Best Dewalt Impact Drivers – Get The Right One!

Best Dewalt Impact Drivers – Get The Right One!

Though there are multiple players in the tool market, a few brands make it to the top. One of such brands is Dewalt. Over the years, Dewalt has manufactured extremely high-quality Power tools that are sturdy yet easy to use.

These power tools can be useful for several tasks. If you are a carpenter, a DIY enthusiast, a woodworker, or a homeowner, you might find it hard to drive wood and metal screws and bolts. However, it can be a matter of seconds if done with the best Dewalt impact drivers.

Best Dewalt Impact Driver – Shopping Tips 2022

Whether you are a beginner DIYer or a professional carpenter, you will always need some good Shopping Tips in order to grab your hand on the best impact driver or any power tool. This is because the market is filled with numerous options of good and bad.

Moreover, there are some Dewalt impact drivers that may be useful for short-term projects while a misfit for long-term projects and vice versa. Therefore through this buying guide, we will give you an insight into how to pick the right impact driver for your job.

Here are the deciding factors:

Speed: Firstly, you would want to see if the impact driver under consideration is fast enough to fulfill your requirements or not.

Dewalt’s impact drivers have two types of speed settings; single and three-speed settings. You can also adjust the speed through trigger pressure in single-speed settings but you can not have complete control over the speed.

This is why Dewalt has now introduced an in-built precision drive for its 3-speed settings. This newly added feature gives more control over speed through better adjustability. Henceforth, making their impact drivers more versatile.

Motor: When it comes to the motor of an impact driver, they can be classified into two types; brushed and brushless motors. Which one’s better? Let’s find out.

Generally, brushless motors are found in 20V impact drivers whereas brushed motors can be found in 18V impact drivers. Nonetheless, brushless motors work better than brushed motors and are more suitable for medium to heavy-duty projects.

Although 20V brushless motors are comparatively expensive, they are extremely powerful and durable with a better runtime.

IPM and RPM: While looking at various options, you may also have to consider the Impacts Per Minute and the Revolutions Per Minute the impact driver offers.

For example, a homeowner, a DIYer, or a person with a short-term project may require a medium amount of IPM and RPM that ranges from 0-3200. However, a heavy-duty project may require a large amount of IPM and RPM.
Therefore, buy an impact driver with IPM and RPM that suits your needs.

Battery: Since cordless tools are mainly powered by batteries, you will have to evaluate the batteries.

Usually, batteries are classified through their Voltage. For example, there are 18V batteries, 20V batteries, and 12V batteries. Both the batteries can work well but 18V batteries are considered more stable and can work fast enough to tackle all types of products.

Nevertheless, you will have to see which battery goes well with your impact driver and can serve you well.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics refers to all the factors that make it easy for users to handle the tool. While choosing an impact driver, hold it in your hands to see if it fits comfortably well or not. Ann impact driver which is easy to handle will dramatically improve your performance. On the other hand, an impact driver which is difficult to hold will bring the performance down.

Henceforth, look for an ergonomically designed impact driver for better work performance and quality.

Shape: Another important factor is the shape of the impact driver. A compact impact driver will be a better option if you have to work in tighter workspaces as it can fit easily. However, a more sturdy and big design may be suitable if you have a large workspace. Therefore, determine how compact the impact driver is before purchasing.

Other User-Friendly Features: Aside from the performance and outlook, do have a look at other features that add up to the ease of use. Such features include LED lighting and the keyless chuck.

LED lighting is an excellent addition to an impact driver as it helps in brightening the workspace and eliminating blind spots in dark. Therefore, the worker can set the target which will improve their accuracy. Though the LED lights are positioned differently in different models of Dewalt, you will have to see which position suits you the most.

The next component is the keyless chuck. Keyless chuck enables the worker to quickly change the bits. This makes the impact driver more flexible and allows the user to work with different types of fasteners.

Also, look for other attachments that come along with the tool. These add-ons make the impact driver easy to store, easy to use, and versatile.

Your Budget: Last but not the least, you will have to keep your budget in mind.

The impact drivers come in different price ranges. Starting from a low price range, the prices go all the way up. The inexpensive range includes the 12V impact driver kits are available for under $100. In the middle, you will find 18V kits and 20V bare tools only.

As for the expensive range, there will be 20V kits which include a range of add-ons aside from the tool. These can go up to $399.

Note: If you need to know about the size of Impact Drivers, then read this guide.

Best Dewalt Impact Driver (20V&12V)

Dewalt manufactures a range of impact drivers. These impact drivers are further classified through their power and useability. An impact driver with a power of 20 Volts is categorized as a 20V product line.

On the other side, an impact driver is with a power of 12 Volts is classified as a part of the 12V product line.

Now you must be thinking what is the best Dewalt Impact Driver amongst all? Well, you can read the detailed guide to find out

At a Glance:

  1. Dewalt 20V Combo Kit
  2. Dewalt 20V Max Kit DCF885C1
  3. Dewalt DCF787C1 20V MAX
  4. Dewalt XR with Bluetooth Kit
  5. Dewalt DCF809C2 Atomic 20V
  6. Dewalt Xtreme 12V DCF801F2
  7. Dewalt 12V 1/4 Inch Max
  8. Dewalt DCF801B 12V MAX

Best Dewalt 20V Impact Driver

Here is a list of 20V Dewalt Brushless Impacts that are powerful yet extremely useful for a variety of tasks.

DeWalt DCK299M2 (Image credit: Image Source)

Dewalt 20V Combo Kit

Best Dewalt Impact driver combo kit


Easy to handle

Good runtime

Extremely stable

Safe to use


Bad switches

Are you looking for the Best Dewalt impact driver combo kit? Then Dewalt’s DCK299M2 model is for you. Dewalt DCF 887 Impact Driver in combo with Hammer Drill DCD996 is a beast and will perform almost any job for you.

DCF887 is an excellent cordless impact driver with a brushless motor. Its motor has a torque of 1825 lbs and is fully capable of providing 3250 Revolutions Per Minute along with 3600 Impacts Per Minute.

Aside from this, the speed can easily be adjusted according to the task requirement. The Impact driver is also easy to handle, thanks to the soft over-molded grip and the lightweight yet compact design,

As for the DCD996 Hammer Drill, it is ergonomically designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of the user. The rotatable handle further adds to the stability and comfort. Furthermore, the nitro-carbonized metal ratcheting chuck with carbide inserts makes it secure to use.

The kit also comes with a battery and tool bag for better storage.

After getting your hand on the top Dewalt Impact, you must have a variety of strong and best impact drivers bit sets for smooth working, we have researched some best bits sets, have a look at it.

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Dewalt DCF885
Dewalt DCF885 (Image credit: Amazon )

Dewalt 20V Max Kit DCF885C1

Best 1/4″ Dewalt Impact driver


Good LED lighting system

Extremely durable


3-year limited warranty


The battery may not be long-lasting

It includes:

  • One Impact Driver (DCF885)
  • One 1.5 Ah Battery
  • One Charger

Dewalt DCF885 is a lightweight but the Best 1/4″ Dewalt impact driver with a compact design. This makes it extremely portable. If you are working in tight spaces, DCF885 can fit easily without compromising on its performance.

Also, DCF885 has built-in LED lights that are switched on after pressing the trigger for 20-seconds. They can brighten up the workspace and eliminate shadows to improve visibility. Therefore, you can work with greater accuracy.

Aside from this, DCF885 has a hex drive system that enables the user to place any fastener including lug nuts and screws. Hence, making the milter saw more versatile.

Read the detailed comparison between Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887 here.

Dewalt DCF787C1
Dewalt DCF787C1

Dewalt DCF787C1 20V MAX

Best Dewalt Impact driver for Automotive



Convenient to use

Good portability



It includes:

  • One DCF787 impact driver
  • One 20V Battery
  • One charger
  • One kit bag

Like some other best Dewalt impact drivers, DCF787 is also compact which makes it portable enough to be carried around. What further adds to the portability is the handle that offers a firm grip. You can single-handedly operate it and lift it while working.

Another notable feature of dcf787 is its speed. It can deliver up to 2600 Revolutions Per Minute without consuming much power. Isn’t it better to have maximum output with minimal power consumption? Yes, it is!

DCF787 is also environmentally friendly. This means you can get the work done without much noise pollution and mess. All such features make it the best Dewalt impact driver for automotive or other large-scale industries.

Read the comparison guide of Dewalt DCF787 vs DCF887 here.

DCF888D2 (Image credit: Amazon )

Dewalt XR with Bluetooth Kit

Best Dewalt Impact driver for Lug Nuts


Good LED lighting system

Extremely durable


3-year limited warranty


The battery may not be long-lasting

It includes:

  • One DCF888D2 Impact Driver
  • DCB203 2Ah Batteries
  • One charger
  • Kit box

Dewalt’s DCF888D2 is a technologically advanced version of DCF887. With closely-knit Bluetooth technology, you can connect to mobile apps for tracking your tool. Therefore, gone are the days when you would misplace your tool never to be found again.

Also, this latest technology helps with inventory management and can be immensely helpful and job sites. With inventory management, you can find out who took the tool and where it can be found. Henceforth, preventing misplacement and wastage.

Another interesting feature is the alert messages when the tool is out of boundaries. Once a tool goes out of the set fences, the alert messages start to pop out. This makes the workplace secure and less prone to potential thefts.

As for performance, it is a cordless tool with excellent portability and speed. It can be useful for both short-term and long-term projects. Not to mention it is the best Dewalt impact driver for lug nuts!

You can read the detailed comparison between Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF888 here.

Dewalt DCF809B (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt DCF809C2 Atomic 20V

Best Powerful Dewalt Impact driver


Extremely portable

Durable battery

Good power and versatility



Makes noise

Dewalt DCF809B is the best powerful Dewalt impact driver and there are reasons for this. Firstly, it has a brushless motor with a capacity of 1825 lbs of torque and the speed can be adjusted according to the need. This makes it fast enough to work well for medium-tier projects. Furthermore, it is conveniently designed to fit in smaller work areas and is extremely easy to handle.

Another notable feature of it is the LED lights and the quick-insert chuck. LED lights can light up dark work areas to improve your accuracy and the chuck can allow a quick fixture of ¼ hex bits without releasing the locking collar

Read the complete review here.

Best 12V Dewalt Impact Drivers

Like the 20V product line, Dewalt’s 12V product line also has a range of different Impact Drivers. Here’s a list of the best 12V Dewalt impact drivers in 2022.

Dewalt DCF801F2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt Xtreme 12V DCF801F2

Best Dewalt Impact driver for the money


Light in weight

Close-packed design

Highly durable

Easy to operate


Fast battery consumption

It includes:

  • One 12V Max impact driver
  • 12V batteries
  • One charger
  • Belt clip
  • Kit bag

Dewalt DCF801f2 has a brushless motor with fifty-two percent more torque than other Dewalt impact drivers. It can work extremely fast at a considerably high speed leaving you with a good satisfactory output. Thus, it is suitable for home as well as heavy-duty projects which makes it the best Dewalt impact driver for the money.

Along with this, this impact driver has a precision drive feature that offers three types of mode settings. This makes remarkable improvement in the accuracy of the impact driver and consequently, of the worker.

For further improvement in the accuracy, DCF801F2 has 3 LED lights located on the nose. These lights help in illuminating the worksite. Henceforth, it will provide more visibility during the work.

Dewalt DCK299M2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt 12V 1/4 Inch Max

Best Battery-Powered Dewalt Impact driver


Batteries charge quickly

Battery lasts for a long time

Easy insertion of ¼ hex bit


Makes noise while working

DCF815S2 is the best Battery-powered Dewalt impact driver with a convenient design that makes it easy to use. It can fit easily into tighter spaces without compromising on the speed, accuracy, or quality of its output. Along with providing 3400 Impacts Per Minute, this impact driver can help in driving bits without damaging them. Hence, making it a highly efficient impact driver with excellent accuracy and precision.

Another common yet useful feature improves DCF815S2’s accuracy. This feature is none other than the LED lights added around the barrel for better visibility. Therefore, the user can see their target and avoid making mistakes.

DCF801B (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt DCF801B 12V MAX

Best Dewalt 12V Brushless Impact driver


Relentlessly powerful

Better Battery life

Good speed adjustability


No major issues

Since Dewalt is known to have relentlessly powerful motors, DCF801 also has a fast brushless motor with a reasonable runtime and good durability. Alongside this, it is designed to provide convenience to the user. Its lightweight further adds to the easy handling of the tool making it the best Dewalt 12V Brushless impact driver.

Aside from this, it has some other user-friendly features that make the tool more versatile and easy to use. These features include the LED lighting located at the nose and the adjustable speed settings.

As for its speed, it works as fast as other 12V impact drivers with more or less the same output.

Different Types of Impact Drivers

Here is an explanation of different types of impact drivers for better understanding. You may want to decide which type of impact driver you need before looking into the factors.

Corded Impact Drivers

As the name suggests, corded impact drivers are powered by electricity that flows through when the wire is connected to an electric outlet. A corded impact driver can be extremely beneficial for long-term projects as their runtime is limitless and they work for as long as there is sufficient electricity. This machine does not get exhausted easily!

However, they are not too portable. This means that you cannot carry it around the Jobsite or your workspace. It needs to be fixed in one place for better functionality.

Note: Can an Impact Driver drill concrete? Read this guide to know.

Cordless Impact Drivers

On the contrary, cordless impact drivers have no strings attached to them. They are battery-powered and do not need any cord for electric supply. This makes them extremely portable. You can carry them around easily and work in whichever space you want to without much inconvenience.

Nonetheless, their runtime may not be as good as the corded impact drivers. Since they are powered by batteries, cordless impact drivers can run out of power as soon as the battery is exhausted.

Note: Can an Impact Driver drill concrete? Read this guide to know.

Difference between ¼ Impact driver vs ½ Impact wrench

Although impact driver and impact wrench may have many similarities, they are minutely different. Here is how:

The impact driver is a handy tool shaped like a drill machine and helps in a strong, sudden rotational force. It is frequently used by the mechanics to loosen up the large screw or bolts.

Mainly designed for easily driving long screws or carriage bolts into wood posts, the impact driver plays an important role in driving the nails into the wood and reducing the labor time significantly. Thus, making the work easy and efficient. Most of the impact drivers like the best Dewalt impact driver ¼ are powered by batteries and used for stripping off smaller nuts, trim screws & bolts & a better choice for small screws.

Furthermore, 1/4 impact driver drills at a constant pace. The main forte of 1/4 impact driving fasteners with great torque. The impact driver is very easy on the wrist & arms and is compact & pretty efficient.

On the other hand, the Impact wrench is mainly designed to deliver high torque output with minimum exertion by the user. This tool was invented by Robert H. Pott of Evansville, Indiana, in the mid-2000s. Now, It has become an increasingly popular tool. This is why several brands are selling it including Dewalt.

The impact wrench ½ is mainly used in industries. Also, it can be used for auto-work and heavy equipment maintenance.
It is very useful in completing a wide range of tasks. These tasks include home repairs to car repairs or any other such type of work.


Conclusively, Dewalt is a multinational brand with a range of impact drivers available in stores. These impact drivers are designed to facilitate different workers; be it a homeowner or a commercial contractor. However, a few of them have exceptional work performance. Therefore, we have combined a list of the Best Dewalt Impact Drivers along with some shopping tips and FAQs to guide you.

Overall, we recommend you to go for Dewalt DCK299M2 which is a beast combo for all types of woodworkers or contractors, if you are tight on budget then Dewalt DCF885C1 is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much torque does a Dewalt impact driver have?

Torque is a significant component of an impact driver which directly determines how sturdy the tool is. Though the torque may slightly vary from brand to brand, a Dewalt impact driver will have torque depending on the voltage. Ideally, a 20V Dewalt impact driver has a torque of 1825 lbs.

Q. Who makes the smallest and lightest cordless impact driver?

When it comes to the smallest and lightest cordless impact drivers, several brands have a close win here.
According to some, Milwaukee 2452 is the most lightweight and compact impact driver out there. However, it’s Makita and Bosch’s impact drivers for others.

Q. Can a Dewalt impact driver remove the lug nuts of a vehicle?

Yes, Dewalt DCF887 is an ideal machine for removing the lug nuts of a vehicle. Using a 2 1/2 half drive adapter in a HEX driver with half-inch empath socket can remove the lug nuts of any vehicle easy peasy.

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