Ryobi P238 vs P239 – The Best Impact Driver of 2023

Ryobi P238 vs P239 – The Best Impact Driver of 2023

Ryobi’s P238 and P239 models are top options due to the tremendous torque in a weight that is just appropriate for work.

Nevertheless, in what ways are these two machines dissimilar to one another? Which one of these impact drivers do you think is the preferable one for you to use?

In order to provide answers to these questions, We analyzed each of these power tools by contrasting and comparing the characteristics and features listed below. This article contains everything you need to know about Ryobi p238 vs p239 impact drivers.

It is our sincere goal that by the time you have finished reading this guide, you will have a good sense of which of the two impact drivers would be best suited to meet your requirements.

These two impact drivers are both parts of the ONE+ family of tools, which are equipped with interchangeable batteries.

In addition, they are cordless, come with a belt clip, and are designed specifically for high-torque applications, such as recalcitrant or worn-out fasteners.

Ryobi P238 vs P239 – What is in the Box

Ryobi p238


The only thing that is contained within the package is the Tool itself. You have to purchase the charger and battery separately.

See the Ryobi 18v battery option here whereas you can find the Ryobi 18v charger here.

Utilizing the convenient belt clip, you may keep it tucked away on your person throughout the day. You’ll have easy accessibility to the impact driver while still having both hands free to take care of other responsibilities.

Ryobi P239

Ryobi P239

Only the tool itself is included in the packaging; the battery and charger must be purchased separately. The robust construction generates up to 2,000 inches/pounds of torque, making it simple to drive or tighten even the most oversized bolts.

Up to 4,350 IPM (impacts per minute) is available for quick driving applications. This item will arrive in a generic box because it was taken out of its retail packaging to facilitate shipping (also known as “bulk packing”).

Ryobi P238 Review

Ryobi p238
Ryobi p238

The first part of the Ryobi p238 vs p239 review is the detailed review of the P238 model. The cordless Ryobi P238 impact driver is the tool you require if you need to conduct heavy-loaded fastening activities, such as driving lag bolts through your porch.

This produces a great amount of torque while maintaining a size that is acceptable, being compact, and having a low weight so that it can be controlled well.

In addition to its strong motor, which can revolve at roughly 3100 RPM (which may be adjusted by a 3-speed switch based on how labor-intensive your project is), this tool comes with a range of features that are designed to provide you as much control as is humanly feasible.

Even when your hands are wet, you’ll be able to control this device thanks to a rubber molding that’s been placed over the pistol grip.

Additionally, a belt clip located on the side of the device frees up your hands so you may perform multiple tasks simultaneously on complex work sites.

Additionally, a tri-beam LED is positioned right below the keyless chuck. This LED illuminates your work topic without casting distracting shadows and turns on when the trigger is pulled.

Ryobi has packed a ton of useful functionality into this tool, so you can take advantage of it whether you’re working on a professional job site or doing DIY projects around the house. The item is packaged and sent out in large quantities.

Brushless Motor

The Ryobi P238 18V cordless impact driver has a head start over its more experienced sibling, thanks to its early advantage in the race.

The cordless motor is proof of either technology that filters down to lower price points or Ryobi’s preparedness for the big leagues, or even some combination of the two.

If you are an active reader, then you must be aware that cordless motors are commutated electrically. This means that there is no physical contact between the commutator and the brushes in a cordless motor.

Cordless motors are superior to their brushed counterparts in terms of energy efficiency, lifespan, and overall weight.

They are also the basis for smart tools, which are defined as devices whose motors and batteries interact with one another to enhance the tool’s efficiency and protect it from becoming overheated.

Design and Grip

The shape is comfortable to grip, and the overall design is aesthetically beautiful. It is not only little but also very efficient and comfy.

This is an excellent tool for you to have if you plan on carrying out the entirety of a project in a single sitting without any breaks. The GripZone overmold guarantees a reasonably secure hold on the product.

Battery Life

A full day’s worth of work should be possible on the regular battery. It’s possible that the battery won’t survive through dozens of tasks on a single charge, but it won’t also leave you stuck in the middle of a project if you charge it.

The fact that the device may also be used with batteries from other Ryobi drivers is the tool’s most significant advantage.

RPM Ranges and Variable Speed Trigger

In the starting, We indicated that the technical operation of an impact driver provides the user with a great deal of control over the work being done by the tool.

As is the case with other impacts, the Ryobi further improves this control by making use of three different RPM ranges: up to 1,050, then 2,200, and finally up to 3,200 at its maximum.

On the back of the motor, the casing is where you’ll find the switch that allows you to flip between various speeds.

Speed Selector Switch position

In contrast to the majority of other producers of power tools, Ryobi intends to create their speed selector switch to be located on the rear of the impact rather than on the bottom of the tool.

If You are working up high and realize You are required to build a power adjustment, You can just reach back with your thumb and make the adjustment.

Ryobi P239 Review         

Ryobi p239
Ryobi p239

Without a suitable impact driver, the collection of tools owned by a consumer or hobbyist cannot be considered complete.

When it detects difficulty in the material being worked on, this particular device is an exceptional combination of a hammers drill’s guiding factor and a powerful torque in the grip.

Because of this, the P239 possesses an unrivaled level of strength. Torque is the most important factor to consider when using cordless impact drivers.

The P239 stands out from the competition because of its tremendous torque (2,000-inch pounds), extremely fast hammering rate (4,350 hits per minute), and three separate speed options.

It includes a wonderful array of LED lights that make working in dimly lit areas much simpler, and you will adore the practical MagTray magnetic holder that allows for the effortless positioning of screws and pieces in a convenient location.

Ryobi has developed a cordless impact driver that includes features and specifications more commonly found on professional tools, yet it is priced competitively with those designed for prosumers. 

Impacts per minute

Higher performance can be attained when using a tool that is capable of producing a greater number of blows per minute. The Ryobi P239 is capable of delivering 4,350 blows per minute, which enables it to drive in fasteners at a rapid rate.


It is certain that having a higher number of impacts per minute will boost effectiveness, but the force behind each impact should also be increased, and Ryobi did just that. It has a maximum torque of 2,000 inches/lbs, which makes it an extremely powerful instrument.

Ryobi’s 18V impact driver brings together power, longevity, and user-friendliness into a single, dependable piece of equipment.

The P239 is capable of efficiently completing virtually any assignment because of its remarkable 2,000 in-lbs of maximum torque and its variable speed trigger.

This Ryobi impact driver comes equipped with a 1/4″ quick connect coupler, which enables quick and simple bit swapping.


Operators of this cordless impact driver may depend on the cast aluminum casing to shield the gears from damage when they are working on demanding projects.

This lighter lithium-ion impact driver is designed with ease in mind, making it ideal for overhead work as well as jobs that take a long time.

The grip design guarantees that the user will have a comfortable experience and the micro-texture on the handle assures that they will have a firm grasp.

Because a dark or limited work environment can be illuminated by an LED light that is mounted on board, there is nothing that can stop you from getting the job done.

Battery Compatibility

Including all Ryobi One+ Li-Ion power packs being comparable, finding a battery for this machine shouldn’t pose any problems.

Ryobi justifiably takes a great deal of satisfaction in the new long-lasting and high-quality Li-Ion batteries that they’ve developed.

This wasn’t always the case; in fact, there were numerous issues about their older types of cells; but the company took those comments seriously and finished their study in order to increase the quality of their products.

Ryobi P238 vs P239 Impact drivers Comparison

As a result of our research on the Ryobi 18-Volt impact driver, We are confident in asserting that the P238 impact driver offers a plethora of features, and it is also effective at delivering power.

The power switch is touchy, which means that you can feel it as you go from one position to another on the tool itself. This allows for greater precision and accuracy while adjusting the speed.

On the other side, if you are looking for the most effective cordless impact driver manufactured by Ryobi that is currently available on the marketplace, your search can end with the Ryobi P239 brushless impact driver.

Because of its cutting-edge motor design and flexible capabilities, this tool is not only powerful and portable but also provides unrivaled precision and control. Additionally, it completes the task in a timely and effective manner.

In addition, Ryobi offers a significantly larger variety of cordless tools than the majority of other suppliers, which means that the company’s versatility may make up for the battery’s weak performance for a lot of customers.

P239 is one of our go-to patterns, although we’ve noticed that it may be trigger picky when it comes to managing the pace.

We often find ourselves wishing that you had purchased a P238 model at some point in the past, but we can honestly say that we’ve never lacked power.

P239 has executed its mission flawlessly, despite the fact that it possesses only a moderate amount of power. It can even be used in place of a half-inch impact driver in a few different situations.

The quick-load chuck, that./ enables ridiculously simple and quick bit changes with only one hand, is the one feature that, in my opinion, makes the p238 an enormously superior tool.


The P239’s torque was increased from the P238’s 2000 inch-pounds to 2000-2100 inch-pounds. This increases the foot pounds from approximately 133 to 150. This is not a minor increase in strength.

They also included the ability to adjust between three speeds, allowing for a smooth transition from high-speed screwing into a deck to low-speed screwing into soft sheet metal.


In terms of cost per tool, the P239 is significantly less expensive without regard to which is the better overall value. P238 is priced at $52.99, while P239 is priced at $75.77.

None of these tools will lead you to fail on your mortgage, but if you’re on a limited budget and don’t think the requirement for the additional features, the P239 is the better option.


There are a few minor differences between the two tools that we’ve already discussed, but their essential concept is the same.

Fastening screws and bits are made easier with these tools’ keyless chucks and magnetic strips. Each is easy on the hands and has a light for visibility.

How to use Ryobi p238 Impact Driver

In order to acquire a better understanding of the Ryobi p238 brushless impact driver, let’s start our analysis from the bottom of the instrument. The slot for the 18-volt battery moves upward on this device. On more recent models, there is an additional bit holder.

This feature has been eliminated, which is a dumb choice that We expect Ryobi will come to regret and roll back at some point in the future. Moving upstairs, we now have a magnet that can be used to store additional bits or screws on

How to use Ryobi p239 Impact driver

If you want to be successful in replacing tough screws, particularly ones that have rusted over the course of time and have been exposed to inclement weather, the torque of the impact driver you buy should be your primary consideration.

In most cases, a cordless motor is a sign of a powerful motor, and this is the scenario with the Ryobi P239 since it has a cordless motor. A high-torque impact driver is typically connected with a heavy motor.

My Recommendation Ryobi P238 vs P239

The Ryobi P238 is an alluring alternative for adventurous do-it-yourselfers who need the most amount of power that they can obtain from their cordless tools. It came out on top in both of our speed and torque tests.

However, there were a few things about this tool that we didn’t like, specifically the fact that its battery only lasted slightly more than half as long as the batteries of some other models that were the same price and had the same amount of power.

It is also one of the designated models that we tested, despite the fact that sound is quite much an unavoidable drawback to utilizing one of these products.

If you already own a line of Ryobi power tools and, as a result, have a number of batteries that are consistent with the P238, we do not believe that you will be dissatisfied with your purchase of it.

On the other hand, if you are in the process of assembling a set of power tools from the bottom up, we would not make this our first piece of advice.

Summing Things Up

While summing up the Ryobi p238 vs p239 comparison, the Ryobi P238 and P239 models are the most acceptable options because of their high torque and weight that is suitable for the job. This Ryobi p238 is powered by Ryobi’s 18V battery series, which is available to purchase separately.

Because of the sturdy construction of the Ryobi p239, which is capable of delivering up to 2,000 inches/pounds of torque, even the most significant bolts may be easily driven or tightened using this tool.

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