40v vs 60v Chainsaws – What is the Difference?

40v vs 60v Chainsaws – What is the Difference?

No matter what you’re cutting, a chainsaw is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. And whether you’re a professional or casual hobbyist, there’s a chainsaw for you. You just have to choose the right one.

Different kinds of chainsaws are available in the market today, we will pick 40v vs 60v Chainsaws for our discussion today. The “v” stands for voltage, and the number is the amount of voltage that the chainsaw can run at. They are ideal for homeowners who need to take care of their trees but don’t need anything too heavy-duty.

If you are looking to buy a chainsaw, you might have come across the terms 40v and 60v chainsaw. But what is the difference between these two numbers? And why do they matter? In this post, I will explain that exactly.

How Does Chainsaw Work?

A chainsaw is powered by an engine, which sends power through a driveshaft to a clutch that directs the power to the bar and chain. The engine produces rotational energy that is distributed to the chain with the help of a pinion gear and sprocket.

The power of the engine (in watts) is measured in volts, while the speed of the engine rotation (in revolutions per minute) is measured in hertz (Hz). This combination of volts and hertz can be referred to as wattage. The higher the wattage, the more powerful your chainsaw will be.

40v vs 60v Chainsaws
40v vs 60v Chainsaws

What is Degree of Volts (V)

The degree of volts does not refer to the amount of power that the saw generates but rather the speed at which it operates. As the voltage increases, so does the speed at which the chain rotates. The faster that the chain is rotating, the more power it needs to do its job.

So, for example, if a chainsaw running on a 20v battery is able to cut through a tree branch with ease then a chainsaw running on a 40v battery should be able to cut through effectively.

It all depends on your ability and how you use it as well as other factors such as chain type and bar length. Now do remember that it’s not actually just about volts but amps too. The higher the amp number, the more powerful your saw will be, but there are other things to consider like battery life and weight, etc…​

In addition to wattage, chainsaws are also differentiated based on their stroke length, which refers to how far they cut per revolution of the saw blade. Chainsaws with longer strokes are typically more powerful and are used for harder materials such as logs and trees. However, larger chainsaws can be difficult to maneuver around obstacles and can be tiring to use for extended periods of time.

What does 40V Chainsaw mean and how does it work?

What is a 40v Chainsaw?

A 40V chainsaw is a chainsaw that is powered by a 40-volt battery pack. This can be either a lithium or nickel-metal hydride battery pack.

How Does a 40v Chainsaw Work?

 40V chainsaw is a standard power tool. It generates an electrical current that runs through an inner wire to rotate the blades of your saw. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that is connected to the blade of your saw through a small motor inside of it. This gives the saw its power supply and makes it run properly.

How Is a 40V Chainsaw Different From Other Voltage Levels?

A 40v chainsaw can really vary from brand to brand, but generally speaking, these are some of the features you might see:

  • A wider blade that makes it easier to cut hardwoods like oak or poplar
  • A longer bar length for increased leverage and power
  • More power at lower speeds with less vibration than other voltage levels
  • A less aggressive chain speed for safer cutting in tight areas like around trees

What does 60v Chainsaw mean and how does it work?

60v electric chainsaws are a great alternative to traditional gas chainsaws. They’re easy to handle, much quieter, and produce fewer fumes. The latest models are also very powerful and capable of cutting through anything you need them to.

What is a 60v Chainsaw?

A 60V chainsaw is a powerful alternative to a traditional gas chainsaw. Using lithium-ion batteries, this type of chainsaw is charged to provide a strong 60 volts of power. This is enough power to cut hard or softwood with different thicknesses. The durability of batteries, accuracy, reliability of automatic chain and bar lubrication, and ease of use make it a great option for anyone from professional landscapers to homeowners.

How Does a 60v Chainsaw Work?

Inside every chainsaw, there’s a motor that turns the blade. In the case of a gas-powered chainsaw, that motor burns gas to create heat which turns into energy. In the case of an electric saw, it uses house current to make that happen instead.

What is the difference between 40v vs 60v Chainsaws?

The difference between the two is the size of them and how they work.

Which one is better? Consider the following comparisons when you make a decision:

  • Energy-to-cut power: The more power a chainsaw has, the easier it will cut through trees or limbs. 60v chainsaws have more cutting capacity than 40v chainsaws. If you intend to cut thick logs or branches, go for the 60V chainsaws. You can also use it for trimming trees.
  • Battery life: Both types of chainsaws have a battery life of an hour and a half before recharging is needed. However, the 60v saw will be ready to cut again faster once recharged because it uses more power than its 40v counterpart.
  • Weight: The smaller size of the 40V saw makes it much lighter than the 60V saw. This is an advantage if you’re going to use it in your backyard or carry it around on your belt while working outside.
  • Cost: Because they’re more powerful, 60v saws cost more than their 40v counterparts. They also have better features like automatic oiling systems and quick stop brake systems which make

Dewalt 40V vs 60V Chainsaws

Dewalt 40v Chainsaws:

DEWALT 40V MAX Brushless Chainsaw provided battery-powered performance thanks to its brushless motor. It was equipped with a brushless motor and can traverse a variety of cutting diameters. These chainsaws had a decent-sized speed of gas with the reliability of battery powered equipment. However, 40V chainsaws are no longer manufactured by Dewalt.

Dewalt 60v Chainsaws:

  • Performance: This Dewalt 60V MAX Cordless Chainsaw comes with a 16-inch bar and chain and the kickback is extremely low. This DeWalt brushless motor is one of the strongest brushless motors that they have ever developed.
  • Size and Weight: In terms of weight, the 16-foot bar approximately weighs 17.11 pounds. It is a very light and powerful piece of equipment.
  • Battery: In addition to that, it provides you with the power you need with the convenience of FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX battery platform.
  • Suitable For: Strong enough to cut through large branches, logs, and thick beams during demolition and construction jobs.

Greenworks 40v vs 60v Chainsaws

Greenworks 40v Chainsaw

GreenWorks 40v Chainsaw
  • Performance: This tool is equipped with Lithium-Ion technology and can provide up to 30% more torque than a standard chainsaw. Additionally, it is powered by a brushless motor that offers a longer battery life, greater efficiency, and reduced noise.
  • Size and Weight: Besides its 16-inch chain and bar, this chainsaw weighs about ten pounds, has a chain brake as well as metal bucking spikes. With its powerful torque and durability, you cannot go wrong with this chainsaw.
  • Battery: It comes with a G-MAX 40V 4AH Lithium-Ion battery
  • Suitable for: A cordless outdoor chainsaw with lightweight construction, high-efficiency motor, and medium weight make them ideal for homeowners. With ease of use and light weight, you’ll be able to get a lot more done in the yard.

Greenworks 60v Chainsaw

Greenworks 60v Chainsaw
  • Performance: With Brushless motor technology, you will have maximum torque and power, with virtually no maintenance requirements, as well as 20% more torque than a gas chainsaw.
  • Size and Weight: The unit weighs about 14 pounds. It is compact and lightweight, which means it is comfortable to use, less tiring to manage, and it reduces the risk of injury – it is 20% lighter than comparable gas-powered models.
  • Battery: For reliable and long-lasting power, the Lithium-ion 60V interchangeable battery that lasts a long time.
  • Suitable for: You can tackle all your lawn care projects with the Greenworks Pro 60V UltraPower cordless battery platform.


Whether it’s 40 volts or 60 volts Chainsaws both are great for people who want to keep their yard neat but don’t want something that’s going to take up too much room in their garage. Because these are smaller, they’re also good for anyone who needs something portable.

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