Dewalt DCF885 Vs DCF887 Impact Driver – Which One’s Better?

Dewalt DCF885 Vs DCF887 Impact Driver – Which One’s Better?

Impact drivers have become one of the must-haves in every toolbox along with hammer drills years ago. With their super-cool, handy features, you get to have the most trouble-free, fast driving, and screwing experience that no one can provide.

In a similar context, months ago the Dewalt brand has come up with two of its exceptional impacts i.e., the XR line and the atomic line that has taken over the internet.

People are eager to find out what sets them apart as these impressive power tools are seemingly incredible in the first place and for all job sites.

With that said, let’s not beat around the bush and bring it forward: the Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887. Here we’ll be reviewing all the specifications of these two impact drivers of the XR line to decide which one of them is a strong contender in the market.

Not to forget, these two cordless drills of the XR line are manufactured to bring about the most exceptional performance that no one except DeWalt can provide every time you use them to drive fasteners at the job site.

Although both of them are from the XR line, there are several similarities and differences between the two, so it gets quite difficult at times to figure out the right one for you.

So here we’re going to be going over the comparison of Dewalt’s newest XR line impact drivers. Read it till the end, and you’ll find answers to all your questions regarding these. 

That said, let’s begin:

Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887 Impact Drivers Review

Here we have the DCF887 and DCF885 technical specifications comparison of these two impact drivers to help you choose the most appropriate one for your job site.

Dewalt DCF885BDewalt DCF887B Impact Driver
Motor BrushedBrushless
Torque Density1,400 in-lbs2000 in-lbs
Voltage 20V 20V
RPM Up to 2800 Up to 2800
IPM Up to 3200 Up to 3200
Speed settingSingle Speed3 Speed
Chuck size1/4″ Hex1/4″ Hex
Weight 2 lbs. 2.8 lbs.
Best ForLong Screws and Drilling Screwing nuts and bolts
Reviews on Amazon4.34.8
PriceCheck hereCheck here
Read Review Read Review

Dewalt DCF885 Pros and Cons



Great for disassembling small appliances, lawn equipment

Durable Lithium ion system technology.

1400 inch Maximum Torque density

Impact Rate 3200

Comes with a belt hook for added convenience

Repair service for 1 year.

Accept 1-inch bit tips.


Gets louder after continuously working

Single-speed trigger

Dewalt XR DCF887 Pros and Cons



Very powerful works on even rusty screws

20V Powerful Lithium ion XR Batteries

3 Multi-Variable Speed Options

LED Lights

Repair service for 1 year

2000 inch Maximum Torque density

Brushless motor

Comes with a belt hook for added convenience

Accept 1-inch bit tips.


No safety shutoff feature

You have to buy batteries individually

Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887 Detailed Comparison 2022


Starting with the battery type of the DCF885 model of Dewalt impacts, it has a built-in lithium-ion battery pack that can run for up to one hour straight. Besides, this max battery serves as one of the most heavy-duty power sources for this compact power tool that you get to have a dynamic screwing and fastening experience. 

You can fill the lithium ion max battery with charging again with increased energy efficiency and a quick-charging system, which gets your impact all set to go again within no time and maximum battery life. That aside, to have an estimate of the exact run-time it pulls off in a day, it would be precisely 40 minutes in total.

Coming to the lithium-ion max battery equipment of the other masterpiece from Dewalt XR line DCF887, it features no built-in lithium ion XR batteries. That’s right! You have got to buy external 20 volt XR batteries to get the power tool running. It provides enough power than 12 volts to get your work done.

The XR line lithium ion batteries are of premium quality and deliver enough power to drive fasteners quickly and conveniently. Besides, the charging time they require is comparatively less

Adding to this, the exceptional cell pack of this XR line cordless impact driver with lithium-ion allows you to change the voltage from 12 volts to 18 volts or vice versa, as per the requirement of the job. So by adding all of these quirky features as compared to 12-volt tool, it makes up to be a worthy purchase. 

Who Wins?

After an overview of both the battery types, we conclude that Dewalt 20v max DCF887 has a performance edge over DCF885

It is for the fact that removable lithium ion XR batteries are a good option when you are indulged in an intense DIY project like driving screws into plywood or modifying cupboards design, as you can replace the dead battery with another one with high battery life to get going again. But in the case of built-in rechargeable xr batteries, you have to halt the process if it runs out of charge. 


The DCF885 has a brushed motor of XR line, which means that it has a different mechanism of working than all the other common drivers because most of the impact drivers have a brushless motor

That being said, the working process of brushed motors is slightly unusual as they deliver less power compared to their brushless counterpart.

Adding to this, due to the increased friction of these brushed motors, you get to have a heated-up impact driver, which is not a good option.

Moreover, these XR line motors require proper maintenance of the destroyed brushes after a very while as compared to their brushless counterpart.

But aside from that, there are several upsides to this type of motor as well. For instance, they perform exceptionally well at reduced speeds which results in high power delivery.

They provide high torque and speed. So if you want to receive the latest fastener at a slower pace, nothing would get any better than having an impact with a brushed motor, like that of Dewalt XR line DCF885 to drive lug nuts.

Dewalt DCF887 features the exclusive, top-of-the-range brushless motor. This is the thing that draws the border between DCF885 and DCF887 of the XR line.

The latter proves to be a great power tool comprising a sensor that determines shaft position for all of your heavy-duty DIY projects or professional jobs months ago. The shaft position allows the motor to handle load variations.

The brushless motors work more efficiently than the other type and thus produce less heat. As a result of this, the overall workability increases, and therefore you have a powerful tool that is compact and functional as compared to a cordless drill for your DIY projects.

Adding to this, the torque and speed density of an XR line brushless motor is very high, which logically increases the turning force of the driver. Hence, it has enough power to remove rusty screws from the wood.

Who Wins?

Dewalt dcf887 takes the lead again because brushless motors are always better than brushed motors. You’d not want your impact to get heated up after a short while of drilling of ledger screws. Likewise, you’d like an impact driver that requires less or no maintenance so there will be no problem when you have no drilling experience while doing DIY projects. So, the Dewalt DCF885 of XR line lags behind the DCF887 with a brushless motor. 

Speed Setting 

Dewalt DCF885 features no versatile speed settings options. It shows up with a single variable speed trigger that limits the performance compared to the other high-end impacts out there. 

With that aside, its overall functionality is good in itself as the single trigger release delivers the required setting choices. 

As for the XR line DCF887 3 speed settings including the precision, drive assist, it comes up with 3 different variable speed trigger or speed dial. So with this by your side, you can have a versatile range for selecting the right speed mode for the less safety net operations like working with tough materials.

In mode 1 the speed range ranges to 0-1000, in mode 2 the speed range, ranges from 0-2800, in the third mode/precision drive or you can call it a beast mode, the speed goes to 3250.

Who Wins? Dewalt 885 vs 887

Months ago, DCF887 of XR line again sets the bar high for DCF885 with the variable 3 speed setting trigger. However, the Dewalt DCF885 would do the job pretty well for homeowners and regular DIYers, as they often require slow-paced impacts. 

Weight and Size 

Impact driver is a famous bare tool for its compactness, portability, and easy-grip years ago. So the aspect of weight and size defines the worth of the two well. 

That being said, the Dewalt DCF885B is around 2 pounds with a length of almost 5.55 inches. It turns out the size is favorable as it becomes easy to grasp and gives more room for grip. Hench, it is one of the lightweight brushless DeWalt tools which is suitable for ledger screws and working in tight spaces.

Dewalt DCF887B weighs around 2.7 pounds, with the length of the product of almost 5.3 inches. It is a little heavier than dcf885, but it still feels light and is handy to use. Hence we can say that XR line impact drivers are compact and portable.

Who Wins?

Here we can say that it’s a draw because both impact drivers of XR line have almost similar dimensions and weight capacity.

Grip, LED Light, and Warranty

As mentioned earlier, the Dewalt DCF885 of XR line offers more grip than the other because of its extensive length. This gives enormous room for the holder to grasp it completely and firmly, thus reducing the chances of instability.

Adding to this, the driver features 3 lights for LED lighting, with each having 20 seconds of delay. So driving fasteners in tight spaces, LED lighting can be of enormous benefit while working in tight spaces. You can get the job going smoothly as these lights illuminate the working area.

As for the warranty of this driver, DeWalt tools ensures a 3-year long warranty claim option. So now you can rest assured that this tool ensures reliability.

Compared to the DCF885, its grip is not that reliable and strong as it is comparatively short in length. In addition to that, the lightweight construction of this driver also makes it difficult to keep hold of this as it slips out of hand at times, especially during intense driving.

Apart from that, they also come up with built-in LED lights for LED lighting that illuminate your workspace. And for the warranty claim, it’s similar to that of DCF885’s, which is up to 3 years. Moreover, if there is any malfunctioning you can also get repair service for 1 year.

Who Wins?

Dewalt DCF885 wins here as the built-in LED lights are way too good and offer a strong grip.

Dewalt DCF885 and DCF887 Kits Comparison

Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887 Kit Comparison

Here’s a summary of the kit types of the two leading Dewalt XR line impact drivers, the DCF885 and DCF887. Have a look at this to have a more vivid analysis of both the power tools:

Dewalt DCF885 Parts

It includes:

  • 1x DEWALT 20 volt XR line Impact Driver (DCF885)
  • Dewalt DCF885 Manual
  • Battery Hook
  • (No battery or charger)
  • (No carry case)

Dewalt DCF887 Parts 

This includes:

  • 1x DEWALT 20V XR line Impact Driver (DCF885)
  • 1x 20V Max Battery (1.5 Ah)
  • 1x Fast Charger
  • 1x Soft Carry Case
  • Dewalt DCF887 Manual

How to Use Dewalt DCF885

Want to learn how to use the Dewalt DCF885B? Here’s a link to watch a complete user’s guide:

How to Use Dewalt DCF887

Here’s a link to learn how to use Dewalt dcf887:

My Recommendation Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887

Now here comes the fun part: what, in my opinion, is the best option to choose among these two?!

First and foremost, it solely depends on your requirements and what kind of impact would suit your chores and drilling experience as both overlap in many features and differ in many too. 

Apart from that, what I find more capable of having for long-term usage is the Cordless DCF887. Not that DCF885 cordless drill is of no good; in fact, it is a perfect option for beginners, DIYers, or homeowners to carry out small projects. 

But having a lightweight, compact, powerful, high-performing, and externally powered cordless impact driver would do better when it comes to heavy-duty, outdoor tasks. So in that context, the DCF887 cordless drill is a pretty good choice.

With that said, DCF885 gets ahead of 887 just because of its affordable price tag. But the limited features and restricted performance steps behind the DCF887 cordless drill.

Summing Things Up

And it’s a wrap for Dewalt DCF885 VS DCF887!

The reason for providing the detailed comparison is because we wanted to find out which one of them is more suitable for you as cordless drill. And by jotting down all the crucial aspects of these drivers, we’ve tried to come up with something that would help you figure out the best one. 

So let’s end this on the note where you decide for yourself which one of these two would bring about the best and long-term performance. Sign up with email address and comment name to receive the best Dewalt power tools and tools update on the provided email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dewalt DCF885 brushless?

Nope, the Dewalt DCF885 is not a brushless impact cordless drill as it features a brushed motor. So the working mechanism takes a whole shift of 180 degrees with this.

Is the Dewalt DCF887 any good?

There is no doubt about the durability and exceptional performance of the DCF887 cordless drill as it features high-end, top-notch specs that bring about next-level performance. So, be it your small-scale DIY project or a professional task, this compact and reliable machine would pull it off real good.

What is the best Dewalt Impact driver?

The best Dewalt impact available on the market is none other than the DCF887 20V impact driver.

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