DeWalt DCD996 Review – Best Brushless Hammer Drill

Dewalt is a high-end power tool brand. Whether you need power saws, drills, or something else, this brand will offer an excellent product for you. DeWalt DCD996 comes in two models: DCD996B and DCD996P, which are comparable.

This DeWalt DCD996 review blog will go through the model’s specifications, features, advantages, and some disadvantages.

DeWalt DCD996 Review



Battery Type: Lithium-ion| Chuck Type: Metal ratcheting| Clutch settings: 11| Max power: 820 uwo| Number of speed settings: 3| Power tool type: Cordless| System: 20v max| No load speed: 0-450 / 0-1,300 / 0-2,000 rpm| Chuck size: 1/2″


A cordless, brushless motor offers enhanced durability and power for challenging tasks.

It features a metal chuck for an increased bit of holding strength and endurance in heavy-duty applications.

It contains a three-mode LED light and a 20-minute auto shut-off. The 20-Minute Auto Shutoff option saves battery consumption by letting you specify how long your bucket light will remain lit.

This product is backed by a 3-year limited guarantee, which means that if an issue happens, they will fix it for free.


You must purchase a separate charger; the box does not contain one.

Drill batteries can sometimes become separated immediately before drilling.

Not often that when you come across a hammer drill that passes every other brand in its class. The DEWALT DCD996B 20V MAX XR Li-Ion hammer drill, on the other hand, does just that.

It features the most recent high-performance motor for 1/2 inch applications and a new 20V MAX XR battery.

It is meant to produce more speed and power, with rates ranging from 0-2,500 RPMs. Furthermore, it is powerful enough to handle up to 33% greater drilling capacity than comparable models. Not only that, but the ergonomic design makes it easy to control and comfortable to grip.

What makes DeWalt DCD996 a great Hammer Drill tool?

There are several reasons why the DeWalt DCD996 is an excellent hammer drill tool.

Product specs can be a complex subject to master. However, one thing to remember when working with specifications is that they are not a simple game of top trumps in which the product with the best specs in a single category destroys another.

The variables that must be considered are the maximum required standard and the overall effect on the product.

  • Simply expressed, the maximum required specification is the utmost level you’ll need for a task. So, assume you require a drill with a no-load speed (the speed of the drill without drilling or screwing in a screw) of 2250 RPM at its highest setting for a regular DIY job. Any drill with such a faster no-load speed is useless for most DIY projects.
  • The holistic effects on the product refer to how a particular specification impacts the outcome. For example, you may have a drill with tremendous power, but the power only serves to burn out motor components. The DeWalt DCD996 walks a delicate line between these two considerations.
  • The maximum no-load speed is 2250 RPM, making it ideal for simple DIY projects and powerful enough to handle the occasional labour-intensive operation. The bottom line is that you don’t overpay for the power you’ll never use, as some of the more powerful devices may.
  • This drill also works well comprehensively as each quality is balanced with the others. Even though this is a brushless model, removing the Achilles heel of most drills – the brushes – customer feedback indicates that they did not detect a decrease in power, which is one of the main costs of a brushless motor.
  • In terms of other specifications, it has an incredible 830 Watt output and is supported by an advanced Lithium Ion battery. This means that the quantifiable impacts per minute are 8600 on the low level, 25500 on the medium power setting, and a mind-boggling 38250 on the highest stage. Other drills in the same price and quality range are incomparable.
  • Another excellent aspect of the DeWalt DCD996 is its light weight (3.5 lbs). This guarantees you all of this drill’s speed and precision without losing flexibility or mobility.
  • As previously stated, this is a brushless model. This design implies that this drill will not suffer from one of the most typical problems associated with drills with brushes around the motor: the bushes burning out and need to be replaced.
  • The DeWalt DCD996 also has three-speed levels, allowing it to handle any household duty readily. However, each type of drill has limitations, so don’t expect this drill to mix tile glue or break up concrete.
  • The DeWalt DCD996 also offers a reverse mode in all three speeds, allowing you to operate the drill bit in the other way at all three speeds. This is significant because we’ve encountered a few market drills that lack this capability. To loosen a screw, for example, you must choose the lowest speed setting.

A Couple of drawbacks…

While the DeWalt DCD996 is an excellent tool that would complement any home, there are a few downsides. And because we take pride in providing unbiased reviews, we feel compelled to share these with you.

  • The brushless design has the disadvantage of sacrificing some of the drill’s power in exchange for the drill’s longevity. This does not appear to have a lack of power as a problem. One of the primary reasons for this is the powerful 830 Watt motor.
  • Some reviewers highlight an issue with the battery’s fit. These consumers report that the batteries fit too loosely in the drill, resulting in everything from limited battery life to the unit shutting down unexpectedly. DeWalt thinks that their latest range of batteries has remedied these issues, although there have been no reviews to back up this claim as of the writing of this article.

What’s In The Box?

DeWalt DCD996

If you purchase the DCD996B as a kit, it comes with the

  • DCD996 – 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammerdrill,
  • Belt hook,
  • 360° side handle

If you currently own other Dewalt 20-volt Max base cordless tools, the DCD996B is offered without the battery, charger, or case.

Does Dewalt DCD996  Offer any Warranty?

The DeWalt DCD996 drill press is an excellent value. It has a 2-3 year warranty and performs as well as or better than similar devices from higher-end brands.

Dewalt DCD996 Features Explained

Compact and Lightweight Design

First and foremost, the appearance. This instrument appears to be fantastic. You glance at it and understand that this isn’t your typical drill. No, the DeWalt DCD996 is here to do the job!

The yellow and black design is accented with raw steel, giving it a rugged appearance that will wow friends and family alike. But the DeWalt DCD996 is more than just a pretty face; it also has some remarkable features!

Value for money

There are numerous less expensive choices, some with impressive specifications. But, as my grandfather used to say, “you get what you pay for in life.”

When purchasing a DeWalt, you purchase more than just the tool… You’re getting nearly a century of power tool building and crafting experience. Yes, it is pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Good Battery Life

Let’s have a look at the battery now. One of the most significant disadvantages of a battery-powered item is that the battery will eventually run out. Unfortunately, this is the cost of gaining a cordless device’s maneuverability.

Fortunately, the DeWalt DCD996 is compatible with all 20V Max Lithium batteries, allowing you to select the best battery for your needs. The DCB203 is a 2 Ah battery; the DCB200 is a 3 Ah battery; the DCB204 is a 4 Ah battery, and the DCB205 has a 5Ah battery.

Customization is a huge benefit because it prevents you from overpaying for features you’ll never use.

Safety First

The  DeWalt DCD996 is critical. The forward and backward buttons act as a safety latch, preventing you from accidentally starting the drill. A brake switch means the drill will stop after the trigger is withdrawn. These elements cannot save your life.

Accessible to Use and Chuck Size

  • The tool’s sheer usefulness is the drill’s ultimate plus point. If you have no idea how to use a drill or drill a pilot hole, this drill is for you! This lousy guy will feel like it’s been there for years as soon as you put it in your hands!
  • And it’s due to the work, effort, and attention that went into making the DeWalt DCD996 as user-friendly as possible. Even though it weighs 3,5 lbs, you’ll first notice how light it feels.
  • This comfortable design keeps the drill’s center of gravity in line with your hand as you grip it. This is critical since the weight in front or behind your wrist may cause your grip to tire, reducing productivity or creating pain.
  • The 360-degree handle is another fantastic feature. This allows you to customize the DeWalt DCD996 for right- or left-handed users. It can also assist you in getting into those hard-to-reach places where a fixed handle would generally get in the way.
  • Speaking of tight spaces, the Dewalt DCD996 has a built-in light, allowing you to shine a light on those difficult-to-reach (and see) areas. The light has three brightness settings: low, medium, and high, but be aware that the light consumes the battery.
  • Lastly, the keyless chuck allows you to interchange between drill bits easily. It also means you’ll never be able to misplace the key because there isn’t one. To understand how useful this is, ask anyone who has had to go to the hardware shop to replace a chuck key after losing the previous one.

Dewalt DCD996 vs Competitor

Milwaukee 2804-20 Vs. DeWalt DVD996


In terms of performance, the Milwaukee 2804-20 is reported to produce up to 60% more power than its competitors. It can also perform twice as fast with heavy workloads, so construction workers have nothing to worry about.

It also includes a brushless motor, which may give excellent performance. It has a maximum torque of 1,200 lbs and a maximum RPM of 2,000.

The DeWalt DCD996B is one of today’s most versatile tools, and it will be utilized not only as a hammer drill but also as a percussion drill and a screwdriver.

It’s simple to go from one torque to another, making it easier to use than other drills. This DeWalt hammer drill has 820 UWO, indicating that it is powerful.

It features a range of toques ranging from 0-450 to 0-1,300. The maximum and most robust torque would be 0-2,000.

It also has three speeds, allowing you to select the best speed for the application you’re working on. With this DeWalt hammer drill, you will quickly complete even the most challenging task.

Design and Handling

At 6.9 inches in length, the Milwaukee 2804-20 is tiny enough to work through tight spots, decreasing user fatigue. Furthermore, this hammer drill features Redlink Plus Intelligence, which protects against overload and prevents battery and tool damage, particularly during heavy-duty tasks.

The DeWalt DVD996B, on the other hand, includes comfortable handle grips, so you won’t have to worry about using the drill for an extended period. It also includes a durable nitro-carburized ratcheting metal, making it suitable for any application. Finally, you shouldn’t be concerned about the switches because they are sealed and coated, which will assist prevent dust and humidity, which may lead to contamination.


The Milwaukee 2804-20 has a Red Lithium XC5.0 battery, which allows it to do more work as it charges. Regarding your workload, this type of battery will require more effort.

The DeWalt DVD996B, on the other hand, is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, the most commonly used rechargeable battery in most power tools.

Head To Head Comparison

According to the information provided above, the Milwaukee 2804-20 is powerful because of its battery, which is the Red Lithium XC5.0. It boasts 60% more power than its competition, so you shouldn’t be concerned. With the force of this hammer drill, you will undoubtedly do the work correctly and quickly. This hammer drill has 2,000 RPMs and a maximum torque of 1,200, which is more than enough for your construction or home repair and improvement projects.

Milwaukee includes a brushless motor with Redlink Intelligence, guaranteeing that your hammer drill works properly even during heavy-duty activities. You also don’t have to be concerned because the drill is protected from overloading when used for an extended period.

With its features, the DeWalt DVD996B hammer drill is also a fantastic power tool. It has a total BPM of 0-38,250 and may be used to drill in materials such as brickwork. Also, if you need to do a task quickly, this hammer drill will come in handy because it has a fast-speed application and an extended runtime.

How to use Dewalt DCD996

For our readers, we have added a short video about how to use Dewalt DCD996 Drill in this guide. The link is mentioned below.

Conclusion – Dewalt DCD996 Review

You can choose the DeWalt DCD996, the most advanced XR Li-Ion 18V cordless brushless motor drill driver, based on your needs. It is designed to give a higher performance with a longer run life. It’s like having a whole new set of batteries at your disposal, with up to 57 percent greater runtime than standard battery technology.

The DeWalt DCD996 has a best-in-class battery pack brushless motor that delivers dependable performance even in high-demand situations. Furthermore, you may use a hammer drill as a standard drill by attaching the appropriate supplementary tools such as drill bits and screws.

As I previously stated, the Dewalt DCD996B and DCD996 are comparable and may be purchased interchangeably. You can select the best suitable for you based on your suit and wants. We hope our DeWalt DCD996 review helped make your decision.

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