Dewalt DCF787 Review – By Industry Experts

Dewalt DCF787 Review – By Industry Experts

Dewalt is an American company founded by Raymond E.Dewalt, the inventor of the Radial Arm Saw. The company quickly grew and was soon a popular brand in the tool market. However, the company was renamed in 1947. This is when Dewalt Inc. came into existence. It was later bought by Beck and Decker in 1949. Since then they made effort to improve the professional quality of the tools Dewalt produces.

Today, Dewalt is a popular brand amongst professionals as well as beginners. They have a wide range of high-quality tools suitable for all types of work. One of their prominent power tools is the Impact driver.

Whether you are a homeowner, a DIYer, an industrial worker, or a commercial contractor, Dewalt will have something worthy for you in-store. This time we have crafted a Dewalt DCF787 Impact driver review which will ease your simple repair works and help you in completing your DIY projects perfectly.

Dewalt DCF787C1
Dewalt DCF787C1


Brand Name: DeWalt | Model: DCF787 20V Max Impact driver | Power: 300 Watts | Motor: Brushless | Torque: 1500 Inch lbs | Battery required: Yes | Battery included: Yes |



Reasonably priced

Less noisy

Maximum visibility with LED lights

Three years limited warranty

Drives large screws and lag bolts very quickly


Single led light

It has a storage bag, not a compact box

Dewalt DCF787 Review

Dewalt DCF787 Impact Driver Review
Dewalt DCF787 Impact Driver Review

Dewalt Max DCF787 is an affordable yet excellent quality cordless impact driver that can help you with a range of different tasks. It weighs around 2.8 pounds and has a length of 5.55 inches.

Moreover, Dewalt Max DCF787 has a brushless motor capable of delivering fifty-seven percent more runtime than a brushed motor. With a 1500 lbs torque, the motor can offer 2800 Revolutions Per Minute and 3200 Impacts Per Minute. This impact driver also has a ¼ hex chuck that can accept 1-inch bit tips and help in easy replacements of bits single-handedly.

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Aside from the Dewalt DCF787 specs, it has certain benefits for the user as well. The soft grip and compact design make it easy to handle and extremely portable. The impact driver can work extremely fast but you can always adjust the speed according to your requirement. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of jobs; be it domestic, commercial, DIY activities, or woodwork.

However, the tool does not come with a belt clip DCF787C1 variant, which has caused disappointment in many of its customers. That said, you can buy the belt clip separately for better handling of the tool during work.

DCF787 Review
DCF787 Review

When to comes to usage, Dewalt DCF787 impact drivers are versatile enough to perform a range of different tasks. Whether you are a professional carpenter, woodworker, plumber, DIY enthusiast, or homeowner who likes to do their repair work, Dewalt DCF787 can be a good addition to your tool kit.

This is because it is very much capable of performing tasks that need long fixings and involves the insertion of heavy-duty nuts and bolts into hard surfaces, you can even use it for repair works.

Hence, Dewalt DCF787 is a versatile tool, which is suitable for both commercial and domestic work.

What is Dewalt DCF787 designed for?

Dewalt dcf787 is designed to effectively drive long deck screws and carriage bolts into wooden surfaces. Along with this, it can remove longer screws and tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.

Aside from these, it can also hammer nails into various surfaces and fasten concrete screw anchors.

Dewalt DCF787 Impact Driver Features

Dewalt has always come up with sturdy and durable tools that are easy to handle yet can perform heavy-duty tasks quickly. Their tools are designed to provide comfort yet excellent performance. Do you want to know further about the Dewalt DCF787 impact driver? Here are the specifications.

Powerful Brushless Motor

Motors are the most crucial components of an impact driver and should be considered first before buying a tool.

Dewalt DCF787 has a brushless motor that is relentlessly powerful yet easy to use and extremely durable. With an adjustable speed trigger, the motor can deliver up to 2800 Revolutions Per Minute and 3200 Impacts Per Minute. Therefore, it can work fifty-seven percent faster than a brushed motor which can help you get done with plenty of work quickly.

Chuck Size

Another important factor is the chuck size. From ½ to ¼, there is a range of different chuck size options available.

As for Dewalt DCF787, you can a ¼ chuck size which might excellent for you. The drill chuck is made up of an anvil and various chuck components which are made up of metal. They are made to bear the manipulation during use and the mixture of hardened plastic alongside metal makes them resilient enough to withstand the bangs and knocks.

Variable Speed Features

As we mentioned earlier, Dewalt DCF787 comes with an adjustable speed trigger that helps in working with different types of surfaces. The speed ranges from zero to 2800 Revolutions Per MInute which is quite remarkable. Along with this, it can go up to 3200 Impacts Per Minute. This makes it a fast impact driver with excellent performance.


Dewalt dcf787 gives a variable torque to its user. Though it is 1500 lbs overall, you can easily adjust it according to your need. If you need a lower level torque output, you can press the trigger lightly. This might be useful for minor fixings.
For higher-level torque output, however, you will have to hold them for 20 seconds and press the trigger altogether. This will provide you with the highest level of torque and can be extremely useful for tough jobs that require effort.

Lithium ION Battery

While you are researching on what impact driver to buy, you might as well want to consider the battery runtime and durability. Since power tools are cordless, their batteries should be durable enough to work for a long time. Dewalt DCF787 has a lithium ION battery with a power of 20 Volts.

When it comes to the battery life, Dewalt dcf787’s 2 Ah battery has an amazing runtime and can work fifty-seven percent faster than a brushed motor. Whether you have to work domestically for a shorter period or commercially for a longer period, this impact driver will make it till the end.

Battery Quality

Though the battery is known to be durable, many users have reported that the tool stops working as soon as the battery is exhausted.

Lightweight and Compact

Aside from the tangible features, Dewalt dcf787 has several intangible features that add up to the comfortability and ease of use. One of such features is the ergonomic design it has. It does not only add to the comfortability but makes it appealing to the eyes. Also, it is lightweight and compactly designed which further makes it easy to handle. A soft rubber grip adds further to it.

LED Lights

Although you may not notice this feature at first, it is an important one. LED lights are extremely useful in improving visibility and subsequently, accuracy while working in darker areas or at night.

For this reason, Dewalt DCF787 has three LED lights situated at the front. They are activated whenever the trigger is pulled. Therefore, all the shadows are eliminated and every corner in the workspace is visible so you can work carefreely.

Dewalt DCF787B vs DCF787C1 vs DCF787C2

Dewalt DCF787 has multiple variants available in the market. These kits are versatile and have a uniqueness to them. Since the initial features are the same, you must be wondering what’s the difference? Well, these variants are the same yet different in many ways.

Dewalt DCF787B


Dewalt DCF787B variant has one tool only which is the impact driver. It is a lightweight tool with a compact design and soft ergonomic handle. Aside from this, the LED light further improves accuracy making it an excellent addition to your tool kit. This model does not offer a battery with it so you have to purchase the battery individually.

The package includes:
● One Dewalt DCF787 Impact driver
● User Manuals

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Dewalt DCF787C1

Dewalt DCF787C1
Dewalt DCF787C1

Unlike the first variant, this model includes a cordless impact driver along with other things. The lightweight impact driver is designed to fit into smaller work areas and the LED lights. Thus, making it possible to work in the dark without compromising on accuracy.

The package includes:
● One Dewalt DCF787 Impact Driver
● One 20V Max Battery
● One Fast Charger
● One Carry Case
● User Manuals

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Dewalt DCF787C2

Dewalt DCF787C2

Like the DCF787C1 kit, the DCF787C2 variant includes an impact driver and other accessories. With an amazing runtime and durable battery, the 20V impact driver is extremely useful for all types of tasks including heavy-duty tasks.

The package includes:
● One Dewalt 20V Impact Driver
● 20V lithium-ION battery
● One DCB107 Charger
● One Carry Case
● User Manuals

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Dewalt DCF787 vs Competitors

mobile user
Mobile users
 DCF787Metabo HPT 18VGALAX Pro 20VHammerhead 20V
Best Feature– 20V lithium-ION battery
– Three LED lights
– Lightweight
– Compact Design
– Tripple Hammer Technology
– Lightweight
– Versatile Clutch settings
– Soft grip for firm control
– Anti-Sid patterns for better handling
– 1.3 Ah Lithium-ION Battery
– Adjustable Speed Trigger
– The soft rubber handle offers a comfortable grip
– In-built LED lights
Relentlessly powerful motor
– Forward/reverse buttons make it easy to use
DownsidesNo belt clip includedAverage speedSingle Speed MotorNo place for putting screw bits
Max Power2800 RPM2900 RPM2800 RPM2800 RPM
Voltage20 volts.18 volts20 volts20 volts
Weight2.35 Pounds2.66 Pounds2.3 Pounds4.19 Pounds
PriceCheck here Check here Check here Check here

How to use Dewalt DCF787 Impact Driver

Safety Precaution while using the Dewalt DCF787

Power tools are easy to handle yet they can be hazardous if the user mishandles them. Henceforth, it is imperative to have safety measures in place before beginning to work; whether at home or outside.

Do you want to know what these safety measures are? Here’s a list of the precautions you can take.

● Ensure the switch is at the off position before you plugin.
● Remove the wrench before starting.
● Maintain balance and keep proper footing while working.
● Dress properly and preferably, wear coveralls.
● Lastly, stay alert while working!

Conclusion- The Verdict

To conclude the Dewalt dcf787 review, this bad body is highly recommended if you choose Dewalt as your tool brand. This impact driver is a sturdy tool with excellent durability and power. Whether you work domestically or commercially, it can be the perfect addition to the toolbox!

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