Best Bits set for Impact Driver – Top Models Revealed and Reviewed

Best Bits set for Impact Driver – Top Models Revealed and Reviewed

Whether you are working on the DIY project in the backyard or kitchen or you are assembling something, you will need several tools in your toolbox to get going smoothly, but one power tool that puts all other tools in the shade, it’s an impact driver. The reason is its compactness and power. It works as a fastener as well as a drill. It is easy to use and very convenient, provided that you have all the bits with you.

The impact driver works with a variety of bits, but at first, it can be challenging to figure out which bits will work best for your needs. Too often people buy an impact driver, wondering what bits to use with it, and having difficulty figuring out the bit sizes they need to buy. It’s enough to make their head spin.

Below you will find a list of the best impact driver bits set on the market today. Be sure to read up on how to select the bits you need for your impact driver. The bits come in a range of sizes to match different fasteners.

Shopping Tips for Buying Best Bits set for Impact Driver

Tons of people want to buy an impact driver but they just don’t know how to pick the best one. They spend hours looking at reviews, comparing prices, and reading through manuals only to go home with another model that doesn’t quite meet their needs. The same thing happens when they go to select the best bit set for an impact driver that is also affordable.

When shopping for the best impact bits, there are many factors you need to consider. Here are some tips for buying impact bits that can make all the difference in your project.

Quality: A good quality bit set is one of the most important things to look for when buying bits. Impact driver bits are not cheap and it is very essential that they should be of good quality. A cheap set of bits will break easily and will dull quickly as well. When looking for a quality bit set, it is best to go with a brand name that you can trust.

Durability: Durability means how long a tool lasts before it breaks down or wears out. This factor is measured by the amount of time its functionality remains before it becomes useless. You would want to have an impact driver that can work efficiently and long so make sure to buy a durable product.

Hardness: Hardness refers to the ability of a material to resist scratching or deformation under pressure or being crushed by another object. It is one of the most significant characteristics that determine the overall performance of an object as well as its life span.

Material: The next thing that you must be concerned about is the material used in making it. If it’s made of high-quality material, it will last longer and give good performance.

Compatibility: You need to confirm whether the product is compatible with your power or not. If it’s not compatible with your tool, then obviously it won’t perform very well.

Size of Bits: Next comes the size of bits, which is an important factor because most of the times people make mistakes by choosing an impact bit set that has sizes that they don’t need at all. So make sure that you’re choosing a bit set that has all the sizes that are necessary for you to use in various jobs.

Types Of bits:

  • Titanium coated bits – Titanium coated bits are very durable and they will allow you to drive screws with greater ease. They are also resistant to heat and rusting so they can provide long-term protection and value for money.
  • Cone point bits – Cone point bits have some serrated teeth at the tip which hold onto the screw as it is being driven in. This ensures maximum holding power and makes driving screws much easier than with standard bits.
  • Standard screwdriver tips – These tips work well for any type of screw but they do not offer any additional features like those just mentioned above. This means that you will need a separate set for each type of screw you want to drive.

Torque Resistance: Any impact driver bit set works effectively on different materials but not all bit set can maintain their effectiveness over time. Some of them are designed with poor quality material which is not designed to withstand high torque or resistance.

Eco-friendly: You should also ensure that your bit set doesn’t cause any harm to the environment as well as your health.

Versatility: The best quality impact driver bit sets are designed with all the above features in mind and many more features which make them versatile. When it comes to versatility, you should look for bits that can be used for all kinds of jobs that require a lot of force and accuracy.

Best Bits Set for Impact Driver

DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set
DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set

Best Dewalt Impact driver bit sets


Comes with a sliding lock

Well-tempered bits

Easy to remove and stay secure in the case


The case has sharp edges

Dewalt impact driver Bit set has a magnetic screw lock system that resists the pulling out of driver bits and ensures a secure fastening, suitable for both big and small job sites. A total of 106 individual pieces of ruggedly constructed screwdriver bits in a wide range of sizes and shapes are included in this handy set for getting the job done right.

With this set of 40 high-performance bits, you’ll have the best Dewalt impact driver bit sets in a bulk storage container that you can store on a wall or in a tool cabinet. The clip and latch-designed tool case prevent bits and sockets from falling out while transporting. It also helps you quickly identify the needed bit or socket. If you want to know about the Dewalt Impact driver, read about it here.

The FlexTorq Zone transfers torque efficiently allowing you to drive flat head screws with a ¼” hex shank. The patented bit-bar design provides a convenient and customizable placement of your screwdriver bits. A clear lid allows you to view the contents easily. The material used is made of an aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, but stronger than regular steel

Makita A-98348
Makita A-98348 (Image credit: Amazon)

Makita A-98348 50 Piece set

Best Makita Impact driver bit sets,



Beautiful design

Durable material


No instructions

Bits get stuck in the extension socket

The Makita A-98348 impact driver bit set is engineered to the highest quality standards and offers superior performance. The fastening system varies depending on the type and size of the screws being used. Some of them require drills, others impact tools, and others, regular screwdrivers.

In order to provide users with the best Makita impact driver bit sets, the bits are precision machined with tips that fit firmly into the screw’s heads for full contact fit and longer life. They have an S2 steel construction, which has been calibrated in the heat-treating process to optimize durability, while manganese phosphate surface coating has been applied to provide advanced corrosion resistance.

The Precision Machined tips with superior fittings and longer life deliver more power to the fastener, while the S2 Steel Construction helps resist wear and tear. It is calibrated heat-treated process for added durability. The Manganese Phosphate surface for advanced corrosion resistance helps protect your bit.

Steelman Pro bit set
Steelman Pro bit set (Image credit: Amazon)

Steelman Pro Bit Set

Best Rated Impact driver bit set


Stylish design

Durable hard plastic

Plentiful extensions for access to deep areas



Hard material makes it difficult to pull out bits

This Steelman Pro bit set is the best-rated impact driver bit set you can purchase. It includes 50 impact grade, quick-release shank bits in a wide variety of lengths and drive types. Bits are made from industrial-grade steel that is heat-treated for optimal torsional performance and 5 socket adapters (1/4-inch x 2.5-inch, 3/8-inch x 2.5-inch, 1/2-inch x 2-inch, 1/4-inch x 6-inch, and 3/8-inch x 6-inch) to accommodate a wide range of applications.

The push-button change system makes this set an excellent buy for DIYers, contractors, and electricians alike. The drive types vary in length ranging from 1/8-inch through 12-inch. The kit includes 4-bit holders and 5 adapters you need to adapt the 50 piece bit set to fit on any quick-release socket in your truck or garage. The heavy-duty plastic case keeps your bits organized and protects them from getting damaged during transport or when not in use.

Workpro bit set
Workpro bit set (Image credit: Amazon)

WorkPro Bit Set

Best Solid Impact driver bit set


Solid bits

Easy store and carry

Wide application

Various specialty bits


Bits do not stay put in the case

Low-quality case

If you are looking for an ideal impact driver bits set, then the Workpro Bit set is your best choice. It is made of high-quality material and will not be easily broken. This set features S2 durable steel and features a ratchet handle design that delivers both power and precision when dealing with delicate electronic devices. It also has various specialty bits such as slotted, hex, square, Phillips, British, Torx, and star bits that you can use in most hard-to-reach projects.

For those who need durability, WORKPRO has produced the Best solid impact driver bit sets. Its extendable length makes it easier for jobs requiring extensions into hard-to-reach spaces such as stapling furniture or garage cabinets. With a handy fold-away bit holder included in the package, you can keep all your tools organized without worrying about losing them. Each of the bits features durable construction and will make repairs or installations much easier to complete

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set
Milwaukee Impact Bit Set (Credit: Amazon)

Milwaukee Shockwave Bit Set

Best Milwaukee Impact driver Bit set



Variety of bits


Low-quality storage boxes

Hard to get the bits out

The Milwaukee shockwave bits set includes 74 different bits in a convenient plastic case. A proprietary steel and heat treatment process for maximum strength, forged tips at least three times longer than standard bits, and geometric design to absorb shock, all make it the best Milwaukee impact driver bit set.

Every 1/4″ bit is forged for maximum grip on hardened steel fasteners. The Milwaukee bit set contains S2 shockwave bits. The geometry of the Shockwave bit dissipates energy and helps prevent bits from coming out that can happen with standard masonry bits. The forged tips have a steel core for maximum grip on masonry materials.

Bosch Bit Set
Bosch Bit Set (Image credit: Amazon)

Bosch 9-Piece Set

Best Bosch Impact driver bit sets


The case holds the bits very well

Titanium coated shield for protection


The bits are not durable

Not recommended for soft metal

The Bosch TI9IM titanium drill bit set features a nine-piece assortment that includes an assortment of driver bits in ½”, ¼”, and ⅛” shank sizes. This collection also includes three Ti-tiN coated pilot drill bits.

Bosch’s patented Impact Tough bit design delivers 2X longer bit life than standard impact drill bits. The long flute design helps provide more effective material removal, while the no-skate tip delivers a more accurate start.

With their titanium coating shields, these impact bits offer less friction than standard impact bits, helping you work faster and the titanium coating shields will resist wear to help the performance of the bit last longer.

Apart from being one of the best Bosch impact driver bit sets, it can be used on heavy gauge as well as light gauge metal and hardwoods. With its ¼” Titanium coated pilot drill bits that produce holes that are cleaner and up to 80% faster.

The TI9IM tool-free clamp system ensures quick, easy, and secure bit change. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, this 9-piece impact drill bit set features dependable Bosch Impact Tough bits. The set includes pilot point drill bits and wood boring bits, with one both in a hex shank and one in a flat shank configuration.

ENERTWIST Drill/Impact Bit Set
ENERTWIST Drill/Impact Bit Set (Image credit: Amazon)

Enertwist Drill/Driver Bit Set

Best Titanium Impact driver bit set


Portable and easy to carry

1-year warranty

Good quality protective case



Deflated cutting edges

The Enertwist Drill Bit set contains 246 pieces of drill bits and accessories for wood, metal, plastic, and cement drilling and screw driving. A comprehensive range of drills and drivers to handle any job, big or small.

Made from a tough, high-quality HSS construction, and titanium coated for added strength. 87 x HSS drill bits are included in this set which can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as wood and ceramics, and 21 x concrete drill bits for use on masonry surfaces. 66 X 1″ bits, 30 of which are double-ended and magnetic so you can screw them in strong, 4 X hole saws, 1 x countersink tool, 1 x nail punch, and 1 x bit holder.

Comes complete in a durable carrying case with a sponge in between the upper and lower halves to protect your bits from falling off into your hands as you move it around. It is a good idea to keep this best Titanium impact driver bit set at hand when you are doing simple household maintenance or DIY projects


Having the right kind of bits to use with your impact driver will make all the difference with productivity in your job. Most impact drivers and drills tend to come with only a few standard bits. The rest are lost quickly if you are not very diligent about keeping track, so having replacement bits is essential for when you need to get back to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need special drill bits for an impact driver?

The impact driver has a collet. A 1/4-inch hexagonal bit is used exclusively with impact drivers. A quality 1/4-inch hex bit, which fits any type of screw head, is required if you use an impact driver.

Can you use a spade bit in an impact driver?

Yes. Typically, a spade bit is used for cutting wood, plywood, and plastics, and it can be very accurate while cutting quickly and smoothly. An impact driver is very helpful when it comes to drilling clean holes with a spade bit since it makes it much easier to do so.

Can you use a masonry bit with an impact driver?

In short, the answer is no. A solid drill bit can be used for drilling brick, concrete, and sand-lime brick, among other types of stone. You can use standard drill bits with any drill type for masonry work, but you might not want to use the drill for a highly technical job. If you want to drill concrete with an impact driver, take a 5-6 millimeter masonry bit and fit it on a 1/4-inch hex shank to make small holes, but you’re not going to get any further.

Are impact bits worth it?

A major advantage of impact bits is their capacity to withstand greater torsional forces, and their ability to break at a wider angle, which gives them greater flexibility and cushioning under the impact, which means they can last longer. For applications involving high torque, these bits will be more suitable than standard bits for preventing unexpected failures.

Can you use an impact driver as a screw gun?

Yes. In fact, some people prefer impact drivers for certain tasks. The primary difference between impact drivers and screw guns is that impact drivers are designed to drive screws in a rotating motion, while screw guns use reciprocating action to drive screws.

While they can be used interchangeably, impact drivers provide a more powerful driving experience. The majority of impact drivers have no gearbox or clutch to slow down the power delivery and give the user control over how much torque they want to apply. In contrast, many screw guns have both a gearbox and clutch to slow down the power delivery and give the user control over how much torque they want to apply. The higher amount of torque provided by most impact drivers also makes them better suited for larger, more difficult fastening applications such as driving lag bolts into wood posts.

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