Best Cordless Tools For Contractors – Ultimate Guide

Best Cordless Tools For Contractors – Ultimate Guide

The cordless tool world is vast and expanding daily. There is an overwhelming amount of information regarding the best cordless tools for contractors. But despite this massive collection of info, the users, especially contractors, can find it very hard to choose the best amongst these for their daily use.

With this point in mind, we have researched the information on the internet about the best power tools for contractors. We have chosen the ten best products from the top brands, which every contractor must have if he is to do his job correctly and professionally, keeping in view the demands of his clients.

Angle Grinder

This versatile tool can do many jobs speedily and efficiently, be it grinding, polishing, sharpening, or cleaning the edges of any material. This tool is a must-have for all contractors and thus plays a central role in the list of the best power tools for contractors.

We can vary the speed settings of the grinder discs to do different jobs like grinding or polishing. They can be cordless or corded, each type having different pros and cons.

The cordless grinders can be easy to handle due to their battery; thus, they can be used without any power source. They run out of battery after a while and need recharging. On the other hand, the corded grinders don’t have a running out of battery issue, but they do need a power source to do their job.

Bosch 1375A (Image credit: Amazonn)

BOSCH 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder


Brand: BOSCH | Material: Metal | Style: Grinder | Power source: Corded | RPM: 11000 RPM | Weight: 3.75 pounds | Amazon Rating: 4.7 / 5


Powerful 6 amp motor

Speed up to 11,000 rpm

ergonomic design,

sealed switch to protect the switch from debris.


Availability of power source

Accidental injuries

We have discussed Bosch as one of the best hand tools brands on our website, and quite honestly, we don’t seem to get enough of them. Their different tools for construction jobs are up to the mark in every prospect they are sure to make our lists whenever we talk about the best power tool brands.

This angle grinder fits all the requirements needed from a grinder. From a compact design to a powerful motor to durability, this angle grinder has all the features of the best grinders.

Biscuit Joiner

The next item you will need as a contactor is biscuit joiners. Also known as biscuit jointers, these tools are used for cutting notches into two pieces of wood that need to be joined together. The cracks are then filled with biscuits, which are small pieces of wood, and filled with glue which secures the two wood pieces together.

Due to this jointing property of these tools, we can place them among the best tools for construction purposes. Suppose you have two pieces that are different in size and thickness. A biscuit jointer can also come in handy in this situation as they can work well with varying thickness woods

WEN JN8504
WEN JN8504 (Image credit: Amazon)

WEN Plate and Biscuit Joiner


Brand: WEN | Material: Metal | Style: Biscut Joiner | Power source: Corded | RPM: 10000 RPM | Weight: 11,68| Amazon Rating: 4.6 / 5


Adjustable fence

Pre-set stops

Carbide tipped blade


Practice getting the right size notches for the biscuits to fit in

High weight

Difficult to carry around.

This biscuit joiner from WEN has all the good features we just mentioned. It has an 8.5 amp motor that produces speeds up to 10,000 to run the carbide-tipped blade, which cuts through wood like a knife through butter. It has built-in stops to allow the gaps to be made according to the biscuit sizes available with you on the job site.

Chain Saw

Professionals and DIYers use chainsaws in every field. These are some of the most used power tools, from construction to woodworking to wood cutting. Open the toolbox of every professional who has anything to do with woods, and you are sure to find a chain saw there, so it is a must-have for a contractor.

Chain saws come in all forms of shapes and sizes. They can be battery-powered, electric, or gasoline-powered. They can be used for many jobs like tree felling, cutting up huge blocks of timber, bucking, and pruning.

WORX WG322 (Image credit: Amazon)

WORX Cordless Chainsaw


Brand: WORX | Material: Metal | Style: ChainSaw | Power source: Battery Powered | Speed: 12.5 ft/s | Weight: 6.2 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.5 / 5


Battery present – removing the gas and the cord

No-fuss about starting the saw.

Battery compatible with all other home and garden tools


Plastic components that don’t last long

Accidental severe injury risk

This beast of a chain saw by WORX can efficiently do all the jobs we just described. This compact, lightweight battery-powered chain saw can do all the jobs for your home garden and more jobs for all types of professionals. It is also straightforward, so you won’t need a professional logger to do your small projects.

This chain saw has a 20V battery, which can rotate the chain at a steady speed of 12.5 ft/s. The chain saw weighs about 6.2 lbs and has an ergonomic handling system, making long-term use easy. The auto-tension keeps a constant tension throughout the job, and the auto lubrication system keeps the chain long-lasting and makes cutting smooth.

Circular Saw

As a contractor, you will come around large pieces of lumber and plywood to make smaller pieces for other jobs. A circular saw is a perfect tool for this job.

A circular saw easily cuts the large pieces so they can be fed through other smaller tools like chain saws. So a circular saw will also play a vital role in your contractor lifestyle.

These saws also come in corded and cordless models. They can cut the wood width-wise as well as length-wise. There aren’t many design variations with these, and they all have common properties like 7.2-inch blades and 2.5-inch deep cuts.

DEwalt DWE575SB
DEwalt DWE575SB (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt Corded Circular Saw


Brand: DeWalt | Material: Metal | Style: Circular Saw | Power source: Corded | RPM: 5200 Rpm | Weight: 8.8 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.8 / 5


An electric brake that automatically stops the blade once the trigger is released

Integrated dust blower

High-grade aluminium base to provide a smooth and effortless cutting experience.


Power supply is needed so less portable.

Practice to allow proper handling

This circular saw by DeWalt certainly leaves its mark as one of the lightest and most powerful circular saws. Weighing in at 8.8 lbs, this saw packs a powerful 15 amp motor, making cuts as deep as 7 inches and as low as ¼ inches

Cordless Drill

We talk about cordless drills here, and we can’t be blamed. They are the most versatile tool professionals, including contractors, can use. They quickly replace the screwdrivers. These drills are electric and drill the nails fast with little to no manual labour. They can perform various functions, including drilling nails, fixing cabinets, and making pilot holes. When run counterclockwise, they can also remove the nails with little effort.

DEWALT DCD771C2 (Image credit: Amazon)

DeWalt Cordless Drill/Driver Kit


Brand: Dewalt | Material: Metal | Style: Cordless drill | Power source: Battery powered | RPM: 0-450, 0-1500 | Weight: 3.5 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.8 / 5


Light weight of 3.4 lbs

Easy to carry

Ergonomic design


Limited capacity of the battery

Unsound DeWalt warranties

Packed with a 20V motor, this drill from DeWalt has a two-speed setting, one with 0-450 rpm, the other with 0-1500 rpm. It has a compact and small design, making it easier to use in tight spaces.

Hammer Drill

Hammer drills are the more powerful counterpart of cordless drills. They can drill holes where the other drills fail, including surfaces like rocks, concrete, and cement. Thus they have become essential tools for construction purposes and are a must-have for contractors.

A hammer drill can do these jobs because of its powerful motor, which can deliver a heft amount of power within a compact and lightweight design. Most of these also come with customization options to be used like other regular drills. They can ease tiles removal and brickwork demolishing.

ENEACRO SDS-Plus (Image credit: Amazon)

ENEACRO SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill


Brand: ENERO | Material: Metal | Style: Hammer drill | Power source: Corded | RPM: 820 RPM | Weight: 18.5 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.6 / 5



Professional and personal home use

Powerful impact force


High weight

Difficult to carry

Low speed

This cordless drill comes with a 13 amp battery which can deliver impact energy of 13 joules, making it suitable for hammer drilling into harsh surfaces like concrete and cement. It drills with a speed of 820 rpm. It weighs 18.5 lbs.

Impact Driver

The impact driver performs the same functions as the hammer drill, such as driving large screws and fasteners. But it has the advantage over the hammer drill in being small and easy to handle.

The impact driver produces short bursts of power which are helpful while driving the long fasteners in wooden boards. Extra rotational force is applied automatically if there is resistance while fasting the screws. But you can not use them for brittle materials.

But they also have some disadvantages, like being too expensive and not having variable speeds. So final words are if you are a contractor who often comes across woodwork that needs screws and bolts fastening, you better have one impact driver.

Here is the best one we found in the market:

Makita XDT131
Makita XDT131 (Image credit: Amazon)

Makita XDT131


Brand: Makita | Material: Metal | Style: Impact Drill | Power source: Cordless | RPM: 3400 | Weight: 3.3 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.8 / 5


Brushless motor

Dual LED lights

Ergonomic grip for better handling

10 hours of battery life


No variable speed

It does not support 220V

Well, you must be wondering what made us choose this company and this model. This brushless XDT131 Impact driver has such specifications and higher quality at a competitive market price that it easily beats its opponents.

It has a dual-LED light, so whether you are working in a dimly light space or at night, it will not be a problem for you. For these reasons, this impact is called the Best Makita impact driver.

Moisture Meter

You may be wondering what the moisture meter is doing in this list. Well, it is handy as many customers want to know how much their structures are because of moisture buildup. These usually are calibrated on a wood.

There are various types of moisture meters; some are corded, but we will be discussing the cordless. Some moisture meters are analog, while others are digital, but they all show the moisture of a substance, solid or semi-solid, in percentage.

The tool’s accuracy depends on the brand and the type of moisture meter. We found the following one best after testing a lot of brands and their various models:

General Tools MMD4E
General Tools MMD4E (Image credit: Amazon)

MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter


Brand: General | Material: Plastic | Style: moisture meter | Power source: battery-powered | Weight: 86 g | Amazon Rating: 4.5 / 5


Audio feature.

Auto power-off feature.

Replaceable pin.


It can be improved in terms of measurement.

It is a pin type of moisture meter that comes with two prongs. That means that both these prongs should be in touch with the surface for proper working.

Impressive features include an LCD screen with an audio option with different sounds for low, medium, and high moisture. Those pins are replaceable if you ever feel the need.

An auto power-off option turns the screen off after three minutes of inactivity, saving the battery. The battery is replaceable, just like the prongs.

It ranges from 5-50% for wood and 1.5-33% for materials like drywall and concrete. It comes with a 1-year warranty, but that would not be needed because of the quality build it has

Orbital sander

The number of functions performed by the orbital sander is much that it becomes an indispensable tool for a contractor. It works perfectly on both wood and metal surface. The functions range from scraping off paint from a surface to removing the scraps from the old wood and polishing it.

Both types of sanders are available in the market, both corded and cordless. We advise you get a cordless one as the cord length does not limit you as you can carry it to sites with no electricity. You may be wondering whether cordless sanders are heavy because of the battery, but we can assure you we weighed both types, and are of the same weight. Have a look at the one we think is the best one out there

BDERO100 (Image credit: Amazon)



Brand: BLACK+DECKER| Material: Metal | Style: Random orbital sander | Power source: Corded electrical | RPM: 12000 RPM | Weight: 3.25 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.7 / 5


Quick and smooth sanding with good speed

Compact design


Anti-slip grip



It can only be used for light sanding

It is one of those compact tools you can use without much effort. It has gook and loop system, which makes the replacement of the disc very convenient.

There are holes in the pad and abrasive disc through which dust is collected, and in this way, it has an effective dust management system. This sander is pretty but avoid the heavy sanding tasks as it may not be able to handle those.

Reciprocating Saw

When there is a ton of work, you can not count on the manual saw as you don’t have time for that. In that case, a cordless battery-powered reciprocating saw can ease your suffering. But you must know they give rough cuts.

It can cut through all materials, including woods, metals, nails, and even ceramic tiles. It is a handy tool as you can replace the simple blades and use them for various purposes.

We found this reciprocating saw from Dewalt the best in the market:

DeWalt DCS380B
The DeWalt DCS380B (Image credit: Amazon)

DeWalt DCS380B


Brand: DeWalt | Material: Metal | Style: Reciprocating saw | Power source: Battery-powered | RPM: 3000 SEM | Weight: 6.6 Lbs | Amazon Rating: 4.8 / 5



Adjustable shoe

Good cutting speed

4-position blade lock


Not-so-effective vibration control

LED light

The DeWalt DCS380B is 18 inches long and uses and typical 20V MAX battery used in other DeWalt products. It has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches and a speed of 3000 strokes per minute for faster cutting.

While working in damp conditions, its rubber over-molded grip is helpful in better grip. You don’t need any tools to change the saw making increasing its useability.

When we talk about build quality, it comes with the shaft, which is double oil sealed, reducing the wear and tear of the motor to the minimum. Still, it comes with a 3-year warranty if you need any maintenance.

How to Choose Best Cordless Tools for Contractors

We made a buying guide for you for cordless tools based on the following parameters:

  • Portability
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Battery performance
  • Power and Torque
  • User Experience
  • Price
  • Overall performance


Cordless tools are preferred over corded electric tools because of their portability. You can take these tools anywhere and start working on the construction site without worrying about electricity and the cord length.


We all look for convenience while buying tools, which is the main reason we buy tools. Cordless tools are more convenient than corded ones because of their portability and overall user experience.


Durability is of utmost importance when buying any tool, whether it is cordless or corded. You can not spend your hard-earned money buying new tools every six months. So getting a durable tool is a must thing.

Battery performance

Since we are talking about cordless tools, the battery must be part of the discussion. While buying a tool, get the one with good battery performance as you can not afford hiccups in your work just because the battery died. Also, it is not economical to buy too many backup batteries.

Power and Torque

Sometimes these cordless tools are compromised in terms of power. These don’t feel as powerful as corded ones, but don’t worry; their competitors mostly overshadow these. These motors should be powerful enough to generate enough torque in tools like impact drills to get your work done.

User Experience

User experience is what companies are the most focused on. You spend money on something; then you expect it to feel good and perform the task for which you bought it. You can find out the user experience of a specific tool by reading the reviews on different sites.


Various cordless tools in the market are less expensive to lure customers, and once you buy them, they disappoint you immensely. So spend a few more bucks and get a good product.

Overall performance

Sometimes tools feel not so good when you look at the specifications, but they turn out to be absolute beasts when you use them. Overall performance depends not only on the specification but how these tools have been tuned to work in congruity with each other. Just like user experience, you can find out the overall performance of a tool from the reviews.


Now you have a comprehensive idea about the best power tools for contractors and the best cordless tools for contractors.

Each tool is essential in its respect, and if one of these tools for construction is missing in the toolbox of contractors, they might encounter some problems in their contactor journey. For smooth progress, ensure these tools are on the job site. Happy working!

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of cordless tools do contractors use?

Contractors use a variety of brands according to their needs. Bosch and DeWalt are ubiquitous among most contractors, but there isn’t a hard and fast rule about the brand.

Is DeWalt or Milwaukee better?

Milwaukee has a broader range of products, but DeWalt tools are the more powerful of the two. DeWalt tools also have better pricing than Milwaukee products.

What should I look for in a cordless power tool?

1. You should look for
2. Motor power
3. Battery juice
4. Speed and speed-gear options
5. Weight

What voltage is best for cordless tools?

Higher voltage batteries offer better torques. Thus 20V batteries are ideal for most power tools.

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