Is Ryobi A Good Brand? Knowledge You Don’t Want To Miss!

Is Ryobi A Good Brand? Knowledge You Don’t Want To Miss!

Ryobi has been the budget tool supplier for quite a while now. Many professionals are seen using Ryobi tools for their day-to-day jobs, and the internet has no shortage of Ryobi tool reviews.

Although the tools manufactured by the company cost less, there is no guarantee that they will perform the best when it comes to putting them to the test. This is why many professionals and DIYers ask questions like “Is Ryobi a good brand?” and ” Is Ryobi a reliable brand than DeWalt?

Since we aim to provide our readers with the best tool reviews, we gathered all the information we could about the brand and are presenting it here for the users to see if the brand is any good.

Ryobi History and Ryobi Now

This Japanese company was founded in 1943 and began selling plastic cast dyeing products. In 1963, the company started selling hardware products such as door closers. The production of power tools began in 1968. The company also made and sold golfing goods for a limited period.

Today Ryobi is among the leading suppliers in the automobile, telecom, and electronics industries. It has 12 manufacturing facilities spread across 6 countries. The company has more than nine thousand employees and generates more than $2.25 billion yearly.

Ryobi sells a whole range of power tools. They are pretty famous for their One+ HP technology used in their batteries. This makes the batteries compatible with the entire range of their power tools. One single power tool battery can be used for more than a hundred tools.

The company is also famous for its compact and small-sized batteries, called USB Li-Ion batteries, and they are compatible with a whole collection of power tools that support these battery types. These power tools are also made explicitly for these newer technology batteries.

Ryobi is also quite popular with DIYers along with professionals. Their power tools are used by everyday users and beginners who want small jobs done without any hassle of selecting the best tools. The budget-friendly power tools made by the company are often seen in many households and are hard to miss with their staple greenish yellow-colored tools.

Ryobi Quality Review

With the lower prices, the Ryobi tools come for; one would expect the performance to be on average. And this is undoubtedly the case with these tools. Although they are a little lighter on the pocket, they are also not of the high-grade stuff some other power tools by companies like DeWalt.

But don’t let the lesser power and lower performance disappoint you. These tools are also suitable for professionals just starting their work as professionals, as practicing with them will make them better at handling the more powerful ones.

Ryobi tools are best for small jobs like repairing a broken door hinge, small building jobs, and personal home renovations and decor. It is true that some people don’t like to use Ryobi tools for more heavy-duty and professional work. But this brand is the champion of small-time jobs.

Ryobi Product Line

Ryobi makes a whole range of products other than power tools. But as far as the power tools are considered, they have a pretty decent and versatile collection. These tools come in corded and cordless variants, some of which use regular batteries while most also support USB battery technology.

Cordless tools:

Ryobi’s most famous cordless tools include their soldering irons, table saws, miter saws, drills, sanders, nailers, and impact drivers. As we have already said, these tools use regular batteries as well as the USB ones with the ONE+ technology.

Corded Tools:

Ryobi also has a pretty decent collection of corded tools. There is great diversity in these products in terms of their motor amps and power outputs. Some of the most noticeable products in the corded tool line include compound miter saws, table saws, thickness planers, circular saws, tile buffers, and tile saws.

Ryobi Famous Tools

Out of all the products Ryobi makes, some have gained a lot of popularity and have become a staple in many hardware shops and professional job sites. Some of the most famous and our favorite ones include:

Ryobi Reciprocating Saw:

This reciprocating saw is known for its ergonomic design and ability to reach into small awkward spaces for material demolition and limb pruning. This saw can scrape off paint, remove grout, and cut various thickness plumbing pipes.

The saw has a hook that can be used to secure the saw to the branches while pruning them.

The max speed of the saw is about 2600 cycles/min. The blade can be removed with a single easy-to-handle blade releasing system. Ryobi’s three-year warranty also supports the saw.

This saw comes in corded as well as corded variants.

Ryobi Impact Driver

The Ryobi impact driver is among some of the top products made by the company. This tool can quickly drive your long nails, fasteners, and lag bolts into any material. This is done by its powerful motor, which can produce about 1800 in-lbs of torque.

To change the bits easily, the tool comes with a ¼-inch collet. The tool also has mounted LEDs for easy visibility and work in dark conditions. The driver also has a three-year warranty. But most of all, the driver supports the ONE+ batteries, which means one battery for all tools.

Ryobi Drill/Driver

Ryobi drills are perfect for all your nail securing and removing jobs. The drill uses a powerful motor to combine a 515 in-lbs of torque with a fast drilling speed of 1750 rpm. With this power and speed, you are sure to get the job done within a flash.

The drill comes with a 2- speed gear system and a 24-position clutch, giving the customer complete control of the drilling speed and fastening depths. This drill also has a mounted LED, uses the ONE+ batteries, and comes with a three-year warranty.

Ryobi Jigsaw

With Ryobi jigsaw, you will have a smooth experience cutting shapes and curves into the wood. The blade attached to the front of the saw by a spring-loaded clamp gives smooth and accurate cuts with the help of its greater TPI so that you won’t need any sanding done afterward.

The saw uses modern BladeSaver technology to get the most of the blade. It comes with a variable speed option which allows the user to change speeds from 1100 Rpm to 3000 Rpm. The saw also uses the ONE+ battery technology and has a three-year warranty.

Ryobi Lawn Mower

You are sure to have the best job done mowing the grass of your lawn without making a noise with this lawn mower. Brushless lawn mower by Ryobi uses the company’s Whisper technology to provide the best and the quietest mowing experience.

The self-propelled mower comes with a push start button, so the hassle of starting the machine with a cord is wholly eliminated.

With the included batteries, you will surely get about 45 minutes of hassle-free mowing. The mower also has a 7-position height adjustment option so that you can cut the grass according to your preferred height.

The mower also comes with a collection bag, which can be removed with a single click to remove the grass clippings. This mower is also compatible with the ONE+ series batteries.

Ryobi Warranty

Almost all the products made by Ryobi come with at least a three-year warranty. This warranty ensures that all the products damaged due to the company’s fault will be repaired or replaced without any worry.

With this option available, the users are sure to use the tools to their limits without any concern about their breakage or malfunction. If any malfunction does arise, they will only need to reach out to the company, and the company will provide the best possible help.

Is Ryobi A Good Brand? My Take!

To form a genuine opinion about Ryobi products, we personally tested them in our workshops to see if they perform to the best of their power. And we weren’t disappointed, to say the least.

The products couldn’t handle more serious work projects like heavy-duty concrete drilling or cement nail driving. But they performed exceedingly well when it came to doing small woodworking, mowing, or drilling jobs.

All in all, we have to say that the brand is, in fact, perfect for small daily jobs. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend much on more complex tools, you can surely start with the tools of this brand.

If you looking for more information about Ryobi then give a read to this article: Ryobi vs Ridgid.


With this article, we have made an addition to the world of Ryobi tool reviews. But at least with this info, the users can easily decide if the brand is worth the hype, and they will be able to answer the question we asked at the start, ‘Is Ryobi a good brand?‘ easily.

Whether they answer in the affirmative or not, Ryobi will continue to make budget-friendly tools and improve the lives of many people around the globe.

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