Dewalt DCF887 Review – Must Have Tool in Your Toolbox

Dewalt DCF887 Review – Must Have Tool in Your Toolbox

Dewalt XR DCF887 is an outstanding impact driver to enhance your working experience. Having a good impact driver lessens your working time. So, choosing the best one is so important. There are many impact drivers in the market, but DeWalt drivers are some of the best ones. Check out this Dewalt DCF887 Review, if you are looking for an amazing impact driver.

DeWalt has good popularity when it comes to providing efficient power tools. From power tools to accessories, all the items had made their mark in the market. Their products including Power tools are recommended by professionals. The products are lightweight, compact, and practical. However, the impact drivers by Dewalt are something that is a must-try.

Let’s have a look at one of the excellent impact drivers, i.e., the DCF887 XR brushless impact driver. Read this detailed review and you will get to know about its features and uses.

DeWalt Max XR DCF887 Impact driver is a perfect machine comprising maximized power with minimal maintenance. This power set works effectively in masonry and lumber applications. Whether it comes to screwing bolts or drilling holes, Dewalt cordless tools offer high performance.

Dewalt DCF887 Impact Driver
Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver


Brand Name : DeWalt | Model: DCF887 Impact Driver | Power: 300 Watts | Impact Range: 0-3600 IPM | Torque: 1825IN-LBS | Length: 5.88 inches | Bare weight: 2.1 lbs |


Incredible 3-setting variable speed.

Adjustable 2000 inch-pound torque.

Brushless Motor with more power and less maintenance.

The lightweight of about 1.7 pounds.

¼ inch Hex Chuck for 1-inch bit tips


Hex chuck runs out with time.

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In-Depth Dewalt DCF887 Review


The DeWalt DCF887 impact driver is a battery-operated cordless driver. It comprises a high-end brushless motor that delivers more power and speed. Moreover, it offers high torque of about 2000 inch-pounds. All these features of the motor help the driver in doing more work in less time.

It also comes with 3-speed settings for optimized usage. With speed 1 precision drive, it provides added control. So that you can work with enhanced versatility. It also comprises a precision drive. This drive provides great application control.

Moreover, the grip handle provides extra control. The one-handed ¼ hex chuck accepts 1-inch bit tips with easy handling. Moreover, for preventing shadow and providing greater visibility, it comes up with 3 LEDs. These LEDs blink with a delay of 20 seconds each while you are using the driver.

The DeWalt battery system is also user-friendly. When it comes to design, DCF887 is compact and lightweight. Thus, overall this device is an excellent value for the price.

However, there is a bit issue with the quality of the battery. It is good but not that effective. So it makes you buy extra batteries for non-stop work.

DeWalt DCF887 Specifications

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Powerful Brushless Motor

The DCF887 contains brushless technology that makes its motor more powerful. This technology helps the motor provide more working hours by increasing the working capacity. Moreover, DCF887 Impact has entered the list of powerful impact drivers, by creating a strong impact action of 3600 IPM. Furthermore, it increases its power by 25% over its predecessor.

Brushless motors are an advanced type of motor that allows the driver to run at different speeds. Rather than the physical transfer of energy in brushed motors, brushless motors use a computer-like control to run the device. Thus, this brushless technology has replaced less efficient carbon brushes.

This technology maximizes efficiency by minimizing heat loss. Moreover, it also reduces the heat produced due to friction. Therefore, this technology keeps the impact driver cool while working.

Variable Speed Features

The variable speed feature is something that makes Dewalt Max DCF887 an all-rounder. That’s the reason why beginners and professional workers can use it easily.

It provides 3-speed settings that are from low to medium to high. So that you can use different speed modes for different tasks.

Setting 1 speed is slow and has less speed. You can quickly put small screws and bolts into their place.  Settings 2 and 3 have crazy speed and require slight handling. Thus, these two settings are best for professionals to work on more tough tasks like concrete. Likewise, different settings help in providing different levels of power. The speed ranges of the three settings are following:

Setting 1:  0 to 1,000.

Setting 2: 0 to 2,800.

Setting 3: 0 to 3,250.

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With the variable speed settings, the brushless motor of DCF887 also offers variable torque for working. The highest torque that it provides is 1825 IN-LBS.

Setting 1 torque is relatively slow and helps in manipulating small bolts. However, the setting 2 and 3 torque is excessively high. This high torque is the result of excellent brushless technology. This technology has enabled the motor to work on different levels of torque. Thus, you can drive screws with it, drill holes, drive lag screws and tighten nuts onto carriage bolts. Therefore, it quickly switches between different levels to provide low to high levels for fastening and cracking. The following are the torques produced at various settings:

Setting 1: 0 to 240 IN-LBS.

Setting 2: 0 to 1500 IN-LBS.

Setting 3: 0 to 1825 IN-LBS.

Aluminum Casing

The overprotective aluminum casing is here to make this driver more durable. During working, tons of power and torque are produced, which causes the motor to produce heat. This heat can be harmful to the device. Thus, to prevent the impact driver from overheating aluminum casing is used. It disperses heat in such a way that your motor runs effectively without overheating. Moreover, it also prevents the heat from reaching the grip for secure working.


Another feature that makes this impact driver everyone’s favorite is its compact and handy design. With a weight of 1.7 pounds, it is easily portable. Moreover, despite its cordless structure, its battery is so lightweight. It is also among the lightest impact drivers.

The dimensions of this driver are 8 x 3 x 5.88 inches. Thus, 5.88 inches in length makes it a short impact driver. As it is small, it can easily be used to screw bolts and nuts in tight areas that other impact drivers can not reach. It is also suitable for beginners to work in the garden or yard. You can quickly drill holes using this compact driver.

LED Lights

Most of the areas where the impact driver is needed are dark. So in order to give the users ease while working, DeWalt DCF887 comes with a halo LED lights ring. These are high-quality lights specially designed for impact drivers. This ring comprises 3 LED lights. Moreover, the ring is present just behind the Hex Chuck for providing greater visibility. These lights brighten up with the delay of every 20 seconds while the trigger is being pressed. Thus, you will have enough light for seeing what are you doing.


Being the cordless impact driver, DCF887 is operated on batteries. These batteries come with a charger so you can charge the device before working.  DCF887 requires 2.0 Ah batteries that work at the voltage of 20V and deliver maximum power of 300 Watts. These batteries have extra runtime and more efficient working capability.


Hex Chuck

DCF887 contains a ¼” hex chuck that can accept about 1-inch bit tips. It works pretty effectively. But, sometimes users have reported that the hex chuck worn out with time.

DCF887 Variants Available

DeWalt impact drivers series comes with different models in the market. So, DCF887 also has four different models in the market. Let us check what each of them is providing:

1. Dewalt DCF887B

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver
Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver

DCF887B has 5.88 inches front with 1.7 pounds weight. It requires 2.0 Ah batteries for working at 20 V. Following are the items included in its package:

  • One impact driver.
  • One belt hook for comfortable working.

Check DCF887B Price Here

2. Dewalt DCF887P1

Dewalt DCF887P1
Dewalt DCF887P1 Impact Driver

DCF887P1 with 2.1 pounds weight is a little heavier than DCF887B. It comprises the dimensions as 5.3 x 9.81 x 3.75 inches. Thus, it has a bit short front than DCF887B. It works on the same voltage but requires 5.0 Ah batteries. Following is the things that come in the package:

  • DCF887P1 – Brushless ¼ in. 3-Speed Impact Driver.
  • One DCB205 5.0Ah 20V MAX* XR Battery.
  • One charger.
  • One Belt Clip.
  • One Contractor Bag.

Check DCF887P1 Price Here

3. Dewalt DCF887M2

Dewalt DCF887M2
Dewalt DCF887M2 Impact Driver Kit

DCF887M2 is the heaviest model of DCF887 comprising a weight of 7.4 pounds. Its dimensions are 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches. Thus, it has a greater length than others. Moreover, it requires two lithium batteries of 4.0 Ah that also work on 20V. Following are the things that come with it:

  • DCF887M2 20V MAX XR brushless ¼ IN. 3-speed impact driver.
  • Two DCB204 20V, 4.0Ah batteries.
  • One charger
  • One belt hook
  • One Dewalt DCF887 kit.

Check DCF887M2 Price Here

4. Dewalt DCF887D2

Dewalt DCF887D2
Dewalt DCF887D2

DCF887D2 comprises 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches size and 7 pounds weight. This weight makes it the second heaviest model of the DCF887 series. It works with 2.0 Ah batteries that also require 20 volts. It comprises the following items in the package:

  • One MAX XR DCF887D2 impact driver.
  • Two DCB203 20V, 2.0Ah batteries.
  • One charger
  • One belt hook

Check DCF887D2 Price Here

Dewalt 20V MAX XR DCF887 vs Competitors:

 DCF887 Milwaukee M18 Fuel Makita XDT13ZRyobi 18V One
Dewalt DCF887B Impact DriverMilwaukee 2853-20 M18Makita XDT13Z 18V LXTRyobi One+ 18 Volt Cordless impact driver
Best FeaturePowerful and efficient.Incredibly fast and phenomenal torque.Good Variable Speed from 0 to 3400 IPM and 0 to 3600 IPM.Powerful Impact Driver with High Torque.
DownsidesLow-quality Hex Chuck.Low battery life.Don’t work without a charger.Average battery life.
Torque2000 Inch pounds2000 Inch pounds1500 Inch pounds1800 Inch pounds
Voltage20 volts.18 volts.20 volts18 volts.
Weight1.7 pounds.2.5 pounds.2.4 Pounds.3.1  pounds.

How many functions can Dewalt DCF887 Driver perform?

The DeWalt DCF887 is capable of a wide range of tasks. It has features that make it more than just a drill. You fasten holes in the wall with a drill. But what if you come across hard or dense materials that prevent you from making a hole or carrying out your work? This is where this bad boy can be used. It has enough power and torque to drill holes under challenging objects or materials.

Furthermore, whether you are building a deck, settling plywood, or doing something that requires many screws, you should undoubtedly use this DeWalt DCF887. It will cut your working time in half and do the job efficiently.

Aside from fastening screws, this machine is great for driving large bolts into hard concrete or metal studs. These actions necessitate a great deal of power and force, which an ordinary driller cannot provide.

Plus, its small and compact design makes it excellent for repairing nuts and bolts in tight, hidden places that other impact drivers or drillers cannot reach.


After reading the detailed Dewalt DCF887 Review, comprising all the outstanding features of DeWalt DCF887, you can see how extensively it performs all the drilling and manipulating functions of screws. With great power, 3-settings variable speed and torque make it suitable for home workers and professionals. Despite its downfall of hex chuck,  had appreciated the performance and durability of DCF887.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dewalt DCF887 Impact driver durable?

Yes, this impact driver is durable. It comes aluminum casing and high-quality materials. Moreover, it has a warranty of 3 years. Thus, you can enjoy working with it for years.

Is it suitable for Professionals?

Yes, it is suitable for professionals. It comes with variable speed settings, thus professionals can use it for high duty performance.

What is the user’s opinion about this tool?

The DCF887 Review is excellent. The user’s opinion about this tool is:
“This is an improvement over the 885 models, which I thought was excellent until this one came out. I love it”.
“Works well with nuts and bolts. Great power for the weight and driving screws into wood”.
“This driver is great. It feels like a premium product and works flawlessly”.

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