Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD997: An Honest Review!

Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD997: An Honest Review!

It can be frustrating sometimes to get stuck in the middle of the DIY project because of the clumsy tools that you are using.

Many DIY projects could not be able to finish the cross line because of the inefficiency of tools. Choosing the right power tools can convert this feeling of dissatisfaction to contentment

Dewalt dcd996 vs dcd997 might be the topic of debate for many DIYers because of the exceptional work of both the tools in the power tool industry. This review could also give a better idea before making any purchasing decision.

Because of the additional tool connect technology and more varied options for speed adjustment; we can say without a doubt that the Dewalt DCD997 is the superior hammer drill of the two.

On the Jobsite, DeWalt’s Tool Connect uses Bluetooth technology to track, manage, and evaluate batteries.

Through the Tool Connect app, the system connects Bluetooth-enabled batteries to your smartphone or tablet. You can track and deactivate batteries that you’ve lent out using the app, which also offers notifications and real-time diagnostic data like charge status and temperature.

Both cordless tools are getting more and more attention in the power tool sector because of their low maintenance and easy-to-handle features.

They are undoubtedly the best tools for getting your job done without wasting your time and unnecessary energy. Don’t believe us? Just check out all the features and reviews of both of these tools in this article and decide for yourself.

What’s in the box of Dewalt DCD996?


When you purchase the box of DeWalt DCD996, it comes with the hammer drill, 5ah batteries, auxiliary clip and hard case. The interior of the case is pre-molded webbing and is not detachable. It is pre-molded for a drill, two batteries, and a battery charger.

What’s in the box of Dewalt DCD997?


This toolbox comes with a DCD997 Tool Only.

Dewalt DCD996 Review

The Dewalt DCD996 cordless hammer drill have made the jobs easy for many people. Now, there is no need to be worried about a power cut-off or finding the right extension to start your work.

This Dewalt DCD996 offers you amazing features that will help you in doing your job at a fast pace. Let’s review some of these incredible features below.


The specification of the power tools can be tricky to understand sometimes. The two things that should be kept in mind while dealing with the specification of a tool are the maximum needed specification and its effect on the power tools.

The highest speed offered by Dewalt DCD996 is 2250 RPM which makes the DIY jobs really easy and handy. Additionally, this 2250 RPM is also suitable for intensive labor tasks. The benefit of having this specification feature is that it could be used by every type of user household or extensive workers on the field. One tool is fulfilling the needs of all.

Other specifications of Dewalt DCD996 includes

•           0-38,250 BPM for quick drilling in brick materials

•           0-450 / 0-1300 / 0-2000 RPM in drill mode

•           0-500 / 0-1500 / 0-2250 RPM in hammer drill mode.

Affordable price:

For the money, the DeWalt DCD996 drill press is excellent. It is as excellent as or better than other comparable models from higher-end brands and has a warranty of two to three years.

Battery life:

The Dewalt DCD996 not only improves the comfort of your work but also boasts a long battery life that enables you to work nonstop. The 20-volt MAX XR batteries provide you with more charge and recharge cycles than previous battery technologies, allowing you to utilize them repeatedly.

Brushless motor:

In cordless hammer drills, brushless motors played a significant role in reducing friction and generating more power with extending battery run time overall. This brushless feature provides 57% more running time as compared to brushed motors. It means these motors can drill more holes before they need of charging their batteries.

Clutch setting:

This power drill rotational dial has 11 setting options for clutch, allowing the worker to drill faster and with the right depth after choosing the appropriate clutch setting.

Price versus value

The Dewalt DCD996 kit includes pair of 5ah batteries, a charger, and a hard case at a very reasonable price considering the efficiency. 3-speed feature and its lightweight design In mind. The other competitors of Dewalt DCD996 offer less productivity with fewer features at more price. In that case, as a buyer, you should choose a tool for long-term use that should not cost you an unrealistic price.

Speed and efficiency:

The three-speed setting of this DeWalt DCD996 improved run time by almost 57%. This high-speed transmission increases the efficiency of the tool.

LED spotlight feature:

LED spotlight mode feature allows the workers to even continue the work in darkness without getting affected. Also, it helps users to use it in confined places where there is the unavailability of light. Its 3 –Mode light provides 20 times better illumination than previous models making this tool more user-friendly during unavoidable circumstances.


Another brilliant feature of this power tool is its lightweight body. It means that this power tool will help you to perform all the power-loaded work but also not compromise on flexibility and maneuverability.

Battery indication:

The DeWalt DCD997 designed three light indicators for battery life. This feature constantly reminds the user to charge the battery at the right time.


Although DeWalt DCD997 is one of the amazing power tools with great specifications, However, there is a drawback that needs to be addressed while doing the review of this product.

Some of the reviews on different websites mentioned a problem with the fitting of its battery that ultimately caused low battery life and sometimes even the power tool stops working without giving any warning signs. DeWalt has mentioned that this glitch has been fixed by the company in their new and modified version of batteries however; we could not find any review that supports this claim on a different website yet.

Dewalt DCD997 Review

The Dewalt dcd997 presents the average price ranges of hammer drills which are affordable to many of the users. The performance of this power drill is equisetic compared to its price. Some of the amazing features offered by this powerful tool are mentioned in the article.

DEWALT Tool Connect

The user of Dewalt dcd997 can easily connect their drills with their free mobile app and can avail of so many control and maintenance options.

The software offers customization options for the tool, analytics for battery life, temperature, and trigger pulls, alert delivery, and even tool tracking. This integration with Bluetooth has made the job easy for workers.

Last Seen feature:

This last seen feature helps the workers to find the lost device by using the mobile app easily if it is within the range of connecting tool Bluetooth.

The power tool can easily be recovered from the last site at which they have been used by using this feature. This can save a lot of time and money for the workers and also reduces the chances of the hammer drills getting stolen from the work site.


This power drill has 3-speed metal transmissions for increased run time and sustainable battery life.

Brushless motor:

The powerful brushless motor of Dewalt dcd997 provides 75% more run time. It means that the battery will perform for a longer period of time when it is charged completely.

Electronic clutch:

11 clutch setting options are available for Dewalt dcd997.


This high-efficiency power tool will provide you with 820 unit watts of power with the DeWalt Tool Connect Hammer Drill, which translates to about 841 in. lbs. of torque. There are drills available that are undoubtedly more potent. The DeWalt DCD997 will be able to do almost every standard duty you ask of your drill, though. Even difficult cuts, like a 3″ hole saw or a 1-1/2″ spade bit through 2x PT, are very effortless when the auxiliary handle is there to steady it.

Customize speed and light:

The duration and intensity of the LED work light can be adjusted. It’s helpful if you want to continue using the LED for a few seconds or even minutes after releasing the trigger. You can turn on or off the binding up control by scrolling all the way to the right.

The speed can also be changed in the settings, but the torque cannot. By setting a mode to a particular speed, you are effectively instructing the drill’s electronic governor on what pace it may run at. But it’s not flawless. To determine how closely my custom settings correspond to reality, I set up a quick RPM test.

Comfortable grip:

The powerful hammer drill also provides Ideal balance and comfort through the ergonomic comfort grip handle which makes the work easy and handy for workers.

Integrated LED lights:

The integrated LED light feature also makes the job super easy in conditions where there is no power supply and low light conditions. This feature helps workers to get their job done without any interruption. This also helped workers to drill in confined spaces with low lighting conditions.


Although this power tool is offering us a lot of features to make the job easier however there are certain drawbacks of this product as well that should be in consideration while making a purchase. Its trigger and speed switch doesn’t operate smoothly, which may feel heavy to certain users, especially while working continuously

Dewalt DCD996 vs DCD997 Comparison

Now as we have read all the features of Dewalt DCD996 and Dewalt DCD997, so this must be the next question in your mind should you get Dewalt DCD996 or Dewalt DCD997?

At first impression, the DCD996 model resembles the classic DCD997 model exactly. Which should I choose, and what makes the two different? Let’s do the Comparison now.

Bluetooth Technology:

When we start doing the comparison between these two power drills, we could not stop looking at the similarities,

However, the major difference between these two powerful tools is the Bluetooth technology which is called tool connect integrated into the newest model  Dewalt DCD997.

This Bluetooth integration made the job real quick and efficient. As Bluetooth technology is present in the modified Dewalt DCD997, it also helps to customize the setting of speed and light. This customization is not available in the Dewalt DCD996.

LED Integration

Both of these power drills are integrated with built-in LED lights to illuminate the work area during unfavorable conditions.


Both of these drill hammers are super light-weighted. However, if we do the comparison we will find Dewalt DCD996 a little bit lighter than Dewalt DCD997.


Dewalt DCD996 has a dimension of 4″ x 10″ x 8″ as compare to Dewalt DCD997 which has the dimension of 10.08″ x 9.02″ x 4.17″.


Both of these power drills are equipped with brushless motors. The purpose of these brushless motors is to increase the performance and capability of the too by reducing friction.

Clutch Setting

Both of these drills have 11 options for clutch settings.

Speed Settings

Dewalt DCD996 has one less speed setting than Dewalt DCD997 which ultimately improves the performance and efficiency of the Dewalt DCD997 power drill comparatively.

Comparison at a Glance!

FeaturesDewalt DCD996Dewalt DCD997
Bluetooth TechnologyNoYes
Led integration  YesYes
Weight  4 pounds4.3 pounds
Clutch settings1111
Motors  BrushlessBrushless
Dimensions  4″ x 10″ x 8″10.08″ x 9.02″ x 4.17″
Speed setting34
PriceCheck hereCheck here

After doing the detailed comparison we can say that Dewalt DCD997 is without a doubt the better hammer drill of the two because of the additional tool connect technology and greater option for speed setting.

Tool Connect can be a highly valuable app for businesses and contractors that handle job site equipment. However, for the typical DIYer, the tool Connect is little more than a fancy dashboard that keeps track of your consumption.

How to use Dewalt DCD996P2?

This tool provides tough metal three-speed transmission for longer runtime. It has an enhanced automated high speed that speeds up masonry drilling for the user.

For improved screwdriver precision, the electronic clutch incorporates an 11-position adjustable torque control. The 13mm ratcheting keyless chuck on the hammer drill driver includes an automated spindle lock for quick bit changes, and it also has an effective intelligent trigger that gives you entire authority over all applications.

The complete guide for using this tool is explained in the video below. Have a look!


How to use Dewalt DCD996CB?

Using power tools with correct specifications and settings can be challenging sometimes. For this reason, I am attaching a video link that will provide you with complete guidance on using Dewalt DCD996CB.

My Recommendation:

In my opinion, both of these drills are so very usable and this feature makes these power tools a better option for workers and carpenters.

Both of these drills are ideal for you if you’re not even sure how to drill a pilot hole or how to use a drill! These beasts will feel like it has been in your hands for ages the moment you take them!

The Dewalt DCD996 and Dewalt DCD997 brushless 3-speed hammer drill is the company’s flagship model and comes equipped with a strong brushless motor and a 3-speed drivetrain, which you won’t find on drills from competing brands like Makita, Milwaukee, and Bosch, which currently only offer 2-speed models.

The DeWalt DCD996 is as user-friendly as possible thanks to the time, effort, and attention that went into the design. Even though it weighs 3,5 lbs, the first thing you’ll notice is how light it feels.

Both the Dewalt DCD996 and DCD997 are available for purchase and are nearly the same. You can select the one that is most appropriate for you based on your needs and suit. We hope that our review of the DeWalt DCD996 and DCD997 aided your decision.


Altogether, the DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD997 are the ideal household partners. Although it could be a touch on the pricey side, prospective purchasers can be confident that this is an investment and one in which they won’t need to purchase another drill for a few years.

The DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD997 are ultimately the pinnacles of handheld, mobile, battery-powered drills. It is solely up to you, the consumer, to evaluate your needs and come to a decision. We can only provide you with the information you need to make that choice.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it made choosing your next drill easier. We also hope that you have made up your mind by now that Dewalt dcd996 vs dcd997 which one will provide you with more benefits.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any information to give about your experience with both of these tools or maybe any other drill; we would love to read it.

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