Best Makita Impact Drivers of 2023- The Expert Guide!

Best Makita Impact Drivers of 2023- The Expert Guide!

Nowadays, driving screws, large nuts, and bolts require a high amount of power and torque, which cannot be achieved by using an ordinary screwdriver. Hence, to perform such power-consuming functions, people require an impact driver.

An impact driver is a great mechanical tool that, unlike a normal drill, impact driver delivers higher power and torque while consuming a lesser amount of battery power. Thus, an impact driver is an incredible tool if you didn’t have it until now, buy it.

Amongst the Impact drivers brand, Makita is an innovative corporation that manufactures best-in-class power tools.

Among their high-quality power tools, I am going to review the best Makita impact drivers that are very well-known in the market.

Makita tools have unmatched quality and durability. They have earned the trust of professional users as well as DIYers worldwide by providing the best power products.

Makita delivers high-performance tools that are more compact, have less vibration, and great feel.

Top Makita Impact Driver At a Glance:

  1. Makita XDT16Z 18V Impact Driver
  2. Makita CT232 12V MAX CXT
  3. Makita XDT131 Cordless Impact Driver
  4. Makita XDT13Z 18V LXT
  5. Makita 6952 Corded Impact Driver

Best Makita Impact Driver (Corded and Cordless)

Makita XDT16Z 18V Impact Driver
Makita XDT16Z (Image credit: Amazon)

Makita XDT16Z 18V Impact Driver

Best Battery-Powered Makita Impact driver


Features dual tightening modes.

Ideal tool for fence and woodcutting.

Suitable for thick metal sheets.

Comes with an improved spotlight hence no more shaded areas.



The Makita XDT16Z is one of the most well-known and well-reviewed impact drivers on the market. It is also one of the best battery-powered Makita impact drivers.

This cordless impact driver has an electronic brushless motor. This powerful motor is very impressive and provides the impact driver with many advanced options.

It provides the user with 4 speed and power selection modes. Thus, this standard variable mode helps the customer to have precise control over different types of job applications.

Moreover, you can select the kind of speed you want and set the impact driver according to it. The maximum speed that it can reach is 3600 RPM.

While the maximum torque value is around 1600 inch-pounds. Furthermore, the impact action it creates is about 3800 IPM, which makes it the most powerful impact action of the cordless impact driver series.

Makita XDT16Z also has some convenient features that make it ideal. The first feature is a quick-shift mode. This mode uses the electronic controls of the motor to find, match, and make the levels of torque and speed suitable for every different task.

This feature enables the user to have more fastening options. The second feature is the two tightening modes. These modes help with the faster tightening of screws into the material.

The third feature is an assist mode. This mode uses reverse rotation to stop the impact driver immediately to prevent any kind of damage to the workpiece.

One of the main things that users want in an impact driver is a good quality battery so they can spend more time working.

Thus, Makita has also won this race by providing the XDT16Z as the best battery-powered impact driver. It comes with the best LXT 18V batteries that have the fastest charging time in its series.

Thus, you will not have to spend time waiting for the battery to get charged.

Moreover, for enhanced battery life, these batteries come with star protection to provide a proper monetization of battery performance. In this way, battery life is conserved.

Thus, you will not have to worry about any type of overuse of battery.

This impact driver has dimensions of about 3.43 x 8.23 x 6.46 inches and weighs 3.4 lbs. The front of this impact driver is quite compact, but the weight is moderate.

However, it is still a good purchase. Some additional specifications that this impact driver contains include built-in double LED lights, an ergonomic grip for improved handling, and an aluminum casing. Moreover, it also has a one-touch speed selector that is located just under the chuck for added convenience.

Read the detailed review of the Makita XDT16Z Review here.

Makita CT232
Makita CT232 (Image credit: Amazon)

Makita CT232 12V MAX CXT

Best Makita Impact driver Combo kit


The best cordless driver for elderly.

Powerful and lightweight construction.

No chock needed-twist to open or close the tool.


12-Volts are not ideal for commercial uses.

The Makita CT232 Combo Kit contains one ¼ inch CT232 impact driver, one FD09Z impact drill, two 12V CXT lithium-ion 1.5 Ah batteries, and a tool bag.

These tools cover all the mechanical work by providing efficient driving, drilling, and fastening tasks. As a result, it is the best Makita impact driver combo kit.

The CT232 impact driver possesses a solid motor that runs at only 12V but provides the same maximum power of 350 watts as other impact drivers provide.

Moreover, it creates a good impact action of 3500 IPM, which is again quite impressive. Furthermore, it has a variable speed option, so users can easily shift from low to high speed depending upon the type of job. The variable speed has values that vary between 0 to 2600 RPM.

Besides providing high speed and power, the maximum torque that this impact driver produces is about 970 in-lbs.

Thus, torque is moderate and less than the maximum torque values that other impact drivers in its series provide. But it is still useful in many applications that require moderate torque.

This impact driver requires one 1.5 Ah 12V CXT slide-style lithium-ion battery. These CXT batteries are equipped with a protection circuit to prevent any over-functioning.

Moreover, these batteries are quite good and provide a perfect balance and ergonomics over pod-style batteries. However, if you want a longer run time, you can use 4.0 Ah, 12V max CXT lithium-ion batteries.

The dimensions of this impact driver are as follows: 10.95 x 16.46 x 5.98 inches. This means that its front is about 6 inches long, while its weight is 2.3 lbs.

Thus, you will get an ultra-compact structure. Moreover, you can work for hours without getting fatigued.

The useful accessories that this impact driver comprises include LED lights, a smooth and comfortable grip handle, and ¼ inch hex chuck that accepts 10 mm bits.

Makita XDT131(Image credit: Amazon)

Makita XDT131 Cordless Impact Driver

Best Makita Cordless Impact driver for Professionals


Weighs only 3.3 lbs. with a battery.

Battery has a built-in sensor so you can easily check its status.

Comes with a belt clip.

Brushless powerful motor.


Power is a bit limited in reverse.

The Makita XDT131 brushless impact driver is an ideal machine that delivers maximum power while requiring minimal maintenance.

It comprises a high-end brushless motor that delivers high power and speed. Moreover, it also provides a high runtime and capacity.

The most powerful impact that it creates is 3600 IPM. While the maximum power at which it works is 350 watts.

Furthermore, the variable speed feature is something that makes the XDT131 an all-rounder. That’s the reason that makes it the best Makita cordless impact driver for professionals.

It provides variable speed options that range from low to medium to high. So that you can use different speeds for different tasks. The variable speed varies from 0 to 3400 RPM.

With variable speed, this brushless motor also offers high torque for working. The highest torque that it provides is 1,500 in-lbs. This high torque is the result of excellent brushless technology.

Thus, you can drive screws with it, drill holes, drive lag screws, and tighten nuts onto carriage bolts.

Being a cordless impact driver, the XDT131 is operated on batteries. It requires 18V LXT 3.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries have extra runtime and a more efficient working capability. Moreover, to deliver maximum efficiency, it provides a 50% longer run time.

Another feature that makes this impact driver everyone’s favorite is its handy design. It weighs only 3.3 lbs. Moreover, despite its cordless structure, its battery is so lightweight.

The dimensions of this driver are as follows: 10.16 x 15.08 x 6.06 inches. This, 5-inch front makes it a compact impact driver. Because it is small, it is ideal for screwing bolts and nuts in tight spaces that other impact drivers cannot reach.

The overprotective aluminum casing prevents the impact driver from overheating and makes it more durable. While the halo LED lights ring, they brighten up the working space and provide greater visibility.

Another useful feature is the ergonomically designed rubberized grip handles. This handle provides smooth control and convenient handling. Moreover, it accepts 10mm bits while having a ¼ inch hex chuck. Read the complete review.

Makita XDT13Z
Makita XDT13Z (Image credit: Amazon)

Makita XDT13Z 18V LXT

Best 18V Makita Impact driver for DIYers


1/4″ hex chuck for smooth bit changes.

Ratchet action along with Torx-type head avoids slippage.

Absolutely manageable in extended reaches.


Forward/reverse switch is not placed ideally.

Makita XDT13Z is the best 18V Makita impact driver for DIYers. It comes with some improved and powerful features that help in doing a wide variety of applications and make DIY usage easy.

The first thing that makes it perfect for DIY use is its brushless motor technology. Makita, on the other hand, has added specifications on brushless motor technology. This impact driver has an electronically controlled brushless motor.

By eliminating carbon brushes, this motor creates a powerful impact action of 3,600 IPM, which helps in doing all DIY chores easily.

Besides the impact action, this impact driver also provides a variable speed option. This variable speed ranges from 0 to 3400 RPM.

Moreover, the brushless motor creates a maximum torque of 1,500 inch-pound, which is one of the highest torques in its series.

Moreover, the electronic control in the motor of this impact driver matches the level of both torque and RPM to provide the user with the best levels according to the changing demands of driving and drilling.

This impact driver needs an 18V LXT lithium-ion battery. These batteries are equipped with star protection.

Star protection provides computer controls for monitoring the battery life to avoid any type of over-functioning, including overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

Another improvement that this electronically controlled motor provides is optimizing battery usage. This helps increase the battery life by enabling the impact driver to run cooler and more efficiently. As a result, the battery will provide 50% more run time energy.

The dimensions of this impact driver are 3.5 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches. Thus, it has a front of approximately 5 inches which makes it compatible with working in tight spaces. Moreover, its weight is 3.3 lbs which are also good for DIY use.

Apart from all these features, it also has some good accessories that make it more suitable for DIY use. It has dual LED lights for illuminating your work area, so you can easily work in dark areas.

Moreover, to improve ergonomics and provide the user with more comfortable handling, it has rubberized grip handles.

Furthermore, it has a ¼ inch hex chuck for one-touch bit changes. Other features that make it durable include an aluminum gear casing to prevent heat transfer while working. Read the complete review here.

Makita 6952 Impact Driver
Makita 6952 Impact Driver (image credit: Amazon)

Makita 6952 Corded Impact Driver

Best Makita Corded Impact driver


Reverse switch ensures single-hand operation.

The grip is super comfortable and switches are located ergonomically.

The cord’s length is generous.

Ideal to use for TEK screws.


Not suitable for metal sheets.

Since cordless impact drivers are becoming more popular these days, the value of corded impact drivers has decreased. However, many corded impact drivers on the market offer very good features and specifications. The Makita 6952 impact driver is one of them.

It comprises a motor with carbon brushes. Many people think that they will get less speed and torque in corded impact drivers.

However, this is not the case with Makita 6952 impact drivers. Its motor runs at the rate of 2.8 AMP and 230 volts and provides a maximum power of 350 watts, which is the same maximum level of power that many cordless impact drivers offer. Thus, all these factors make the Makita 6952 the best Makita corded impact driver.

Being an electrically powered impact driver, you don’t have to wait to charge the batteries. Thus, you can spend hours working without stopping.

Another feature that makes this corded impact driver stand out from the crowd of cordless impact drivers is its high impact action of 3100 IPM which is higher than many cordless tools.

Moreover, the speed and torque levels of this impact driver are 3,200 RPM and 1,062 in-lbs. Although the value of speed is moderate, it still produces a higher level of torque than many other cordless impact drivers.

The dimensions that this impact driver has are 9.02 x 0.04 x 7.09 inches. This means that it has a front of 9 inches, which is quite large, but it still has a very lightweight weight of 2.9 lbs, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of horizontal and vertical applications.

Furthermore, to make this impact driver run smoothly and to prevent any type of frictional heat, Makita has used a gear housing made of aluminum. This makes this impact driver a durable and long-lasting tool.

Plus, it also comprises some useful accessories. The accessories are a variable speed trigger for providing maximum control, ¼ inch hex chuck for changing the bits quickly, smooth, and comfortable handle for improved ergonomics.

Moreover, to prevent any kind of malfunction, it comes with a reverse switch. The reverse switch is located just under the power trigger to make one-handed working easier.

Thus, all these features make it perfect for deck building, HVAC installation, and electrical and plumbing jobs.

Shopping Guide for the Best Makita Impact driver

To make sure that you are selecting the right Makita impact driver according to your needs, We are listing some of the factors that you should check out and compare those factors among the impact drivers before buying:

Power: Makita impact drivers are some of the most powerful impact drivers on the market. All of them offer more power than each other.

If you want to do a job that requires a lot of power, then you should choose the one with the highest power. If you want to do a less powerful job, get yourself a moderate power level impact driver.

Torque: When it comes to comparing the torque level of impact drivers, the same thing applies here as it did when comparing power.

So, if you are going to do a heavy-duty job, choose an impact driver with high torque and vice versa.

Battery: Makita impact drivers comprise LXT batteries that provide the highest run time in their series. These batteries also contain star protection for added control.

This protection prevents the batteries from overheating and overloading while working or charging. However, if you don’t want a battery-powered impact driver, you can choose a corded Makita impact driver.

LED Lights: LED lights are one of the most useful items in Makita impact drivers. Almost all of them contain LED lights, so you don’t have to choose between different tools while searching for them.

Ergonomics: While working, many users get their arms fatigued because of intense handling. However, Makita impact drivers comprise ergonomically designed grip handles that are made of rubber material. Thus, you will get added control and comfort.

Size and weight: Makita impact drivers are available in different sizes and weights. To get the perfect one, you should compare the size and weight of the impact driver to the working space.

If you are working in tight spaces, you should get an impact driver that is as compact and lightweight as possible.

However, if you are working in an open area, then you can get anyone as these features do not bother those in the open area working.

Price Ranges: Makita impact drivers are all worth buying. They range from $84 to $300. Many high-performance impact drivers in Makita are inexpensive.

But still, if you have a high budget, you can buy an expensive impact driver.

Useful accessories: Makita accessories include batteries, chargers, and bits. You can buy them separately if you want a separate part for your pack.

Is the Makita 18V impact driver better than the DeWalt 20V impact driver?

Yes, the Makita 18V impact driver is better than the DeWalt 20V impact driver. Although, the voltage at which both these impact drivers work is nearly the same, the Makita impact driver still has some of the best features and specifications that make it better than the DeWalt impact driver.

Which is the Fastest Makita Impact driver?

The Makita XDT16Z is the fastest Makita impact driver. Its motor creates the most powerful impact action of about 3800 IPM which is the highest in its series.

Moreover, the value of its torque and speed is 1600 in-lbs and 3600 RPM which is also the highest level of torque and speed.

How do I prevent bits from falling out of my Makita impact driver?

To prevent the bits from falling out of your Makita impact driver, you have to make sure that the bits are firmly locked or secured into the hex chuck.

For locking the impact driver bit simply insert it into the hex chuck and start tightening it with your hands until you start hearing clicking sounds. Now, start rotating the bit in the opposite direction until you hear a clicking sound, and that’s it.


The cordless and corded tools that we have reviewed here are the best Makita impact drivers on the market.

We have provided a detailed review of each feature of the impact driver to make your buying decision easier. We hope that you will get the top impact machine of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the top-performing Makita impact driver?

With its 3800 IPM strongest impact action, 3600 RPM variable speed, and 1600 inch-pound torque, the Makita XDT16Z is the best-performing and most powerful Makita impact driver

Which company makes the best impact driver Milwaukee or Makita?

When it comes to making reliable and powerful tools, both Milwaukee and Makita are good. But Milwaukee provides some of the best, most reliable, and high-performance impact drivers on a high budget. If you are on a tight budget, you can still go with Makita impact drivers because they have some of the most affordable tools.

Will my existing Makita batteries fit one of the impact drivers above?

To see if your existing Makita batteries fit one of the impact drivers above, you have to check which Makita battery you have.

If it’s one of the LXT lithium-ion batteries, then it might fit into one of the Makita impact drivers above, but it isn’t an LXT battery, so we will recommend buying a new compatible battery.

Will non-Makita drill and screwdriver bits fit the products above?

No, I don’t think that non-Makita drill and screwdriver bits fit any of the Makita products above. Every drill and screwdriver has a different kind of chuck shape and size. Furthermore, it is determined by the chuck and the number of bits it accepts. If any of these factors do not match, it will result in a series of disasters. So, we will not recommend using any company’s tool bits with another type of company’s tools.

What is special about brushless impact drivers?

The Brushless impact driver contains an advanced type of brushless motor that uses a computer-like control to run the device rather than the physical transfer of energy in brushed motors. Thus, this brushless technology has maximized efficiency and minimized heat loss. Brushless impact drivers also face less frictional heat buildup. Therefore, these efficient impact drivers work cooler. Moreover, they consume less battery power while working. Thus, they provide more run time for the battery.

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