How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last?

How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last?

As the name implies, a cordless drill is simply a power drill that works without a cord. This power drill is an electric tool that is primarily used to drill holes and to fix screws on plenty of hard surfaces. In actuality, their working capacity is based on a battery to do the right trick for you at any place. But how long do cordless drill batteries last?

Well, the battery time of cordless drills solely depends on the type of battery it holds and how you use or store them. On an average note, the good rule of thumb is that cordless drill batteries last around 2-3 years of continuous usage.

On the other hand, if you don’t use your cordless drill very often or aren’t aware of proper handling, then the batteries won’t be able to stay with you for more than a year. To overcome this, you must not let your battery sit for more than 6 months without tapping it up; otherwise, it will fail or not be able to get recharged again.

In general, most major cordless drill brands carry a minimum 3-year warranty on the batteries to give you extra peace of mind. But to enjoy the extended battery life, you must know how to properly charge it, store it, and use it. Let’s discuss more cordless drill batteries and how to take better advantage of them. This detailed article will answer your question about how long drill batteries last as well. Let me explain how:

How to enhance Cordless Drill battery life?

To enhance the cordless drill battery life, you need to take the following measures.

Regularly use battery

This fact is true with almost all batteries lack of usage decreases the battery life. If you rarely use your cordless drill, you may need to keep it plugged in or completely recharge the battery before going on a project.

Keep Battery Fully Charged

If you want to use the cordless drill for longer hours, try to keep it fully charged. Most batteries last longer if we recharge them before they reach below 70% capacity. But that’s not the case with every battery, and if you hold a NiCd battery, you need to completely discharge them once a week to increase their average battery life.

Keep Battery Cool and Dry

If you want to enhance the cordless drill battery life, try to store it in a cool and dry place. But never attempt to store them in the freezer as it can damage the batteries.

Use Right Cordless Drill Settings

This is the most important way to enhance cordless drill battery life. Be sure to use the right tool settings to accomplish your job. Keep in mind that the higher torque settings consume more battery and, as a result, can affect the overall battery life.

Protect it Properly

Another way to enhance the cordless drill battery life is to gently handle it. Keep in mind that the damaged or cracked batteries have lower battery life. If you want to enhance the battery life, try to store the cordless drill battery in a cushioned bag or original carrying case. And always use the plastic cap to prevent any short-circuiting and to protect the battery terminal from moisture or breakage.

Can you leave a drill battery plugged in all the time?

The quick answer to this question is “NO.” Keeping the drill battery plugged in all the time can severely damage the battery and shorten its life.

Almost all the cordless drills come with an instructions booklet to teach the users how to perfectly charge the battery and how much time you can keep plugged in while charging or working. If the tool instructions allow you to store the battery on the charger, never forget to remove it once the battery is fully charged.

If your cordless drill has a Lithium-Ion battery, don’t charge or discharge it completely to maintain the effective battery life. When your Li-ion battery is fully charged, the degradation can be worst.

You can keep the battery plugged in if the charger has an indicator to let you know that battery is full. And some high-end cordless drill batteries are there, which auto-disconnect the charging once the battery is filled.

Overall, keeping the battery on charging without any automatic shutdown options can badly affect the cordless drill battery run time in a way or two. In actuality, leaving the battery plugged in can significantly degrade the battery backup, and hence you will find your battery less operative.

How long do DeWalt 18v batteries last?

On the clear ground, the battery life of 18V DeWalt batteries depends on several factors, which determine the length of charge and the average life of the battery. Some of these factors include behavior, storage habits, ambient temperature, and capacity. How long should a cordless drill battery last?

If we talk about how long DeWalt batteries keep working, you can expect to take mileage out of them for around 3-years or roughly 1,000 charging cycles. But if you know how to take good care of your DeWalt batteries, then you can expect them to last much longer.

Which Cordless drill has the Best battery life?

Which cordless drill batteries last the longest is a burning question for all power tool lovers. Out in the open, to drill through concrete, hard brick, or metal, you must have a cordless drill with good battery life to stay with you for long hours. Believe it or not, battery life is the most important factor which can change your mind when choosing cordless drills. Here, you can find some cordless drills with the best battery life.

Black+Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill

This cordless drill is efficient enough to go through the harder materials. The good thing about this drill is that it can last up to 30 minutes of rigorous use, which is quite longer than similarly priced models. When it comes to battery life, one charge lasts up to 18 months if you intend to occasionally use the drill for lighter projects.

Hychika 20V Cordless Power Drill

This cordless power drill is a top-notch tool that has excellent performance and built quality to ensure smooth scaling and driving operations. The thing which we liked the most is its 21 different torque settings and drilling operations to meet all your needs. Stunningly, this drill is equipped with a 1500mAh lithium battery which has a 1-hour quick charge time to offer unique performance compared to similarly priced models having 3-5 hours charging time.

Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Drill 

On the clear ground, the DEWALT cordless drill is one of the most loved drills, and this model is taking the heart of users due to its easy-to-use properties. Unlike many other drills, it comes with built-in LED light to ensure smooth operation. It has enough power to stay with you in heavy-duty projects around the home. Moreover, the battery time can last up to hours for a less heavy task and around half-hour for heavy-duty usage. And the provided additional battery is there to hold you back in an hour of need.

How to Replace Batteries in a Cordless Drill

Most modern cordless drills are battery-powered. Cordless drills include two or more rechargeable nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride cells. You need to remove the drill bit before you put in the new battery. Make sure you don’t over-tighten the battery cover because this can cause it to crack.

Wrapping Up

On the final note, cordless drills are taking over other drill types due to their easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable nature. They are efficient enough to stay with you for any kind of targeted usage.

Stunningly, they operate well to put holes and fix screws on any kind of hard surface. As their working capability is backed by the provided battery, so the battery life must be ample to do the right trick for you.

Do you know how long cordless drill batteries last? After reading this guide, you must now be able to perfectly answer this question. If you still have any doubts, properly read each section to keep alive your cordless drill battery for longer!

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