Dewalt DCF809 Review Atomic 20V Max – The Powerful Impact Driver

Dewalt DCF809 Review Atomic 20V Max – The Powerful Impact Driver

Dewalt is an industrial tools company that started in 1923. Standing prominent among competitors, it’s an American global manufacturer of hand tools, power tools, and DIY tools for construction, manufacturing, and woodworking.

The brand comes with screwdrivers, impact drivers, tape measures, various other tools, etc. However, in this guide, you’re gonna read Dewalt DCF809 review.

The Dewalt DCF809 is an impact driver that is used to remove and tighten the screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Find out everything that is important to know about it.

This compact brushless impact driver by Dewalt is only 5.1 inches wide from front to back. It delivers 1,700 lbs.-in of torque, thanks to a power-packed brushless motor.

Moreover, this machine comes with 3 LEDs that provide optimum lighting while working in dark areas. Its ergonomically manufactured handle is perfect to add comfort, balance, and ease of use while working.

The tool also offers detachable belt hooks. Nevertheless, this great quality impact driver comes with a 3-year warranty so that users may buy and use it with confidence.

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Dewalt DCF809 Review
Dewalt DCF809 Review

However, the main downside of the tool is that one of its variants doesn’t come with a battery and charger.

If you are buying that variant (DCF809B) then you will have to buy a charger and battery separately. Moreover, it doesn’t offer variable speed settings and thus works at a single constant speed.


Fits into tight spaces

Brushless motor for efficiency in performance

3 bright LED lights

Ergonomic handle

3 years warranty


No battery and charger in DCF809B

No automatic stop button

Some DIY workers love working at home and if you are also one of them, then this lightweight Impact driver is what you need.

Moreover, this impact driver is budget-friendly, so for those who are looking to save time, money, and effort, then Dewalt DCFf809 is highly recommended.

This extremely user-friendly tool gets into tight spaces such as wall studs with longer screws. Though, the tool doesn’t come up with a battery even 2 amp Dewalt batteries or 4AH batteries work efficiently and last longer with it. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a greater battery life this brushless motor impact driver is a perfect fit.

What Is Dewalt DCF809 Designed For?

The Dewalt DCF809 impact driver is designed to deal with larger bolts and nuts. Because the traditional compact drills present many hassles, this tool from Dewalt is perfectly designed for large projects.

If you are working in an automobile or in the automotive industry, you can consider having the tool. Its most common use is to remove and tighten the lug nuts of cars’ tires.

Dewalt DCF809 Specifications

It is important to know the specifications of any tool before you pick it. It not only helps in making a decision but also gives a deep analysis of the product’s worth and quality. So let’s have a detailed look at the specification of the Dewalt Atomic Impact driver DCF809 before you purchase it.

Powerful Brushless Motor

Brushless motors provide more power and torque because there are no brushes that create friction and slow things down.

With this Atomic DCF809, you can perform your tasks more effectively and fastly. In comparison to brushed motor impact drivers, you can expect an improvement of 15 to 35% in performance.


The speed of any tool plays a great role in its efficiency and performance. The Dewalt Atomic 20V max impact driver gives a decent 464 RPM.

It also has great speed control and thus allows you to set the screws even for subtle work.


This impact driver achieved 2206 in-lbs. of torque in our testing. However, it’s very close to what Dewalt’s high-end DCF887 can achieve (2237 in-lbs.).

When we looked at torque, the Dewalt Atomic’s 20V Max Impact Driver DCF809 continuously loosened 3000 in-lbs. (250 ft. lbs.). The amount is exactly the same as DCF887.

Lithium-ion Battery

An efficient and high-quality battery is a must if you are performing long-term tasks. Lithium-ion batteries are something that lasts longer. With an average lifespan of 5 years or up to 3000 cycles, they really are reliable.

Lightweight and Compact

Staying under 3 pounds on the battery is no easy feat, and only a few companies can handle it. Dewalt joined the group with their own 2.2 lb. and 2.9 lb. tools with 1.3Ah batteries.

LED Lights

Three illuminating LED lights are installed in this Dewalt Impact Driver, which helps to work in dark areas where there is no or low light.

DCF809 Variants Available

The Dewalt 809 Atomic impact driver comes in 3 different variants in the market. Major models available are DCF809B, DCF809C1, and DCF809C2.

Let’s have a look at some details on each of them to find out how they vary and which works the best.

Dewalt Max Impact Driver (DCF809B)

Dewalt DCF809B
Dewalt DCF809B

As the name shows, it’s a 5.1 inches long impact driver only with no accessories. A compact and cordless device that runs with a battery and helps you to remove and tighten screws effortlessly.

However, it carries no battery or charger with it and comes as a tool only. So if you pick the tool you will have to buy these accessories separately.

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Atomic Max Brushless Impact Driver (DCF809C1)

Dewalt DCF809C1

Unlike the Dewalt DCF809b, This Dewalt DCF809C1 comes with a single battery kit. Carrying almost the same features as DCF809b, the only major difference between DCF809B vs DCF809C1 is that it offers a lithium-ion battery, a charge, and a carry case with it.

So, if you want to have an all-in-one package, then this Dewalt atomic DCF809 is the right pick for you.

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Dewalt Atomic Max Impact Driver (DCF809C2)

Dewalt DCF809C2

Carrying the same features, as its other two models. This Dewalt impact driver comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries. Yeah, unlike the single DCF809C1 model it has two lithium-ion batteries, and the best part about lithium-ion batteries is that they last longer.

So, if you want to get your hand on a set of two batteries, along with a charger and a strong carrying case, it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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Dewalt DCF809 vs Competitors

ModelsBest FeaturesDownsidesMaximum PowerVoltageWeightPrice
Dewalt DCF809B
Dewalt DCF809
Fits into tight spaces Brushless motor for efficiency in performance
3 bright LED lights
Ergonomic handle3 years warranty    
No battery and charger
No automatic stop button        
300 Watts‎20 Volts‎3 poundsCheck here
Makita XDT16Z 18V
Makita XDT16Z 18V LXT
Brushless Motors
4-speed power selection
3 years warranty
Ergonomic Handle
2 LED Lights
Wobbles a lot‎350 Watts‎18 Volts1.5 poundsCheck here
Black + Decker BDCI20C (1)BLACK+DECKER Impact Driver Kit (BDCI20C)Compact and lightweight
A lithium battery
2 years warranty
Not much power and strength bits get frozen‎1800 Watts20 Volts‎3.45 poundsCheck here
POPULO Impact Driver KitPOPULO Impact Driver KitA lithium-ion battery
Comes with a set of accessories
Variable speed and reverse control settings
Quick-release chuck
Poor quality batteries
Not much powerful as described
30 Watts20 Volts4.41 poundsCheck here

How to Use Dewalt DCF809?

Every automotive tool be it any impact driver or any other tool has its proper protocol of use. However, the tools always come with instructions and guides on how to use them.

Still, some users fail to learn how to use it merely by reading the user guide. And that’s where videos come in. Here is the detailed video on how to use Dewalt DCF809.

Safety Precaution While Using Dewalt DCF809

It is important to protect yourself before you start working with any tool. For that purpose, Dewalt has also issued some safety warnings to consider and implement while working. The major of them are as follows:

  • Hold the power tool with an insulated gripping surface when performing any operation where fasteners may come into contact with hidden wiring.
  • Use clamps or other practical means to secure and support the work on a stable platform. Holding the product by hand or pressing it against the body may cause the product to become unstable and lose control.
  • Tools and accessories heat up as they are used.
  • Wear gloves when handling them.
  • Long-term operation of this tool is not recommended.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

This Dewalt DCF809 review has clearly mentioned all the specifications, pros and cons, as well as comparison.

Therefore, if you need a lightweight, compact and reasonable model this is the one for you. Also, this model is suitable enough for those who have a limited budget and can’t afford high-end and top-quality impact drivers.

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