DeWalt DCD796 vs DeWalt DCD996 – Winner is Revealed!

DeWalt DCD796 vs DeWalt DCD996 – Winner is Revealed!

Cordless hammer drills have been around for a while now. Each year a new model is introduced, which is better than the previous models. But as far as the company Dewalt is considered, people are often seen arguing in the debate: DeWalt DCD796 vs Dewalt DCD996.

Our drill experts are the best ones in their game. But more often than we’d like to admit, they are also seen speaking their minds in this debate. Each one has his views, but the DeWalt DCD796 vs Dewalt DCD996 reviews argument frequently causes the debate party to be torn between the two.

But as far as the buyer is concerned, he is looking for common ground between both the parties so that he can spend his hard-earned money on the best one of the two so that he can do the job he wants to be done with peace of mind.

Keeping this point in view, we analyzed the arguments of both parties and have compiled the essential points here.

So better stick around for a while to see which Dewalt cordless drill between the two is best for you.

DeWalt DCD796 vs Dewalt DCD996. What Is In The Box?

First, we will look at the contents of the boxes in which these powerful drills come.

DeWalt DCD796

The box contents of the kit this drill comes with are:

DeWalt DCD796
  • DCD796 Cordless Drills
  • XR Li-Ion battery
  • DCB112 Charger
  • Toolbox

Dewalt DCD996

The box contents of the kit this drill comes in are:

  • DCD996 – 20V MAX* XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Premium 3-Speed Hammer drill.
  • DCB205 – 20V MAX* XR High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries (5.0Ah)
  • Charger
  • Belt Hook
  • 360° side handle
  • Kitbox

DeWalt DCD796 Review:

DCD796D2 drill kit

In the next step, we gave the tools into the hands of our professionals, who subjected them to a whole array of tests to determine the best one between the two. Here’s what our research on this matter found about the Dewalt DCD796.

This beast is undoubtedly among the best ones in their game. It combines a compact design and an elegant look with a powerful drill to give some of the best results seen with cordless drills.

Some of the most outstanding features of this all-rounder drill are:

All-Metal Transmission:

When it comes to transmissions, the DCD796 takes no chances. The all-metal transmission helps with the machine’s longevity and increases the run time so the tool can have a longer life. And when it comes to the longer lives of the tools, we are certainly happy to see them live.

Brushless Motor:

The brushless motor used in the DcD796 gives a better run time of about 57% than other brushed motors. This percentage is paramount when we want to use the tool for more extended periods.

Speed Control Options:

The DCD796 also comes with variable speed control options. The availability of these controls makes it fit for use according to different needs. The two best ones amongst these options which our experts liked during the tests were 0-550 rpm and 0-2000 rpm. These options are sure to get the job done no matter the work requirements

Voltage and Max Torque:

The DCD796 works under the 18V voltage and can reach maximum torques of about 70Nm in the first gear and 27Nm in the second gear.

Drilling capacity:

Based on the drilling surfaces, the DCD796 has different drilling capacities:

  • Steel: 13mm
  • Masonry: 13mm
  • Wood: 40mm


The DCD796 weighs about 8 lbs, which is much better than the other available alternatives. The small weight makes it easy to carry the drill around in our gearboxes and use it without putting much strain on our hands.

LED Flashlights:

The DCD796 came with a 3-mode LED flashlight to improve vision and work in dark and confined spaces.

Multiple Applications:

One of the best features of good cordless drills is their all-around performance and ability to be used for various applications. This is where the Dewalt DCD796 fits right in. Its multiple drill driver and hammer features suit it best for different uses, be it drilling nails into soft or rigid surfaces.


The Dewalt D796 brushless drill kit comes within the price range of $200-$300, depending on the package chosen and the region.


Although most users found the drill to be perfect for their needs, some customers were also seen complaining. One of the major complaints was that the warranty provided with the drill is not good enough to claim whenever the drill breaks or stops working.

One customer we talked to told us that they had sent a broken drill to the company to repair a factory defect, and they asked for a reasonable sum of money for it to be repaired, even when it was under warranty. The customer had to get the drill back and fix it on his own, not to mention the void warranty this procedure caused.

This complaint is sure to change the mind of some customers, but in most other cases, the warranty worked just fine and covered every factory defect that arose after purchase.

Dewalt DCD996 Review:

DCD996P2 drill kit
DCD996P2 drill kit

Our experts also tested the DCD996, the other cousin of the DCD796, without any bias. They analysed the build quality, the design, compatibility, and many other features to determine the best ones.

Here are some of the features of the DCD996 that stood out:

Speed Modes:

The Dewalt DCD996 comes with three different modes to work with. These modes vary according to their use and speed settings.

  • Drill mode: 0-2000rpm
  • Hammerdrill mode: 0-2250 rpm
  • Fast drilling: 0-38,250 rpm

The last fast drilling mode speeds up to 38,250 rpm indeed blew the minds of our experts when they were testing them. With speed such as this, you can get the job done faster than the flash.

Voltage and Torque:

The DCD996 battery has a voltage of 20V and an energy charge of 5.0Ah. The maximum hard torque gained by this drill was about 95Nm.

Drilling capacity:

It has a slightly better drilling capacity than the DCD796:

Wood: 55mm

Metal: 15mm

Masonry: 13mm


The DCD996 weighs about 11 lbs. Although this is slightly greater than the DCD796, the extra weight is justified by looking at the powerful motor, which can provide better speed and torque options than its competitor.

Ergonomic design:

The DCD996 has a better ergonomic design than the DCD796. The metal chuck comes with carbide inserts for better gripping strengths. This makes it a convenient tool for use for more extended periods.

LED Flashlights:

The DCD996 also came with a 3-mode LED flashlight, allowing better work output in dark spaces.


The Dewalt DCD996 kit comes within a price range of $250-$300, depending on the kit package and the region.


Although the DCD996 is better than the DCD796 in speed and torque, there’s also one downside.

Our experts found that the battery attached to the drill was not very secure. Whenever they turned on the drill for use, the battery started shaking around the body of the drill.

This shaking battery can become a safety hazard in extreme cases, and for the price paid for the drill, we expect the tool to be much sturdier.

We did not find anything wrong with the instrument other than this.

DeWalt DCD796D2 vs DCD996P2 Comparison

FeatureDeWalt DCD796D2Dewalt DCD996P2
Max Speed2000rpm2250 rpm
Max Torque70 Nm95 Nm
Max Power300 watts300 watts
Battery TypeLi-IonLi-Ion
Weight8 lbs11 lbs
Warranty3 years3 years
PriceCheck hereCheck here

How to use Dewalt DCD796D2:

Many people do not have a good understanding of the proper way to use cordless drills. To improve your knowledge of the process, you can refer to the following video:

How to use Dewalt DCD996P2:

To get the maximum out of this beast, you should also clearly understand the recommended way to use this tool. Watch this video to clearly understand the proper way to use the How to use Dewalt DCD996P2:

My Recommendation for Dewalt DCD796D2 vs Dewalt DCD996P2:

In addition to the opinion presented to us after the research by our experts, we also wanted to consider the viewpoints of the regular customers using the drills for their day-to-day work. This consideration, combined with the views of our experts, helped us develop a clear idea of the practical working of the drill.

One customer told us that they had been using the Dewalt DCD796D2 for more than three years, and it had never given up on them. They used the tool for drilling, hammer drilling, and driving screws into their walls. They found the drill to be reliable, responsive, and adjustable.

Another customer told us about his experience with the Dewalt DCD996P2. What he liked about the drill was the three-speed gears instead of two, and its robust build made it appropriate for heavier work. The battery performed excellently in freezing weather at his work site, and he saw no problems with the extra torque.

A lot of other customers also liked the DCD996P2 better than the DCD796D2. According to them, most of the features were the same in both the drills. But the former had a more powerful motor for drilling into hard spaces. It also had a better airflow system to keep the motor cool during long hours of continuous work.

Based on the opinions of our experts and those of the customers, we found our minds slightly favoring the Dewalt DCD996P2 over the DCD796D. The different speed options, the increased torque, better build quality, and the overall compact design of the DCD996P2 just made it too difficult to pass it for the DCD796D2 or any other competitors. And we would recommend you to buy the Dewalt DCD996P2.

Summing Things Up:

Now, to settle the debate we mentioned earlier, DeWalt DCD796 vs Dewalt DCD996. We found through our research that the competition was tough, and both the competitors performed their best. But when deciding the winner, the DCD996, though the features already described, Wins the match by a close call. We find the debate settled, and we would like to think you will too.

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