Best German Power Tool Brands – Authentic and Reliable!

Best German Power Tool Brands – Authentic and Reliable!

The Do It Yourself (DIY) hobby has gained a lot of publicity in the last few years, and people have started doing minor construction, repair, and manufacturing tasks themselves.

This increase in such projects has also called for an increase in the demand for the required tools. And when it comes to the best tools to get the job done, German power tools have certainly made their mark.

But there are a lot of German power tool companies out there, and choosing the best German power tool brands is no easy task.

With this in mind, we have taken to our hardy research methods and testing phases to determine the best brands available in the market today.

Compiling the data collected in these researches, we have chosen some of the best brands and are presenting them to you to see which ones fit your job requirements and budget. Stick to the end to find out which German brands work for you.

The Best German Power Tool Brands

Our tools experts tested many German power tool brands present in the market today, and out of all these, seven brands stood out the most. These are :


bosch power tools

The Bosch Group has been one of the leading technology and related services suppliers worldwide. Founded in 1886, the company started by providing electrical engineering services and generators for gas engines.

Today it has expanded to four major production groups which provide mobility solutions, technology services, consumer goods, and energy and building solutions.

The company, which has been around for almost 150 years, started manufacturing power tools in 1936 by making its first power drill.

Now the company makes many tools, including, but not limited to, hammer drills, screwdrivers, and jig saws. They also make other consumer goods, including gardening equipment, household appliances, and coffee makers.

The company provides high-performance, well-enabled tools which are convenient to use and second to none in terms of modern features and efficiency.

The cordless power tools made by the company are some of the best in the game and are known for their compact designs and high power.

Amongst the vast line of products Bosch makes and sells, we tested most of their power tools, and here are the ones we liked

BOSCH Combo Kit:

BOSCH Power Tools Combo Kit CLPK22-120

This drill kit made by Bosch comes with a 12-volt drill driver with a max speed of 1300 bpm and a 12-volt drill driver with a max speed of 2600 bpm, two batteries, and a charger, and a carrying case.

The drill drivers are known for their compact design, speed control options, durability, and ability to work into the most rigid materials, thanks to their high-standard titanium-coated bits.

The drill drivers can be used for electrical and plumbing works and countersinking cut-varied materials.

BOSCH Electric Orbital Sander:

GET75-6N - Electric Orbital Sander, Polisher

This simple yet versatile sander and polisher from Bosch will get your sanding and polishing jobs done in no time. It can be used to remove rust from metals, clean the furniture bought from a second-hand store, and remove paint from painted surfaces.

The sander comes with a 7.5 amp battery which gives about 3300-7700 revolutions. It also comes with variable speed control options. It has low-vibration features, an ergonomic design, and a balanced counterweight to ease the hands of fatigue.

BOSCH SDS-Max Rotary Hammer:

BOSCH 1-916-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

This beast from Bosch is a favorite among concrete workers for their drilling and chiseling needs. And no surprise there, since this powerful tool delivers 6.1 lbs of impact force, which is about 20% more than its other competitors.

This rotary hammer has a 120V battery and a max power of 850 watts. It weighs about 15 lbs, which is fully justified considering its powerful impact drilling ability. It also has a Vario-lock mechanism built to hold it in the most secure areas for best drilling.


The second German power tools brand, Metabo, was founded in the 1920s and started by making hand drills. The company’s name is also based on the German name of a hand drill.

Metabo has been around for more than a hundred years. It has gained much popularity for its pneumatic nailer and miter saws. Today the company makes about $350 million yearly revenue. It makes a variety of power tools, which are popular with professionals.

Metabo has always dedicated time and resources to researching and developing innovative power tools. One of their recent endeavors, a product by the name of MultiVolt, is making headlines with its all-in-one corded and cordless use.

It allows the users to use it with or without a cord, anyway, they like. If this isn’t innovation, we don’t know what is.

Our experts also analyzed various power tools manufactured by Metabo, and based on their opinion, the best amongst them are listed here:

Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer:

Metabo HPT Roofing Nailer

This metal hunk is used to install insulation boards and asphalt roof shingles. So if you want your roofing jobs done quickly and efficiently, you can trust the Metabo HPT nailer to do the job for you.

The nailer weighs only 5.5 lbs, is air-powered, and can drive nails with the speed of about three nails per second. It has various depth drive adjustments for different sizes of nails and can generate a pressure of 70 psi to about 120 psi to allow deep and smooth nailing.

Metabo HPT Miter Saw:

Metabo HPT 10-Inch Miter Saw

Miter saws are used by various professionals, including carpenters, framers, and woodworkers. With this miter saw’s features, it will fit right in. its efficacy, accuracy, and compactness make it a suitable saw for any woodwork.

This brushless miter saw comes with a 10-inch blade and a 120V motor, generating speeds up to 5000 rpm. We can adjust the miter angle between 0 and 50 degrees to the left or right to allow flexible and precise operation. It also has a dust collector attachment to keep the machine and the workplace dust-free.

Metabo Screwdriver Kit:

Metabo HPT 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Screwdrivers are the basic needs for any construction or repair work. This cordless screwdriver kit considers all the needs for good repair work and comes with a DB3DL2 screwdriver, 2 Li-Ion batteries of 3.6V each, a charger, a Philips kit, and a carrying case.

With its dual-position handle, lightweight, and about 20 different clutch settings, the screwdriver included in this kit takes the repair jobs to the next level. It is compact and lightweight and can deliver a max torque of about 44 inch-pounds. With this torque, it is sure to please all the professional electricians and installer


Hilti started in 1941 as a mechanical workshop for automotive and engineering solutions. The company started making power tools in 1964, with the development of a drill that also had a chisel functioning. With time, it started making rotary hammer drills and anchor tools and explored other areas of power tool development.

Today the Hilti corporation develops, makes, and does the marketing for a whole array of consumer goods, including products for construction, energy, and manufacturing use. It has about 33000 employees worldwide.

Hilti also has an excellent customer support system. The company interacts with about 250,000 customers daily and gets input from them about their products to make the most innovative products after world-class research and rigorous analysis. The company is environment-conscious and has been running a charity foundation since 1964.

Some of the tools that our experts liked among the power tool line are:

Hilti Rotary Hammer Drill:

Hilti 228061 TE 7-C

Rigid surfaces like wood and steel need the right amount of torque and speed to drill into; this is where this rotary hammer drill shines the most bright. With max speeds of about 750 rpm, this beast will give the most satisfactory results in tougher drilling.

This drill can also do corrective chiseling and open small channels into hard material like concrete. It combines a 120V power supply with a fast speed to give a smooth drilling experience. It also has an ergonomically designed D grip to allow use for more extended periods.

Hilti Cordless Impact Driver:

Hilti 22-Volt Lithium-Io Hex Cordless SID 4-A22

Talk about an excellent design and a sleek look. This piece of metal will surely blow our minds with its body and features as it does not let its look get in the way of its performance.

This cordless impact driver comes with an 18V battery which can deliver a speed of about 2700 rpm and a torque of about 530 inch-pounds. It also has a three-gear speed control system to work according to our needs. The design is fantastic and ergonomic to give the best long-term use we can get on a tool as futuristic as this.


Now, this is a high-end German power too company. Founded in 1925, Festool has been around for more than 95 years. This company made headlines by making the world’s first portable chain saw in 1927, after which the company’s fame sky-rocketed.

Today the company uses the plastic material made by its sister company TANOS to make the power tool designs and parts such as guide rails to make the other components of its power tools. The company houses about 700 employees and generates about $340 million yearly.

The company is famous for its over-the-top dust extractors. They come in a modern, sleek look and give the best performance in the game.

The dust extractors have won many awards, the total amount of which is more than 300. They also own patents on 75 products.

Here are some of the Festool products we recommend, based on the opinions of our experts:

Festool Sortainer 6 drawers:

Festool 491984

This Festool Sortainer will keep all your tools in the perfect order. The bigger model has six containers to separate the tools so they don’t mix.

The best thing about the Sortainer is the remarkable degree of customization it offers. The drawers can be adjusted to our liking and made to hold the tools such as pins and micro pins in any place we want.

Festool 574930 HEPA Dust Extractor:

Festool 574930 CT 26 E HEPA

The dust extractors made by Festool, as we already said, are the best ones on the market. This beast can clean the workstations of our worthy workers, like construction sites and workshops.

Its compact design but large capacity makes it best suited for the job. The dust extractor has a tank capacity of about 27L.

The turbine has been cleverly selected to provide the best suction power and airflow. The airflow capacity the extractor comes with is about 3900 L/minute. All these features make it the most suitable equipment for all air filtration jobs.


Stihl is a German toolmaker best known for making chainsaws, though it also makes other tools, including leaf blowers, string trimmers, and various other outdoor equipment. It has been in the industry for more than 90 years since its founder, Andreas Stihl, founded it in 1926 in Germany.

It revolutionized the industry by introducing the single-person powered chainsaw, which replaced the two-person powered chainsaws widely used at that time. Since then, it has never looked back and developed itself as an industry giant.

In its extensive lineup of chainsaws, there are both 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas-powered saws. Though its headquarters are still in Germany, various official outlets exist across different states in America.

If you want to buy tools from Stihl, remember that you must go to their stores for exchange and repair. By doing our research, we found that the following are the reasons which made it an industry leader in the chainsaw field:

  • Better for tricky cutting because of low torque
  • Reduced weight
  • Market competitive prices
  • Durable

Here are some tools recommended by us after the thorough testing:

Stihl MS170 Chainsaw:

sithl ms170

It is one of the best tools to come out from Stihl. It is handy for typical home usage as it is lightweight and does small tasks like cutting branches and logs effectively. Not to mention it is pretty cheap than its all competitors. It is durable machinery, and you don’t have to bother with its service for a long time.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended if you are looking for a chainsaw that can be used for day-to-day activities.

Stihl Chainsaw Sharpener:

STIHL 2 in 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener 38

As chainsaws are used for a long time, they ware out with time. Sharpening is needed because a rusty chainsaw not only increases your fuel consumption but also causes fatigue. You need a sharpener to make them just like new once again.

Stihl, along with chainsaws, also produces some great sharpeners, and Stihl 2-In-1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener is the best out there. It is highly economical and performs the task effectively. Being  Small and easy to use, it can be carried with you in the fields and does the task without a power supply.


It is known for producing excellent quality tools for professional uses. They are focused more on metalworking than woodwork since they are shipped from Germany, so prices are a little bit high, but by looking at the quality of the tools, these are justified.

You don’t need repairing more often than not. Even if it is required, there is no difficulty in acquiring spare parts and getting them fixed. All in all, Fein tools are extremely impressive, and you can get one without any hesitation.

You can read more about two of their best tools below:

Fein Turbo 1 Wet/Dry Vaccum Cleaner:

Fein Turbo 1 WetDry Vaccum Cleaner

There are many vacuum cleaners in the market, but Fein Turbo 1  has advantages over the others. It is quiet compared to others, also mobile, and has a tank capacity of 5.8 gallons.

Cord length is reasonably good enough that it allows you to cover an area of about 30 feet. It is equipped with an autostart outlet which prevents any damage caused by the power surges by delaying the start of the motor. For the price you pay, it is worth it.

Fein MultiMaster Tool FMM:

Fein MultiMaster Tool FMM 350 QSL Top Oscillating Kit

Whenever you hear about oscillating multi-tools, Fein comes to mind. They have established themselves as leaders in this field. This product is pretty new in their lineup, released in 2016.

It is equipped with many useful features like a metal gear case for stability and a potent 350-watt motor for good cutting speed. Thanks to the Starlock mounting system, you can change accessories almost instantly. It is best suited for professional uses, and for home uses, you can look up various other less expensive products.


Felo is another German brand known for making screwdrivers and ratchets. Their products are first-rate, as you would expect from a German brand. The best products in their lineup are Ergonomic handled screwdrivers, impact-rated screwdriver bits, and many other hand assorted tools.

We analyzed their tools, and here are a few that we found the best:

Felo XS Box Set With Mini Ratchet:

Felo 0715761545 XS Box Set

It is a pocket-sized compact set of tools built especially for working in tight places. It comes with 33 pieces of different sizes and styles which you may need daily. It has an angled ratchet that does not come in the way of your hand while working.

These things come with a handy waterproof box made of high-quality material. Fine toothing and a sturdy ratcheting mechanism add more value and make working with it comfortably.

Last words from us, it is undoubtedly an asset to keep for any tool kit.

Felo Ergonomic Screwdriver Set :

Felo 0715761391 Ergonomic Screwdriver Set

This Ergonomic screwdriver set is of high quality and premium build, as you will expect from the price tag. Their tips are pretty sharp, and you will not be having any issues with any screws.

The talking point, though, about these screwdrivers is their handles. These are made of premium quality with an elastic core.

So it does not hurt your hand; instead, it feels comfortable in your hands. It would cause less fatigue while producing more torque.

If you are even looking at long-term usage, you do not have to worry about anything as they remain the same throughout the years except the graphics on them, which wear off(we hope that’s not a problem for you).

You can go ahead with the purchase without any doubts in your mind. These are undoubtedly worth the money.

Summing Things Up:

Now that we have taken a comprehensive look at the best German power tool brands, you can decide which ones you will choose to get the power tools from for your next DIY project.

German power tools have gained a lot of respect over the years. And it would be safe to say that some have also become a part of our lives.

Bahram Shahab
Bahram here! A certified Electrical Engineer who knows his way around using power tools like a professional. My journey of using these robust tools started back when I graduated. Since then, I have finished almost a dozen DIY woodworking jobs. Apart from that, I have developed this habit of jotting down my personal experience about using a specific tool. So, I write on them to help the community in the best possible way.