Hilti tools Review: Is Hilti a Good Brand?

Hilti tools Review: Is Hilti a Good Brand?

Hundreds of companies manufacture power tools for individuals, hobbyists, and experts. While several of these brands make identical instruments, there are significant disparities in quality.

Hilti is a top-tier brand to ensure quality. It may not be well known among the user, at least not in North America. However, this does not mean that it does not develop excellent products.

In the rest of this post, we’ll cover aspects to get a clear idea of whether Is Hilti a Good brand? It will be the main focus to help you determine whether Hilti tools are an ideal purchase for your needs; before you decide on this brand, we’ll review everything you need to know.

A little bit about Hilti History

Martin and Eugen Hilti, two brothers, launched Hilti in 1941. Hilti had gotten their first invention by the end of the 1940s and had begun to make actuated nail guns and manual drive tools.

By 1952, Hilti had negotiated its first overseas sales agreement, which contributed to advancing the brand. However, Hilti’s major break came in 1957, when they produced the world’s first powder-actuated tool, the DX 100.

By the 1960s, Hilti had expanded significantly and was present in around 30 countries. Eugen Hilti, one of the founder’s brothers, died in 1964, yet the company kept growing. Hilti had created the first electro-pneumatic hammer drill and mechanical anchor devices by the end of the 1960s.

It wasn’t long before Hilti began opening production in enterprises worldwide, beginning in Kaufering, Germany. In the mid-1970s, an executive board was founded. The Martin Hilti Family Trust was formed in 1980, and the brand expanded, eventually gaining markets in America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The company continued to grow, and in 1990, Michael Hilti, Martin Hilti’s son, took over as CEO. As Hilti proceeded on its internationalization route, new overseas markets such as Russia and South America quickly followed.

Martin Hilti, the founder, and chairman died immediately after in 1997, yet the corporation continued to grow. The corporation began to promote community culture in the early 2000s.

However, an economic slump in 2009 forced the corporation to make significant changes. This resulted in a shift in leadership and strategy, allowing Hilti to surpass the billion-dollar mark in North America for the first time in 2015.

Hilti may be found worldwide, with three main divisions. Hilti North America has its headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hilti Europe, based in Manchester, England, is another option. Finally, Hilti India is based in Haryana.

By 2019, Hilti has over 29,000 staff in 120 different countries and sales of over 5 billion Swiss Francs.

What is Hilti famous for?

Hilti is a well-known brand for its broad range of high-quality power tools for concrete, cement, stone, and masonry.

Hilti has drills, drivers, wall saws, demolition hammers and breakers, gas saws, diamond cutting, splitting tools, diamond coring machines, and anything else needed to cut or drill into masonry and concrete.

Hilti Quality Review

Of course, the true reason you’re here today is to see how good Hilti tools are. In terms of the many significant tool brands around the world, Hilti has an exceptionally solid reputation. It is a highly trusted brand, particularly in Europe, where it is best recognized.

What can be said about almost all Hilti products is that they are pricey and fairly so. Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive tool brands available, which is why normal homeowners and DIYers are unlikely to purchase them.

However, everybody who knows Hilti will tell you that you get what you spend for, and with the rather hefty investment that is purchasing a Hilti tool, you can be confident that you are purchasing quality.

Hilti tools are genuine long-term investments. As a result, many professionals, tradespeople, and large construction firms invest in Hilti tools because they are worthwhile.

The overall consensus of Hilti goods, for instance, is that they are excellent all around. They are extremely comfortable and ergonomically developed for long-term comfort, especially fatigue prevention. Furthermore, they are typically fairly light.

Additionally, Hilti tools are created with high-quality materials, are manufactured in factories with high standards, and have excellent quality control. Many of their products integrate cutting-edge technology.

What can be claimed is that Hilti tools are long-lasting and durable, the type of goods that can withstand a lot of punishment and be used for challenging tasks regularly for years on end. Aside from the high prices of these instruments, there aren’t many complaints regarding the company or its items.

Hilti Product Line

Hilti manufactures many tools, from common power to specialist tools for extremely particular tasks. In addition, they manufacture powder-actuated, gas-actuated, and battery-actuated fastening tools.

Hilti is also known for its fastener range, including screw anchors, wedge anchors, nail anchors, plastic anchors, and injectable adhesives. Also, undercut anchors, sleeve anchors, anchor rods, drywall anchors, construction screws, drywall screws, nails, and many more.

Hilti specializes in supplying fleets and large-scale businesses. They provide specialist and large instruments such as modular support systems for piping, ventilation, electrical, earthquake, and sprinkler applications. They even provide software for the development and ordering of such systems.

Cordless Tools

Hilti manufactures various cordless tools such as rotary hammers, impact wrenches, cordless saws, hydraulic cutters and crimpers, drills, drivers, fastening tools, dispensers, and combo kits. Also, cordless hydraulic pipe pressing, rivet, impact drivers, grinders, measuring tools, etc.

There are several good selections in each category. In addition, the tools are of great quality, as is the case with Hilti.

Corded Tools

The same may be stated for Hilti corded instruments and cordless tools. Power tools with cords included rotary hammers, demolition hammers, diamond coring machines, and diamond cutting saws.

Each category has a few high-quality products, but not many. However, you’ll find everything you need regarding corded tools

Hilti Famous Tools

Hilti Impact drivers

An impact driver can make jobs involving several large bolts, such as anchoring beams into a pergola, much easier for the enthusiastic DIYer.

A Hilti impact driver is a cordless drill driver with a 1/4″ hex bit holder that grabs small screwdriver bits instead of a typical 13mm chuck.

Hilti Impact drivers are more efficient than small drills at handling heavy screws and bolts. In addition, you’ll discover that using an impact driver is easier on your hand and wrist since they automatically add more rotational force when they hit resistance—two to three times more torque than a drill.

Hilti Rotary hammer drills

Hilti Rotary hammer drills are most often used for drilling into concrete. Rotary hammers, as opposed to normal or hammer drills, are designed to generate massive levels of impact force at a high rate, making them particularly effective for drilling through even-aged concrete. In addition, their hammering force is ideal for drilling into related materials such as brick, masonry, stone, and mud.

Many rotary hammers also include a “hammer alone” mode that you can select. This mode allows you to utilize a rotary hammer as a jackhammer, and with the appropriate chisel, spade, or tamping attachments, you can do more than the drill.

Surface preparation can be accomplished by removing grout, tile, and extra concrete. Then, chisel into them to split up concrete sections and speed up demolition efforts. A rotating hammer can even dig through hard clay or make uniformly sized holes in the ground.

Hilti Laser Distance meters

Because of their high accuracy and dependability, Hilti laser range meters are widely used in construction, surveying, and civil engineering industries. They enable engineers to measure distances and rapidly calculate areas and volumes.

Hilti laser range meters include innovative features such as self-calibration for greater accuracy and Hilti’s exclusive Pulse Power technology for incredibly reliable readings. Hilti lasers with Pulse Power may produce up to one million laser pulses per second.

These high-frequency pulses increase the visibility of the laser beam in bright sunshine and allow distance measurements of up to 100 meters without using a target plate.

Furthermore, some meters include optical scopes for outdoor measurements and water and dust resistance for harsh situations.

Why are Hilti tools so expensive?

Thanks to continuous innovation and superior craftsmanship, professionals utilize Hilti tools worldwide for their durability, ease of use, and high performance.

Numerous factors can contribute to the high price of Hilti tools, some of which are discussed here.

  • Built Using the toughest materials
  • Constant Innovations
  • Durable and Powerful
  • High-Quality Constructions
  • Renowned for creating complete fastening solutions
  • Top-Notch Performance/Good Warranty Service
  • Trade Specific

Hilti Warranty

The Hilti warranty is exceptional among tool makers. They provide a two-tier warranty that applies to all Hilti tools. The tool is entirely covered for the first two years.

After that, if an issue arises for any reason, including normal wear and tear, it will be fixed at no cost. Furthermore, every Hilti tool is warranted against faults in materials or craftsmanship for 20 years from the date of purchase.

Is Hilti a Good Brand? My Take!

Yes, whenever it comes to it, Hilti is a great brand, possibly one of the greatest in the game.

Keep in mind that Hilti is a brand that is intended for professional use and heavy-duty jobs. It’s the type of brand preferred by huge construction corporations, not the typical DIYer.

As a result, it is a very expensive brand that nearly solely manufactures high-end equipment.

One area where the brand shines is in instruments for masonry and concrete work. As a result, Hilti should be at the top of your list of brands to consider if you work in this industry.

If you are looking for further information read this comparison guide Hilti vs Milwaukee.


The basic line is that Hilti develops incredible goods, some of which are extremely expensive. However, if you require reliable and long-lasting tools, especially for large building and masonry work, Hilti is a top brand to consider.

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