DeWalt DCF887 vs DCF809 (XR vs Atomic)- We have a Winner!

DeWalt DCF887 vs DCF809 (XR vs Atomic)- We have a Winner!

Having a good impact driver at your workplace and home is a great thing! You can work for hours with cordless tools without stopping on your job sites.

You can also quickly drill holes, put the lag bolts in their places, and work on hard objects like ledger screws where a normal cordless impact driver fails.

However, not all impact drivers are made identically, and occasionally the appropriate one may distinguish between power and other features. So, to get good results, years ago we have been recommending no one except the new DeWalt XR and Atomic impact drivers.

We will compare the features of these impact drivers, like power, length, battery life, and what makes them unique.

You can easily determine which of these drivers is best for your work by comparing them. Let us have a look at the new DeWalt DCF809 vs DCF887 OR XR vs Atomic to see which of these drivers wins the argument.

DeWalt DCF887 vs DCF809 Comparison

FeaturesDeWalt XR DCF887DeWalt Atomic DCF809
Dewalt DCF887B Impact DriverDewalt DCF809 Review
Torque1825 IN-LBS1700 IN-LBS
Voltage20 V20 V
RPM3250 RPM2800 RPM
IPM3600 IPM3200 IPM
Max Chuck Size6.35 Millimeters6.35 Millimeters
Speed Setting31
Length5.88 Inches5.1 Inch
Weight1.7 pounds3 pounds
Ratings5 Star4.5 Star
PriceCheck Price Check Price
Read ReviewRead Review

Dewalt DCF887 vs DCF809 Impact Driver Review 

The main differences between Dewalt DCF887 and DCF809 are their features. DCF887 is a beast with more power, torque impacts per minute (IPM) than its competitor DCF809.

Plus it has variable speed settings which give you more options according to the project, decor, or repair you are working on.

However, Dewalt DCF809 cannot be underestimated as it has enough torque of 1700 inch-lbs to remove stuck nut bolts.

With that being said, let’s dig deeper into the detailed features of both Drivers DCF887 and DCF809.


DeWalt DCF809 of the atomic line has been recognized as an overall good driver as compared to an XR line impact driver or 18v impact driver years ago.

It needs one 3Ah DCB200 Dewalt atomic 20v battery pack. These atomic line batteries provide a maximum power of about 300 watts at a rate of 20V.

Overall, its life is good as compared to the 18v impact driver, but it requires a minimum of one hour of charging time.

Moreover, the life of this driver is less than other batteries. So you will have to charge it more often. Thus, it will provide fewer working hours at your job site.

On the other hand, the DeWalt DCF887 has been providing an efficient battery system years ago. It requires two 2.0 Ah batteries.

These batteries are what make this impact driver an excellent cordless tool. These batteries work at a voltage of 20V and deliver a maximum power of about 300W, which is truly amazing.

Moreover, the life of this tool is also good. Also, the charging time is very short. Thus, you don’t have to charge it again and again. So they provide you with extra runtime and more working capacity at the job site.

Who wins:

While comparing the DeWalt atomic 20v DCF809 battery of atomic line and the DCF887 battery of XR line, we can see that both work at the same rate and provide the same power.

But keeping in view the charging time and life of both of them, we can say that the Dewalt DCF887 XR line battery wins the argument by providing good working time with XR tools.


The atomic 20v DCF809 motor is a powerful motor that delivers a good speed and a lot of torque. By seeing its size, we will have to appreciate the power that it provides.

The torque of DCF809 of the atomic line is 1700 IN-LBS, which is sufficient to do a large number of projects like working with a lag bolt.

Moreover, it creates an impact of about 3200 IPM. Due to its brushless technology, it provides a cooling effect that increases efficiency as much as it can.

Moreover, it also helps in increasing life by preventing excessive frictional heat. However, there is no torque setting that can help you switch between different levels of torque.

While DCF887 of XR line comprises a high-end motor that provides more runtime and power than standard units.

It helps the impact driver create a 25% greater impact than its predecessors. Thus, it helps the device create more high torque. It comprises torque settings for minimum and high levels.

The maximum torque and impact that this motor creates are 1825 IN-LBS and 3600 IPM. So, it’s one of the most powerful motors to work with a lag bolts.

DCF809 fixing nuts

Apart from power, it also minimizes heat loss and provides higher efficiency. Thus, the battery life will also increase, giving you the time to do extra work. Moreover, it helps in completing vast projects very effectively.

Who wins

By comparing the motors of  DCF887 vs DCF809 impact drivers, it is clear that XR DCF887 wins the race by providing more excellent fastening torque.

Moreover, it also provides different settings for torque by comprising one of the best brushless motors, which makes it one of the all-rounders.  

Speed setting

The DCF809 Atomic possesses a faster speed than the average speed of its predecessor works at 12 volts. It quickly performs the tasks at a minimum work time.

The highest speed that it can reach is about 2800 RPM. This machine has one of the best brushless motors and has excellent reviews because of its multiple-speed settings. It is perfect for those beginners who want to work at a minimum and limited speed.

This tool of XR line has become quite famous for its ultimate speed performance comprising one of the best brushless motors as compared to 12 volt tools months ago.

It contains speed settings that help the user switch between different levels of speed modes according to the work they are going to do.

So, this is the reason this driver is suitable for both beginners and professionals who want tools without portable cables. The speed ranges of the three-speed settings are as follows:

dcf887 speed settings
DCF887 Speed settings

Setting 1: 0 to 1,000.

Setting 2: 0 to 2,800.

Setting 3: 0 to 3,250.

By having a look at the speed of both of them, we can say that DCF887 of XR line again wins by comprising multiple speed settings and high-end exceptional speed.

Weight and Size 

With a weight of about 3 pounds and a size including a length of 5.1 inches, the Dewalt Atomic DCF809 has recognized as a compact impact driver months ago.

The relatively small size of this compact impact driver helps the user work in tight spaces where an impact wrench or hammer drill cannot reach.

So, it’s a great power tool while you are working in compact areas. Moreover, this small size helps with comfortable holding.

Another feature that contributes to the popularity of the DCF887 in the XR line is its compact and convenient design.

It is lightweight and portable, weighing only 1.7 pounds. It is also one of the best lightweight impact drivers. This driver has the following dimensions: 8 x 3 x 5.88 inches.

As a result, its 5.88-inch length qualifies it as a short and compact impact driver. Its design makes it ideal for screwing small bolts and nuts like deck screws and ledger screws.

Who wins

Comparing the size of both drivers, we can say that DCF809 (atomic line power tool) wins the argument.

However, when it comes to being lightweight, the DCF887 (XR line power tool) is still the best lightweight and compact impact driver.

Grip, LED light, and Warranty

DeWalt DCF809 parts of the atomic line provide a comfortable and smooth grip that provides excellent handling while working.

Moreover, it also contains a halo ring of LED lights just behind the hex chuck. It provides illumination in darker working areas. Furthermore, it also comes with 3 years warranty.

So, you can easily get the parts repaired within 1 year if they stop working. It comes with strong bit holder.

DeWalt XR line provides added control over its predecessor. This compact impact has a precision drive along with a grip for extra control.

Thus, you will experience smooth handling. It also comes with a LED light ring. This ring comprises three LED lights. These lights brighten up with a delay of every 20 seconds while the trigger is being pressed. It comprises a bit holder. It also comes with 3 years warranty.

Who wins

This DCF887 compact impact driver again wins the race by providing excessive control in the form of good grip.

While in terms of LED lights and warranties, both of them contain the same thing. Both of them have bit holders and offer a 1-year repair service for damaged parts.

DCF887 vs DCF809 Pros and Cons

Although both of the impact drivers are good in their place, here are some pros and cons that will help you estimate the difference between the two:

Dewalt XR DCF887 Impact Driver


Variable Speed Setting

Adjustable fastening torque feature

Lightweight design than 12-volt hand tools

Best tool of XR line

High Battery life

Powerful Impact Action


Hex Chuck runs out sometimes

Dewalt Atomic DCF809 Impact Driver


Small and compact impact design

Powerful motor of atomic line

High-speed functioning

High impact action

1-year repair service

Great fastening torque


Low battery life

Dewalt Atomic vs XR Kits Comparison

DCF809 Variant Available (DCF809B vs DCF809C1 vs DCF809C2)

Dewalt 20V DCF809 of the atomic line is available in 3 different variations:


Dewalt DCF809 Review
Dewalt DCF809

It comprises a total length of about 5.1 inches with a weight of 3 pounds. It requires one 1.3 Ah DCB200 20V battery. The following are the items that come in its kit:

  • One DeWalt atomic DCF809B XR line impact driver
  • One belt clip.



This model has the same length as the length of DCF809C1. But its weight is about 4.54 pounds. The following are the items included in the DeWalt atomic DCF809 kit:

  • One DeWalt atomic DCF809C1 20V MAX XR line Brushless Compact ¼ inch impact driver.
  • One 20V MAX battery.
  • One DCB107 charger.
  • One kit bag.
  • One belt clip.


Dewalt DCF809C2

Dewalt atomic DCF809C2 comprises the same length as other models but weighs about 2.2 pounds. Following are the items included in the kit:

  • One new dewalt atomic DCF809C2 20V MAX XR line Brushless Compact ¼ inches impact driver.
  • Two 20V MAX lithium-ion batteries.
  • One DCB107 charger.
  • One bag.
  • One belt clip.

DCF887 Variants Available

The new DeWalt DCF887 impact driver of XR line is available in four different variations:


Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver

This brushless impact driver has a total frontal height of 5.88 inches and a weight of 1.7 pounds. It needs 2.0 Ah batteries that work at 20 V. The following are the items included in its package:

  • One Dewalt DCF887B brushless impact driver
  • One belt hook for comfortable working


Dewalt DCF887D2
Dewalt DCF887D2

It has dimensions of 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches and weighs 7 pounds. This weight makes it the second heaviest model in the new Dewalt DCF887 series. It works with 2.0 Ah batteries that also require 20 volts. It comprises the following items in the package:

  • One MAX XR line DCF887D2 impact driver.
  • Two DCB203 20V, 2.0Ah batteries.
  • One charger
  • One belt hook


Dewalt DCF887M2
Dewalt DCF887M2

This is the heaviest model of the new Dewalt DCF887. It comprises a weight of 7.4 pounds. Its dimensions are 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches.

Thus, it has a greater length than others. Moreover, it requires two lithium batteries of 4.0 Ah that also work at 20 V. The following are the things that come with it:

  • DCF887M2 20V MAX XR line brushless ¼ IN. 3-speed impact driver.
  • Two DCB204 20V, 4.0Ah batteries.
  • One charger
  • One belt hook
  • One Dewalt DCF887 kit


Dewalt DCF887P1
Dewalt DCF887P1

DCF887P1, with a weight of 2.1 pounds, is a little heavier than DCF887B. It has dimensions of 5.3 x 9.81 x 3.75 inches. Thus, it has a slightly shorter front than DCF887P1.

It works on the same voltage but requires 5.0 Ah batteries. The following are the things that come in the package:

  • DCF887P1 – Brushless ¼ in. 3-Speed Impact Driver.
  • One DCB205 5.0Ah 20V MAX* XR line Battery.
  • One charger.
  • One Belt Clip.
  • One Contractor Bag.

How to use DeWalt DCF809

How to use DeWalt DCF887

My Recommendation (Dewalt DCF809 Atomic vs DCF887 XR)

Selecting the best impact driver among many options and purchasing the one that will be worth the price is quite confusing.

So, to make your purchase smooth, we have done this comparison for you by comparing DeWalt DCF887 and DCF809. We know what type of characteristics you require in an impact driver. So, here we have tried these tools to clear up your confusion.

Since you have checked all the features that a good impact should have, you can easily determine which is suitable for your work. Sign up to receive the best DeWalt hand tools.

In our judgment, however, the DeWalt DCF887 impact driver of XR line is the best for both beginners and professionals.

If you are somebody browsing for a great impact driver with outstanding features, then check out no one except amazing Dewalt tools to receive the latest tool and to improve your working experience at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DeWalt DCF809 brushless?

Yes, the DeWalt atomic DCF809 is brushless. This brushless technology in its motor makes it a powerful impact driver.

What does XR mean on Dewalt batteries?

The XR on DeWalt batteries stands for, “extreme runtime.” It means that you can expect a high working time and less charging time from these DeWalt batteries.

What batteries does Dewalt Atomic line use?

DeWalt atomic line impact driver have been using one 1.3 Ah DCB200 20V Li-ion battery years ago. This battery provides a maximum power of 300 watts.

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