makita has a torque of 1,600 in-lbs, which is not the highest available given the tough competition in the market today, which offers up to 1,800 in-lbs. In addition to that, it offers a choice between four different affecting modes and four different speeds.

You will be capable of selecting the amount of torque that is appropriate for the work that you are doing, which is a terrific feature that gives you a lot of flexibility. When it comes to preventing the breakage of smaller bolts or threads, I find this to be an extremely handy tool.

The final mode is the Full-Speed Mode of the XDT16Z. If you keep holding down the mode button, the wrench will transition into full-speed mode.

This will enable the Impact driver to spin at full speed with even the tiniest pull on the trigger, freeing you from the necessity of fully squeezing the trigger in order to get full speed with the tool.

By pressing and holding the mode button once again, the full-speed mode can be disabled. The flashing light to the left of the mode button indicates that you are currently operating in full-speed mode.

The impact driver that you have here is a basic machine that provides you with a satisfactory amount of power. The XDT13Z gives you only one mode to choose from, in contrast to other drivers that offer a variety of modes tailored to specific uses.

You have complete control over the driver thanks to its variable speed trigger, which also provides you with no slop whatsoever, and you can select the speed you desire anywhere in the range of 0 to 3,400 Revolutions per Minute.

Comparatively speaking to the XDT16Z, the XDT13Z proved to have one of the batteries that lasted the test the longest. It made it through four full sets, finished the ledger screw section of the fifth test, and was able to sink the lag bolt before the battery died as it was being backed out of the hole.

Throughout our testing, this driver exceeded the majority of the competition, which is why it achieved a fantastic score for this category.

How to use Makita XDT16Z

A combined effect of size features and functionalities that are departing other major branded products in the dust is what makes the XDT16z from Makita so impressive.

It has a fairly modest 1600-inch pounds of torque, but the brushless motor provides a blistering 3600 RPM and 3,800 impacts per minute that enables it to navigate to the maximum velocity we’ve evaluated under load with a big difference to second-place.

How to use Makita XDT13Z

Now introducing the Makita XDT13Z quarter-inch impact driver, which is a component of the lxt 18-volt family of power tools.

This also has the brushless motor in this impact driver as well, and apart from that, this is the type of their low frills method to an impact driver. Makita’s main item has a couple of extra bells, whistles, and buttons than this model does.

My Recommendation Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13Z

Each of the drivers is advantageous in its own way. The Makita XDT13Z is a bit larger, a bit slower, and a bit heavier than XDT16Z, but it is also quite a bit less expensive. In the end, everything boils down to the requirements you have for the product and the funds you have available.

Summing Things Up:

One tool that gets pulled out of the toolbox most frequently is the impact driver. An impact driver is a fantastic option if you are looking for a piece of machinery that is both robust and long-lasting if you are in the market for such a product.

The large selection of cordless power tools that Makita offers includes a significant number of impact drivers. There is a never-ending debate about Makita XDT16Z vs XDT13z as both of them are wonderful impact drivers. The Makita XDT16Z is recognized as one of the most effective impact drivers currently available on the market. On the other hand, there is a powerful rival in the form of the XDT13Z.

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