Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Brand To Go For?

Hilti vs Milwaukee: Which Brand To Go For?

There’s no question that power tools make our lives easier. With just a few simple clicks, we can drill a hole, see through a piece of wood, or screw in a hanger.

Every day newer cordless tools are introduced in the market and with so many different brands and types of power tools, it can be tough to know which one is right for the job. In this article, we’ll pit two of the most popular power tool brands against each other: Hilti vs. Milwaukee.

Not only do these brands manufacture reliable tools with solid warranties, but they also provide extensive product lines. Both Hilti and Milwaukee offer a wide range of power tool products, from drills and saws to impact drivers and screw guns. Their good-quality tools are superior to other brands in the power tool industry in many ways.

Hilti is often lauded for its high-quality construction and durability, while Milwaukee is known for its competitive prices and innovative features. So which brand should you choose?

It really depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line power tool that will last for years, Hilti is a great option.

However, if you’re working on a budget or you’re looking for the latest and greatest features, Milwaukee might be a better choice. Ultimately, the best power tool for you is the one that meets your specific needs.

Hilti vs. Milwaukee Review

Well, the main difference between Hilti vs. Milwaukee is the warranty. Hilti provides a better warranty than Milwaukee.

Hilti is providing 20 years of warranty on its power tools whereas Milwaukee’s warranty is conditional.

About the quality and product varieties, it’s a tie between both famous brands. Both provide superior quality and has a vast variety of power tools product line.

A Brief History of both Brands 

Before jumping into the insightful details, let’s shed light on how the companies have made it to the top.


Originating from Schaan, the Hilti company is owned by the Hilti Group, named after its founder, Martin Hilti. He was a mechanical engineer who knew well about the technicalities of this particular field. So, he opened up his first mechanical workshop in 1941, located in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

Everything went well until the world war. Martin Hilti’s workshop experienced a sharp decrease in sales which led to a crisis. So much so that the company almost went bankrupt.

Eventually, Hilti was compelled to sign contracts on a broader spectrum. Some of these included lighters and pencil sharpeners

Soon after this, Hilti came up with new technology told enabled the construction workers to set nails on the concrete surface. Upon generating the idea, Hilti quickly obtained the original designs and the patent rights.

However, the idea needed a bit more development. You may not know, but Hilti later transformed the same technology into Hilti’s first-ever fastening tool. This in itself proves how successful this particular design was.

Moving forward, it was only early the 1950s when the Hilti company started manufacturing household products. These domestic products included a Water mixer, cigarette lighter, and much more. Though it was a huge success.

Hilti worked on some other ideas simultaneously. Once his vision was strong enough to hit the market, Hilti launched his first range of construction-related products in 1952.

It was just a start.

1953 onwards, Hilti introduced multiple other products that quickly became popular, and soon they expanded. The Hilti company opened several offices in various cities. By this time, they were all set to become a multinational company, and they did!

Over the years, Hilti kept introducing new and improved product ranges, and it has become a global company selling its products worldwide. Sincerely, I find the cordless drills and hammer drills to be Milwaukee’s worst weakness.


This all began as early as 1918 when Henry Ford started searching for a fabricator. He soon came across A.H Peterson, a young manufacturer, who willingly accepted the job. It carved the pathway to what is now called Milwaukee.

After accepting the job, A.H Peterson developed a revolutionary machine called a Hole-shooter. Though it weighed only 5 pounds, it still could do wonders. Due to its portability and utility, the tool proved to be extremely beneficial for industrial usage.

Four years later, he joined hands with Albert F.H to form a company known as the A.H Peterson company. However, little did they know about the calamity that was to hit.

The company and its equipment burnt down a year later by an accidental fire. Furthermore, they had to close down their company, and the A.H Peterson company came down to a halt.

Nevertheless, A.H Peterson managed to revive itself by buying back its assets and starting up a company named “The Milwaukee Electric Tool Cooperation.” Although his primary aim was to explore the hole-shooter on various dimensions, they did not stop there.

In its initial years, Milwaukee focused more on tool repair than on producing tools. Later on, they managed to start manufacturing after detailed research and development.

Firstly, they came up with a much stronger and more durable hole-shooter which soon became an essential tool for automotive industries. This tool quickly became popular, and Hilti started introducing various other products.

Over the years, Hilti has grown into a multinational company with offices located in cities all over the world. Additionally, they now have their plants in China and a few other countries.

The Specialty of Hilti Power Tools  

With customers from all over the world, Hilti’s power tools are highly demanded but are Hilti the best? Well, surely it is one of the best if not the best. Of course, there is a reason for that! Here is what’s so special about their tools.

Innovation: Hilti power tools are extremely easy to handle, which makes a worker more productive. This is because there will be less wastage of time and material.

Therefore, the Hilti power tools increase productivity and encourage innovation which makes it best for industrial usage.

Safest Technology: The power tools have a built-in SafeSet technology that ensures the safety of workers and saves them from any unfortunate incidents that may take place on-site.

The systems Hilti provides are tested multiple times pre-launch and have proven to be extremely secure for commercial and domestic use. Whether you want to drill or install a fastener, you can do it safely!

What could be better than a tool that does not break easily? Hilti’s tools are known to be one of the toughest ones available in the market.

This makes them extremely durable and easy to use. Therefore, Hilti’s one tool kit will surely go a long way!

While this may not be an absolute feature of the tools themselves, it adds to their specialty. The Hilti company is known to value their customers even if it means going the extra mile for them.

The customers can choose a partner for themselves who will then provide guaranteed support when needed. Also, you can hit them up anytime with any question you may have; they answer quickly. Isn’t that a good thing? Yes, it is!

The Specialty of Milwaukee Tools 

Though Hilti may be one of the best companies for power tools, Milwaukee is no less.

Just like Hilti tools, Milwaukee tools are also widely demanded and have some special features. Do you want to know what the specialty of the Milwaukee power tools is? Well, here it is.

Heavy duty: The Milwaukee power tools are made to serve industries especially. Therefore, their structure is extremely strong to withstand forces which makes them highly durable. One power tool will last for a long time!

Most industries prefer to have equipment that is easy to operate. In this way, they can save up on time and minimize wastage. As a result, productivity will increase.

The Milwaukee power tools are designed to minimize wastage and are quick to produce, leaving the workers with higher output.

Safety and security: When it comes to how secure the Milwaukee power tools are, we assure you; that they are safe for professional workers. They have intricately developed the power tools to provide ease and leave the user with zero damage.

However, it is advised to take precautionary measures when operating their heavy equipment.

Hilti Product line  

Being a multinational company, Hilti has a huge yet diverse product portfolio with hundreds and thousands of useful tools and systems. If you are eager to know what products Hilti has in their product line, here’s a list to enlighten you more.

Power Tools  

First up, you will find one of their most famous products; the power tools. They are designed to perform heavy duties and last for a long time. These tools include;

  • Hammers 
  • Breakers 
  • Coring tools, breakers 
  • Grinders 
  • Saws.  

Cordless Tools  

Next up, they have a set of extremely mobile tools that can be carried anywhere with ease. What’s more? They are extremely durable as well! These include;

  • Angle Grinders  
  • Drill drivers  
  • Hammers  
  • Rotary Hammers
  • Saw 

Direct Fastening  

These are semi-automatic tools formulated to fasten materials. These tools are portable as well as long-lasting. Also, it will surely give rise to your productivity.

Vacuum Cleaners   

While you may be focusing on the production, the cleanliness may be neglected. However, Hilti has got you covered. With their extremely effective vacuum cleaners, you can clean up the construction site within minutes.

Measuring Tools and Scanners  

Accurate measurements are an integral part of the construction. Even if one measurement goes wrong, the whole process can end up in a mess. Therefore, it is essential to have correct measurements. For this reason, Hilti has designed its measuring tools and scanners that will help you measure easily and much more accurately. These tools include:

  • Concrete scanners  
  • Layout tools  
  • Laser meters  
  • Rotating lasers  

Construction Chemicals 

Hilti also offers a range of different construction chemicals that increases the durability of the building along with performance throughout its life.

Tool inserts  

To further strengthen the ability of power tools, Hilti has come up with tool inserts that allow faster and easier installation.

Milwaukee Product Line 

Now that you know about Hilti’s product line, it is about time you should know what Milwaukee has in store for you. Just like its fellow competitor, Milwaukee has a wide selection of systems that contain hundreds and thousands of tools. These tools are extremely useful for industries as well as households.


M12 is a system that contains 100+ tools. These tools are not only compact but also portable due to their size. Therefore, they can fit easily into smaller spaces. Furthermore, these tools have a self-driven technology that offers more control and precision. The M12TM product range includes some of the following tools:

  • Copper tubing cutter  
  • 3/8 Ratchet 
  • Rivet tool  
  • 3/8 crown stapler  
  • Quart caulk  
  • Adhesive Gun 
  • 600 MCM cutter  


M18 is also an excellent cordless tool system that offers great mobility to the workers as they are extremely low weight. Whether the tool is needed in the basement, ground floor, or the first floor of the construction site, these tools can be easily carried with no strings attached! If you want to know what are some of the tools this collection holds, here is a list for you:

  • Right angle drill  
  • Ton Knockout tool  
  • Underground cable cutter  
  • Long-throw press tool  
  • Table Saw  

Hand Tools  

Aside from heavy-duty cordless systems, Milwaukee has also designed extremely convenient hand tools that can be taken anywhere with ease. These tools are beneficial for commercial usage and can also be used with comes to repairing and maintenance domestically.

To make the last long, makers at Milwaukee have put together some extremely durable materials which make accidental breakage almost impossible.

Packout Storage System 

While you may just think of what tools to buy, Milwaukee is one step ahead of you. They have also thought of transportation, and so they came up with the Packout storage system, which allows easy transportation of tools from one place to another.

Other Accessories  

To further strengthen the power of its various tools, Milwaukee provides the customers with several accessories. These accessories not only improve the tools’ performance but are designed to make them last for a long time.

Hilti vs. Milwaukee: Warranty  

Hilti and Milwaukee both offer a good warranty compared to their counterparts, who provide a rather shorter warranty. However, one brand company amongst the two is better when it comes to warranty. Specially rotary hammer between these two brands is one of the tough calls.


Depending on the type of tool you have purchased, Milwaukee offers a variety of warranties. As for Milwaukee, their warranties differ from product to product. For example, power tools have a warranty that lasts for five years.

These warranties usually cover defective materials and are valid for only the original purchaser. Other issues such as normal wear and tears do not fall under the warranty.


Hilti’s warranty system is distinctive from the majority of its competitors, and here’s why; all the tools have the same warranty system and a two-tier system. This means that the warranty system is divided into two levels.

For the first two years, all the tools are covered and repaired at no cost, regardless of how the problem occurred. Whether it’s wear and tear or any other issue from the purchaser’s end, the tools are mended, and no questions are asked.  

After two years, the tools are warrantied for twenty years straight. Nonetheless, the tools are only accepted if they are defective. Also, these twenty years are counted from the date of purchase.

Whose warranty is the best? Hilti or Milwaukee

From Hilti vs. Milwaukee, Undoubtedly, it is Hilti. They have got you covered for twenty years! Any piece that gets affected due to wear in tear can be repaired for the first two years, and for the rest time, any tool you find defective or is damaged due to workmanship can easily be replaced or fixed within no time. This is why Hilti may have an advantage over its competitors.

Hilti and Milwaukee: Which one is the best, and who wins the battle?  

Well, it is a close call!

Since both the companies have their pros and cons, it may be difficult to determine who’s the absolute best out of the two.

However, one company may excel the other when it comes to different types of tools. Are you interested to know which brand would be better for a hammer drill or an impact driver? We have provided a detailed comparison below to help you out.

Hilti vs. Milwaukee – Impact drivers  

Impact drivers are a crucial part of the construction as they are used for drilling. Therefore, they have to be robust enough to withstand force and pressure. Hilti and Milwaukee have their impact drivers that have advantages as well disadvantages.

Hilti SID 4-22

Best Hilti 22V Cordless Impact Driver
Hilti SID 4-22 

Hilti’s SID 4-22 is a new and improved version of the previous model 22 V, and it has many advanced features that can be beneficial but may have a few drawbacks.


High productivity

Easy to use



Takes longer to insert nails above 8 inches

Milwaukee M18 fuel 2853-20

Milwaukee 2853-20
Milwaukee 2853-20

Milwaukee’s M18 fuel 2853-20 is a powerful yet compact impact driver that works faster than anything. With this impact driver, your job will be done within seconds. There is nothing negative about the Milwaukee Fuel tools.





Rapid battery consumption 

Verdict: After experimenting with both the impact drivers, it is evident that Milwaukee’s 2853-20 works best for all types of nails and takes seconds to drill nails of any size compared to Hilti, which takes a lot of time.  

Hilti or Milwaukee – Rotary Hammers   

Another essential for DIY projects at home or construction on an industrial site is a rotary hammer drill, and both companies have their tool models. Who’s better? Let’s find out.

Hilti Max TE 50-AVR 

Hilti’s Max TE 50-AVR is an innovative tool that is easy to hold, thanks to the D-handle it has. Furthermore, it has a vibration-cancellation technology that eliminates any and every vibration that travels through the tool’s body.



Easy to use



Milwaukee SDS-Max

Milwaukee’s SDS-Max is a heavy-duty drilling machine that weighs around 15 pounds and is powerful enough to work for longer without any damage or wastage. Moreover, its key feature is the speed this tool has. Milwaukee SDS-Max can hit 450 RPM.



Excellent performance

Reasonably priced



Verdict: Though Hilti excels in Milwaukee in several ways, Milwaukee’s hammer drill is still the best. This is because it does not only leave Hilti behind in speed but is economical, unlike Hilti, which is highly-priced.

My personal experience with both the Brands: Hilti and Milwaukee 

Being an electrical engineer, I get to work with millions of tools belonging to various companies that are either top-tier, medium-tier, or comparatively cheaper.

Some tools are bliss and help to speed up the process, while others prove to be a menace and hinder the work process. However, Hilti and Milwaukee do not belong to the latter half.

Both these companies are close competitors. For some tools, Milwaukee can be considered the best, while for others, it’s Hilti. Nonetheless, Milwaukee has been a winning brand for me. This is because some of their tools have always been the best companions I have had while working.

Firstly, their hand tools and personal lighting system have always helped me day and night at the Jobsite and elsewhere. When duty calls at night, I grab my headlamp and tend to it.

On days when I have to pay a visit somewhere far from the Jobsite, the hand tools are a great help. Thankfully they are portable as well as easy to use.

Secondly, their cordless power tools systems have always been a great addition to my kit. Whether it is the Milwaukee’s M12 hammer drill or its super Sawzall with orbital mode, their tools offer extreme convenience, mobility, and portability along with a great speed.

To sum up, Milwaukee has been my go-to brand for tools throughout the tools. Therefore, do not remain in two minds and do give this brand a try.

You can also read the comparison between Hilti and Dewalt to find out which brand is better.


To conclude the battle between Hilti vs. Milwaukee, Both brands have an excellent product line, but we do have an absolute winner; it is Milwaukee! Milwaukee has outperformed Hilti on many levels, from prices to speed and precision.  

Bahram Shahab
Bahram here! A certified Electrical Engineer who knows his way around using power tools like a professional. My journey of using these robust tools started back when I graduated. Since then, I have finished almost a dozen DIY woodworking jobs. Apart from that, I have developed this habit of jotting down my personal experience about using a specific tool. So, I write on them to help the community in the best possible way.