Ryobi vs Ridgid Review- Which Brand To Go For?

Ryobi vs Ridgid Review- Which Brand To Go For?

Suppose you are a construction worker, a mechanical engineer, or you love doing your housework and DIY activities. In that case, you may find yourself stuck between various top-notch power tool companies like Ryobi vs Ridgid.

The market has hundreds of tool companies producing a wide range of products. However, there are a few companies that meet customer standards, Amongst them, are Ryobi and Ridgid.

Do you want to know which one of these power brands is most suitable for your domestic projects or industrial work? Well, we have combined a detailed guide to drawing a comparison between the two. It doesn’t end here; we also have provided a handful of tool suggestions that might be useful for you. Henceforth, keep reading! You may find answers to your questions below.

Ryobi vs Ridgid Comparison

Though both Ryobi and Ridgid are perfect, the main difference between Ryobi vs Ridgid is their performance and productivity. Ridgid tools like an Impact wrench, Impact driver, and saws provide more ease and performance than its competitor Ryobi. Moreover, it is recommended for both commercial and domestic use.

Ryobi vs Ridgid – History and Overview

Before jumping into further details about both tool brands, Ryobi vs Ridgid 2022, let’s consider how the two companies came into existence.

Ridgid: The Ridgid power tool company came into being in 1923. Initially, their factory plant was in North Ridgeville, Ohio. Later, It was relocated to Elyria, Ohio. Later on, in 1966, it became a subsidiary of Emerson Electrics.

Ridgid is known for its pipe wrenches, but they also manufacture Ridgid hand tools for plumbing, pipe fitting, and construction.

Ryobi: Founded in 1943, Ryobi was originally named Ryobi Selsakusho. Co Ltd. Though they started by selling a die-cast product; they later started producing offset printed presses. However, it was 1968 when Ryobi got into tool making and began manufacturing power tools.

By this time, it was listed on the Tokyo stock exchange and became quite popular in this industry. Today, Ryobi has twelve manufacturing facilities located in six different countries. But if you’re thinking about who makes the Ryobi tools, the answer is Techtronic industries.

Specialty of Ridgid Tools 

Ridgid Power Tools
Ridgid Power Tools

Although Ridgid does not release a new range of tools as often as its competitors, However, a Ryobi combo kit has special features. These features make the company a good choice for commercial or domestic usage. If you are thinking about what these features are, here are a few of them that will help you determine how good Ridgid tools are:

Unique functionality: Ridgid has a few but impressive specifications in their tools which makes them different from the tools of Ryobi and that of other competitors such as Milwaukee.

Whether it is their 5-inch random orbit sander or a pro toolbox, all of the Ridgid’s tools are nicely designed to offer durability as well as utility along with easy usage.

Robust Structure: Ridgid’s tools are made with durable materials and are designed to make them extremely durable. No matter how long you use them, they will not get damaged or broken. This is especially true for woodworking tools.

Cost-efficient: Ridgid offers top-notch power tools at economical prices that are affordable for professionals, beginners, and hobbyists.

Specialty of Ryobi Tools 

Ryobi Power tools
Ryobi Power Tools

Knowing how long Ryobi has been operating in the market may make you wonder what’s so special about their tools. Well, they have several specialties which have made them popular over the years. Are you interested in knowing how good Ryobi tools are? Well, here are the strengths of Ryobi line tools.

Extreme Portability: If you are working commercially or domestically, you would want to leave the surroundings clean, e.g., carpets, wouldn’t you? Therefore, it is pertinent to have tools that are cordless drills and lightweight like Ryobi’s.

Ryobi’s tools are cordless and can also fit into small spaces due to their convenient size.

Durable Battery: Isn’t it convenient to have a single battery for all of your tool kits? Yes, this is very much possible.

Ryobi batteries can work for a long time and can be placed in an overwhelmingly large number of Ryobi’s tools. Ryobi’s brushless tools are also very prevalent in the market.

Economical: Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, you will find Ryobi’s tools very much under your budget. This is because they put sales more often than their competitors and these sales can help you save up to 60%!

Ridgid Product Line 

As we mentioned earlier, Ridgid has a small product portfolio, but its products are extremely useful for commercial or domestic usage. In case you want to know what Ridgid has in store for you, we have given a list of their products below:

18V Cordless Power Tools 

Ridgid’s 18V cordless tools are designed to meet the customers’ standards and withstand immense force and pressure. With durability and portability hand-in-hand, 18V tools can be a good choice for framing, finishing, and other household or commercial works.

18V tools’ range includes some of the following tools:

  • Brushless ½ in. Drill 
  • Brushless ½ in.Hammer 
  • Brushless ¼ in. impact driver 
  • Brushless 3-speed ¼ in. impact driver 
  • Brushless 7-¼ dual bevel sliding 

Ridgid Corded Power Tools 

If you are comfortable using tools wired to one place, Ridgid’s corded tools are a really good option in terms of durability and performance. Whether you are drilling, sanding, or cutting, Ridgid’s corded power tools will perform persistently.

Their corded power tool range includes: 

  • Drills 
  • Saws 
  • Power inverters 

Compressor and Nailers

With built-in fasten edge and MobileAir technology, Ridgid’s compressors and Nailers are innovatively designed to provide a firm grip and work as silently as possible.

Bench and Stationary Tools 

Ridgid’s benchtop and stationary tools are an excellent addition to your Jobsite. They offer not only relentless power but also have special features which make the process a lot easier. Some of the stationary tools include table and miter saws.

Ryobi Product Line 

Since we had a look at Ridgid’s product line, it’s about time we should consider Ryobi’s rather diverse range of products. Here’s what they have for you:

Power Tools 

Ryobi’s power tools are designed to encourage innovation and are extremely easy to use. Ryobi’s power tools are always a good option, whether you want to use them for DIY activities or at a construction site.

Some of the tools from their range is listed below: 

  • Impact wrenches 
  • Impact drivers 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Drill presses
  • Hammer drills 
  • Rotary hammers 
  • Glue guns 
  • Rotary tools 

Outdoor Power Equipment 

For DIY enthusiasts and domestic workers, Ryobi’s outdoor power equipment can prove to be bliss. From gardening to mowing and snow blowing, you can do it all with Ryobi’s outdoor power equipment.

These tools include: 

  • Snowblower
  • Crosscut self-propelled Mower kit 
  • Dethatcher/Aerator kit 
  • Brushless chainsaw kit 

Lighting and Recreational Products 

Aside from construction, repairing, DIY activities, and household work, Ryobi has also got you covered when it comes to entertainment. They do not only provide a range of different lighting options, but they also have an audio system.

Cleaning Equipment 

Their products’ utility doesn’t end at entertainment only; Ryobi has also come up with a range of different products that can help you keep your Jobsite or house neat and clean. This equipment is extremely efficient in leaving no area uncleaned.


Do you have a range of tools that you find hard to store? Well, Ryobi has got your back. They offer a limited but useful range of products. These products can help in storing small as well as large tools easily.

Ridgid vs Ryobi: Who offers a Better Warranty?

Aside from the tangible features of tools made by either of the companies, intangible features may also matter, such as the warranty. While both the brands are offering decent warranties, one is visibly superior to the other, and here’s how:

Ridgid does not only provide a three-year limited warranty but also offers a Limited-Service Agreement (LSA). This agreement makes you eligible for free service, free parts, and free ridgid batteries for life.

However, there is a condition. You need to register the tool within ninety days of purchase.

LSA covers a range of tools, including corded tools, cordless tools, and pneumatics.

On the other hand, Ryobi offers a standard three-year limited warranty along with a 90-day exchange policy. You need to present proof of purchase to an authorized service center before returning the product.

Though both the brands offer good warranties, Ridgid’s LSA gives it an upper hand over Ryobi.

My Personal Experience with Ridgid and Ryobi 

Being an electrical engineer and a hobbyist, I have worked with various tools coming from several renowned companies such as Ridgid and Ryobi.

Whether you want tools for woodwork, repair, and maintenance of manufacturing and other DIY activities, both companies have a good range of various tools to offer. Ridgid vs Ryobi are close competitors, but one outpowers the other for me when it comes to my professional work.

Yes, you may have guessed it right! It is none other than Ridgid. From their drills to saws and drivers, Ridgid has tools that meet the professional-grade level. At the Jobsite, I always grab one of Ridgid’s tools and get the job done in a flash.

For the housework and my DIY hobby, however, I prefer working with Ryobi’s tools as they are easy to handle and help me keep the environment clean during and after work.

To sum up, if you are a beginner who wants to pursue your interest in DIY activities or do their house’s repair and maintenance, I recommend you go for Ryobi. On the contrary, I suggest you use Ridgid’s tools if you are a professional working in the industry.

Ridgid vs Ryobi Tools Recommendation

Since Ridgid or Ryobi offer a range of tools, it may be difficult to determine who has the absolute advantage over the other. Therefore, here’s a detailed comparison to determine which brand is suitable for which tool:

Ridgid vs Ryobi Drill 

Whether it is a large-scale project or small-scale housework, having a drill in your kit always helps. Are you finding the drill most suitable for your type of work? Well, let’s compare to find out.

 Ridgid Fuego R86008  Ryobi P252
Ridgid Fuego R86008Ryobi P252
FeaturesCompact design
Firm grip
Detachable handle
LED lighting
Textured grip
Comfortable to use
Excellent visibility via LED lights
Speed adjustability
Check Price Check Price

Verdict: Ridgid Fuego and Ryobi P252 are equals on all levels but one. Though both are battery-powered and same voltage, Ryobi P252 is certainly faster than Ridgid Fuego R86008. This is because Ryobi’s speed drill has 1800 revolutions per minute, and Ridgid’s speed drill has 1650 revolutions per minute. If you want to get the work done in a blink of an eye, go with Ryobi P252!

Ridgid vs Ryobi Table Saw

A saw is an integral part of wood, metal, or stone cutting. You cannot cut through such materials without a saw! However, it is also important to have the right saw in your tool kit, which can help you driver blades any material invincibly. Read below to discover which brand is most suitable for saws.

 Ridgid R4513 RYOBI RTS12  
Ridgid R4513 tablesawRYOBI RTS12 Tablesaw
FeaturesExtremely portable
Heavy duty
Highly durable
Easy-to-use onboard
Lightweight design
Robust structure
Easy transport
Integrated storage
Check PriceCheck Price

Verdict: Here, we have an absolute winner, and there are solid reasons for that. Ridgid’s table saw is far more stable than Ryobi’s when on the move. Moreover, the storage area for tools in Ridgid’s is superior to that of Ryobi

Ridgid vs Ryobi Brad Nailer

Being a smaller form of a finish Nailer, Brad Nailer is extremely useful for attaching trims and moldings. It can be even more productive if taken from the right brand.

 Ridgid HyperDriv Ryobi Airstrike P320  
Ridgid Hyperdrive Brad NailerRyobi P320 Airstrike
FeaturesPower adjustability
Relentlessly powerful
Comfortable grip
Extremely durable
Suitable design
Heavy duty
Depth-of-drive adjustment
Airstrike technology
Check Price Check Price

Verdict: While both the brad Nailers have their advantages and disadvantages, Ridgid hyperdrives perform way better than Ryobi Airstrike p320 overall. Ridgid Hyperdrive can insert up to 2000 nails per minute, whereas Ryobi can go up to 1700 nails per minute.

Ridgid vs Ryobi Impact Wrench

Commonly found in a mechanic’s tool kit, impact wrenches are used for slackening vehicle lug nuts and high torque output.

 Ridgid R86011B  Ryobi R18IW3  
Ridgid R86011BRyobi R18IW3
FeaturesSpeed adjustability
Durable battery
Easy to handle
LED lighting
Vibration cancellation
Comfortable grip
Check Price Check Price

Verdict: Again, Ridgid has won against Ryobi. Ridgid R86118 has a 450-foot pounds torque that can easily tackle tough nuts compared to Ryobi, which has a torque weighing 95-foot pounds only.

Ridgid vs Ryobi Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a must-have tool for sharpening, drilling, smoothing, polishing, grinding, and cleaning services. Nonetheless, it can prove to be more useful if taken from a reliable brand.

 Ryobi P423  Ridgid 18-Volt OCTANE
Ryobi P423Ridgid 18-Volt OCTANE Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder
  FeaturesAdjustable handle
Excellent grip
Lightweight design
Tool-free guard adjustment
Lock-off protection
Excellent portability
3-LED light ring
One-hand bit injection/ejection
Check Price Check Price

Verdict: An angle grinder is a must-have tool for sharpening, drilling, smoothing, polishing, grinding, and cleaning services.

Nonetheless, it can prove to be more useful if taken from a reliable brand. Ryobi is much more reasonably priced. What’s better than having a fast-angle grinder at an affordable price. 

Ryobi Vs. Ridgid: Which brand is better, and Who wins this battle?

When it comes to whether Ryobi is better than Ridgid, it’s a little hard to decide. Nevertheless, we may have a clear winner here. It is Ridgid!

From their impact wrenches to tables saws, Ridgid’s every tool is made to offer comfort and ease along with excellent performance and productivity. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of usage, be it commercial or domestic.

Final thoughts 

Conclusively, during Ryobi vs Ridgid comparison, Ridgid may have won in the ultimate faceoff, but Ryobi is not that bad either. As mentioned earlier, Ryobi’s tools and equipment are suitable for beginners and hobbyists as they are priced reasonably and do not require any extra effort.

On the other hand, Ridgid is made to aid professionals, e.g., commercial workers, industrial workers, electrical and mechanical engineers, etc.

Bahram Shahab
Bahram here! A certified Electrical Engineer who knows his way around using power tools like a professional. My journey of using these robust tools started back when I graduated. Since then, I have finished almost a dozen DIY woodworking jobs. Apart from that, I have developed this habit of jotting down my personal experience about using a specific tool. So, I write on them to help the community in the best possible way.