Dewalt DCF885 Review 20V Max Impact Driver

Dewalt DCF885 Review 20V Max Impact Driver

Dewalt DCF885 1/4″ Impact Driver is an incredible driver which is famous for its high performance and battery life. We have assessed, evaluated, and reviewed the good and bad features of this DeWalt 20V MAX Impact driver.

We know what type of characteristics you require for your projects, and we took them all into account while writing the Cordless Dewalt 20V Max Impact Driver DCF885 Review.

DeWalt is specifically known for its high focus on innovation and technology. Its power tools give incredibly high performance. So, all of their products are highly recommended by professionals. You can choose any product which works best for you and your job. It has a wide range of corded and cordless impact drivers. Moreover, you can also select between brushless motors or brushed motors. Both of them are equally excellent in their jobs.

Dewalt DCF 885 Impact Driver
Dewalt DCF885 Impact Driver


Brand Name DeWalt | DeviceDCF885 Impact Driver | Motor Brushed | Variants Available DCF885B, DCF885C1, DCF885C2, DCF885M2, DCF885L1 | Power 300 Watts | Speed Range 0-3200 IPM | Torque 1400 ft-lbs | Length 5.5 inches|


Good enough for lug bolts at 80ft-lb.

Worth the price.

Best impact action mechanism motor.

Solid build and adequate power.

Comfortable rubber grip.


Needs large capacity batteries.

No holder for a bit.

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For years till now, DeWalt has introduced a good number of power tools. All of these machines come in improved quality one after the other. So, we can say that they are improving and providing us with outstanding devices day by day.

Now, Let’s go to the main topic of our review, i.e., Dewalt DCF885 review. This piece is a fantastic impact driver used for productively navigating large screws and heavy bolts into their places. Moreover, it also effectively fastens steel screw anchors into the blocks. Furthermore, it also aids in driving metal studs. You can also use it for drilling holes. Thus, it can perform any fastening function that requires high power and speed.

Features of Dewalt DCF885

DeWalt DCF885 comes with all new and improved qualities of its ancestral Dewalt cordless tools. With high-quality performance and reliability, its improved power and battery life have become popular among professionals. Due to its short length of about 5.55 inches and lightweight of 2.8 pounds, it is a handy and compact impact driver.

Apart from its weight, it comprises an incredibly fast motor. This motor comes with all the features that are needed to produce enormous power. It can produce a speed of around 2800 to 3200 RPM with a power of a maximum of  300 watts. The torque that it generates is a maximum of 1400 lbs. This model has lithium batteries that stay long and help you to work for hours without stopping.

It also comprises high-grade LED lights that provide superior optic vision so you can see the small areas without shadows. These LED lights are 3 in number and blink every 20 seconds when you press the trigger. It comprises ¼ Hex Chuck for accessory connection. The ¼ Hex Chuck accepts up to 1-inch bit tips for holding them. Apart from its design, it comes with an attractive color scheme that quickly draws attention.

If you are experiencing any problems with drilling and driving screws, Dewalt DCF885B is an effective solution. Check this out:

Design of Dewalt DCF885

The design of DeWalt DCF885 comprises a brushed motor, Hex chuck, and a handle. Both of these structures give their design something more than other impact drivers. First of all, the cordless system of this driver protects the users from the hustle of handling wires and finding sockets for work.

Then comes the device’s handle, which is so comfortable to hold that the user can easily do hours of work without having any ache. Furthermore, the Hex Chuck of this device is more prolonged than others, which provides the bit to be held firmly. Overall, the design of this machine is so good that it performs a large number of applications effectively.

Apart from the compact design of DCF 885, its motor is a little stubbier than the other brushed motors. This stubbiness is probably because of the aluminum casing.

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Power of Dewalt DCF885

The bad boy is well known for its incredible power. It runs at a maximum power of 300 Watt at 20V and provides the user with such enormous speed that it can drive and fasten holes efficiently. Its motor comes with a bump that comprises up to 70 in-lbs. So that it produces a high-end torque of 1400 in-lbs. Thus, it is one of the best power ranges generated by the brushed motors of this series.

The power of this device is very high, yet it is not as good as its price. But it is still the best Dewalt Impact Driver for professional and home use. Undoubtedly, its power is more significant than other ancestors, yet you can find a better one at its price in the market.

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The durability of Dewalt DCF885

DCF885 Dewalt impact driver is a durable driver. Every part of this device is so solid that it can work hard for years without getting affected. It comprises all-metal gearing, so it is rust-resistant and water-proof. Thus, its life increases.

Moreover, the motor comprises aluminum housing which reduces heat dispersion and helps the motor to last long. Apart from this, it comes with a warranty of about 3 years. Thus, users can do hours of efficient work for years.

It is durable and you have to buy separate batteries to make it work.

– Powerful Brushed Motor

This machine comprises a powerful brushed motor. The main thing that makes this motor powerful is its small size. The mechanical engineer has used its small size to generate more power. It comprises windings that are less than an inch long. The small size enables them to use 4 magnets around the stator of the motor.

Moreover, the brushes come as a part of a module that you can easily detach. These are mounted in a holder comprising a coil spring. This coil spring rotates the brush and puts pressure on it. So, we can say that these coils are the tools that provide tremendous pressure for giving it high power.

– Variable Speed Features

The variable speed feature in DeWalt DCF885 helps the user work effectively at their own pace. It also helps them in more excellent management. The variable speed ranges from 0 to 3200 IPM. Thus, the user can work at a wide range of speeds. For beginners or homeowners, slow speed is usually best, while high-speed working is good for professionals.

Moreover, different speed is used to perform different type of work. Such as fixing bolts on a desk requires less speed, while fastening bolts on concrete requires high speed. Both of them can be accomplished using this high-quality impact driver.

– Torque

As mentioned earlier, a coil spring puts pressure on the brush, this brush rotates other rotatory parts of the motor. The main and essential thing that distinguishes an impact driver from an ordinary driller is the way the shaft of the motor rotates to produce torque and work.

In a drill, there is a simple rotating mechanism. However, a combination of clockwise and anti-clockwise movements rotates the shaft to produce torque in an impact driver. These movements occur more than 30 to 40 times in a minute. And it is called impact action. Thus, the high torque of up to 1400 lbs. is because of this feature of the device.

– Battery

The DeWalt DCF885 batteries are the highest quality lithium-ion batteries. It has a high capacity, so they charge much faster than others. Moreover, they last longer than other batteries and they are affordable as well. These are specifically famous for their high-battery life. So, this feature makes it prominent among its ancestors. These batteries can last up to 5 years. So, they are highly durable. Do not try to use higher-range batteries because they will cause destruction. You can buy the batteries separately. It comprises 1.5 ah batteries.

– Lightweight

Despite the sturdy parts of this impact driver, it is so compact and lightweight. Its total weight is 2.8 lbs with a battery. However, without a battery, it comprises a weight of 2 pounds. The total length of this device is only 5.55 inches. Thus, all these factors make it a lightweight and portable impact driver. The lightweight feature of this impact driver helps the user in working without getting fatigued.

– LED Lights

To improve visibility and enhance performance, a ring of LED lights is fixed just behind the Hex Chuck. These LED lights enable you to do your work even if there is less light. Thus, you can experience superior quality vision through these LED lights. These lights stop every 20 seconds when you work with the impact driver and press the trigger.

Dewalt DCF885 LED Light
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How many functions can a Dewalt DCF885 Impact Driver perform?

DeWalt DCF885 can perform a variety of functions. It is something more than a drill. While using a drill, you fasten holes in the wall. But what if you come across hard or dense materials then drill has limitations. This is where this bad boy can perform its action. It comprises enough power and torque to drill holes in challenging objects or materials.

Moreover, whether you will make a deck, settle plywood, or do something that requires a large number of screws you should surely count on this machine. It will cut off your working time in half and performs the work effectively. Apart from just fastening screws,  This amazing machine is excellent for driving large bolts into hard concrete or metal studs into their places. These actions need a large amount of power and force that can not be provided by an ordinary impact driver.

However, considering its small and compact design, it is pretty good for fixing nuts and bolts into tight-hidden places where other impact drivers or drillers cannot reach.

Different Models Available in the Market

Just like the other impact driver in DeWalt, MAX DCF885 also has a series of models available in the market. Let’s see what each of them is offering:

Dewalt DCF885B

Dewalt DCF885B

The size of this model is 5.5 x 9.37 x 3.9 inches. Works at max 2800 IPM.

Check DCF885B Price

Dewalt DCF885C1

DEWALT DCF885C1 Impact Driver Kit

This variant has a size of 5.55 x 9 x 3 inches. It also comes with a Dewalt DCF885 kit. The kit includes a DCF885 Impact Driver, 20V MAX battery of 1.5 Ah, and a fast charger.

Check DCF885C1 Price

Dewalt DCF885C2

With the measurements of 10.1 x 16 x 4.8 inches. But it still comprises a front of 5.5 inches. Works at max 3200 IPM. It also comes with the impact driver kit. The kit includes:

  1. DCF885 impact driver
  2. Two 20-volt 1.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries.
  3. One 30-minute charger.
  4. One belt hook.
  5. One hard plastic storage and carrying case.
Dewalt DCF885C2 Impact Driver

Check DCF885C2 Price

Dewalt DCF885M2

DCF885M2 has the size of 9.6 x 16 x 4.88 inches. But it still constitutes a front of 5.55 inches. This model also includes a driver kit the driver kit constitutes the following things:

  1. One DCF885 impact driver.
  2. Two 20V MAX XR 4.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries.
  3. One 30-minute charger.
  4. One belt hook.
  5. One hard plastic storage and carrying case.
Dewalt DCF885M2 Impact Driver
Dewalt DCF885M2 Impact Driver

Check DCF885M2 Price

Dewalt DCF885L1

With the L×W×H of ‎5.55 x 3 x 12 inches, it’s still a good model. The driver kit of this model includes:

  1. One DCF885 Impact Driver.
  2. One 20V MAX Battery (3.0 Ah).
  3. One Fast charger.
  4. One Bag.
Dewalt DCF885L1 Impact Driver

Check DCF885L1 Price

Dewalt DCF 885 vs Competitors:

Mobile users
 Dewalt DCF885Porter-Cable 20V Max Black & Decker 20VRyobi 18V One
Dewalt DCF 885 Impact DriverPorter Cable Impact DriverPorter-Cable 20V Impact DriverRyobi One+ 18 Volt Cordless impact driver
Best FeaturePowerful and efficient.Compact and Handy Design.Good Variable Speed from 0 to 3900 IPMAffordable and most powerful machine
DownsidesNeed Separate batteries.Motor Overheating.Don’t work without a charger.Quick-release chuck.
Torque1400 inch pounds1400 inch pounds1375 inch pounds1800 inch pounds
Voltage20 volts.20 volts.20 volts18 volts.
Weight2.8 pounds.2.9 pounds.3.6 Pounds.4.38 pounds.
PriceCheck hereCheck hereCheck hereCheck here

Now, as you have thoroughly read the Dewalt DCF885 review. So, you can easily make a choice about which variant do you need.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dewalt DCF885 a durable tool?

Yes, this tool is highly durable. It is well-known for its reliability. All of its parts work effectively for years. It also comes with a 3-years of warranty.

Is DCF885 suitable for Professionals?

Yes, it is suitable for professionals. It can handle challenging tasks easily with its high power. So, it is suitable for professionals.

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