Best 1/2 Impact Wrench Reviews – (Both Cordless and Corded)

Best 1/2 Impact Wrench Reviews – (Both Cordless and Corded)

As you know, when you need a ½ Impact wrench, it has to be the right tool for the job – otherwise, the job could end up costing you time, money, and even worse, your reputation.

The problem is that these tools aren’t easy to find. When it comes to shopping for one, you’ll find that they are hard to come by and they can be expensive. Not only are they heavy but finding the right one, with all its features, is a challenge. And this pain is multiplied when you have to find it within your budget.

However, when you choose an inexpensive impact, the result is that your low-quality 1/2 impact wrench will fail sooner, leaving you with a lousy repair job when you need it most.

Some brands provide higher torque and deliver high performance while others provide good value for money and can be used efficiently. So how do you go about finding the best 1/2 inch impact wrench? We have come up with a list of 10 ½” impact wrench reviews.

Best 1/2 Impact Wrench At a Glance:

  1. Avid Power Impact Wrench
  2. Dewalt XR Cordless
  3. Porter-Cable 20V Max
  4. Makita XWT08Z 18V LXT
  5. Ridgid 18-Volt Octane
  6. Ingersoll Rand Air Impact
  7. Hammerhead 7.5-Amp
  8. Onyx Astro Pneumatic Impact
  9. Craftsman Impact Wrench
  10. Ryobi P261K Impact wrench

Best 1/2 Impact Wrench Reviews

Avid Impact Wrench
Avid Impact Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Avid Power Impact Wrench

Best Cordless ½ Impact Wrench



Good battery life & Fast charger

Versatile Applications

Bright LED Light


Heavy to carry

Makes a lot of noise

The AVID Power impact wrench is designed as one of the best cordless ½ impact wrenches on the market for increasing productivity and durability. Rather than relying on bearing balls to attach and remove sockets, it has a friction design that allows attachment and removal of sockets more quickly, making it a better tool for undoing over-tightened nuts and bolts.

With the powerful motor and the torque and strength that this impact wrench possesses, it is able to reach a maximum tightening torque of 3983 in-lbs as well as a maximum releasing torque of 4,465 in-lbs.

When you are working in the dark, the bright LED light helps you see much better, so you can be more productive. A multifunctional impact wrench that is not only suitable for removing tires from cars and trucks, but is also suited for automotive repairs, maintenance of heavy machinery, and assembly of products.

Such tools are commonly found on major construction sites like building or retaining walls. With its power supply of 3.0 Ah and a fast charger that is able to charge the battery in just one hour, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery power or being stranded with an old battery.

Dewalt Impact Wrench
Dewalt Impact Wrench (Image credit Amazon)

Dewalt XR Cordless

Best Dewalt ½ Impact wrench


Upto 300ft-Lbs of max torque

LED Light

½” Anvil with detent pin

Brushless motor

Perfect size & Lightweight for using with one hand


Weak for lug nuts

Does not hold the socket wel

The Dewalt 20V MAX XR cordless 1/2 inch impact wrench kit is designed for a variety of fastening applications. From assembly to maintenance, this impact wrench delivers the power to easily tighten or loosen bolts with a rated fastening torque from 100-330 ft.-lbs.

With LED light and 3 mode settings, this tool is perfect for working in low light or confined areas. As one of the Best Dewalt 1/2 inch impact wrench kits on the market, this Impact wrench kit from the popular DeWalt brand features a detent pin anvil, delivering max torque at only 3.48 lbs. The detent pin anvil helps provide stability when installing fasteners.

Turn it on in the forward position to help prevent overtightening, or in reverse to help prevent run-off. The variable speed trigger helps provide consistent and controlled control while the compact and lightweight design allow use in small spaces.

Porter-Cable 20V Max Impact wrench
Porter-Cable Impact Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Porter-Cable 20V Max

Best battery powered ½ Impact wrench



Spins the wheel lug nuts off with ease

Long-lasting 4ah battery

Well balanced and lightweight


Doesn’t come with a Battery Charger

Heavy to handle

The Porter-Cable 20V MAX 1/2 Inch Impact Wrench allows users to increase applications and speed over its 18V predecessor. Plus, it has a pro-grade lithium battery for maximum performance and an ergonomic handle for comfort and control.

It is known as the Best battery-powered ½ Impact wrench, which weighs just 6 pounds, and the hog ring allows for quick changes of sockets, bits, and handles.

Its lightweight design allows you to easily remove stubborn fasteners and drive in large hardware for building projects, vehicle repairs, and installations. To drive large fasteners at a rapid pace, the 260 ft-lb torque motor rotates at 1,650 RPM.

It comes with a battery level indicator that alerts you when it’s time to recharge, along with a built-in LED light for visibility. The cordless impact wrench’s variable speed trigger allows you to control the speed and the direction of the impact to drive fasteners fast and accurately.

Makita XWT08Z
Makita XWT08Z (Image credit: Amazon)

Makita XWT08Z 18V LXT

Impact wrench with the most Torque


High torque

Quick recharge

Rheostat trigger

Durable And Fast



The Makita 18V LXT 1/2″ Sq. drive Impact Wrench with a 3-speed power selection switch provides precise fastening control for a wide range of applications, with up to 50% longer run-time per charge.

It also includes an anvil with a friction ring for quick socket change-outs, a longer battery life, and an increased power output. With Makita’s proprietary Hybrid Resonance technology, the BL Motor ensures improved efficiency and performance while producing 27% more torque than a similar brushed motor tool. A brushless motor tool’s service life is three times longer than a conventional brushed motor tool because it takes no current when not in use.

Makita XWT08Z 1/2″ cordless impact wrench provides fastening speeds of up to 2,200 IPM, making it ideal for a wide variety of fastening tasks. This is the best battery-powered impact wrench with the most torque that features a convenient LED light that illuminates the work surface in low light or dark conditions to make viewing easier

Ridgid Octane (Image credit: Amazon)

Ridgid 18-Volt Octane

Best ½ High Torque Impact wrench


Stronger than its counterparts


Impressive battery life


Medium torque capacity

The Ridgid R86011B features four-speed settings to tackle any project and superior ergonomics that feel great in the hand. Pulling the trigger activates the lights around the chuck, allowing you to easily see what you’re doing.

On top of that, there is an auxiliary handle that fits under your arm, such that it is easier to handle and control this Best 1/2 high torque impact wrench in a more comfortable manner. The Ridgid R86011B OCTANE 18V 1/2 Inch Cordless Lithium-Ion Impact Wrench has Brushless Motor Construction to deliver sustained power, up to 40 percent longer run time.

This speedy, lightweight tool also has an auto-defense system to avoid over-torquing and stripping. The auto-mode feature means that when you remove a subject, the tool will automatically shut off, so you are not overexerting the tool when you’re not using it safely. Fasteners can be loosened with ease with this cordless tool’s high-speed operation.

Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX-R 12” Drive Air Impact Wrench
Ingersoll Rand 2235Ti MAX-R (image credit: Amazon)

Ingersoll Rand Air Impact

Best ½ Air Impact wrench


Lightweight and durable

Good trigger control


Uncomfortable to hold

With the best 1/2 air impact wrench, you will be able to get a powerful punch in a lightweight body for improved control. The power of this motor is hard to beat, with 1,350 ft-lbs of torque and impressive performance from start-up to shut down. With its titanium hammer case, this pneumatic impact wrench is undoubtedly the strongest 1/2″ impact and remarkably lightweight. Plus, the 2235TiMAX is fitted with a heavy-duty, over-molded grip for even more control and comfort.

The Super Torque setting enables you to fine-tune your output to fit any size of fastener quickly and easily. With its efficient design, this impact wrench can handle many jobs around the house fast and effortlessly.

The 1/2” Max control chuck includes all-metal ratcheting chucks to maximize gripping power, and in this application, you can expect maximum control of the tool for precise fit-up and installation of fasteners.

Hammerhead 7.5-Amp 12 Inch Impact Wrench
Hammerhead 7.5-Amp (image credit: Amazon)

Hammerhead 7.5-Amp

Best ½ Cheap Impact wrench


Budget-Friendly price

Forward and reverse rocker switch

Metal gearbox


Lacks a detent ball on the shaft

Too big for tight locations

The industrial-strength HDIW075 Hammerhead 1/2 Inch Drive Impact Wrench features a powerful 7.5 amp motor that delivers 240 ft. lbs of torque and with a 1/2 inch square anvil and friction ring delivers speed, durability, and reliability.

A forward and reverse rocker switch makes it easy to use. It also features a magnetic tray for bit storage to keep your workspace clean, and it gets the job done quickly. It is one of the best ½ cheap impact wrenches on the market that provides fast and effective results.

It is best suited for mechanics, auto maintenance professionals, or job sites where lots of work needs to be done. For constant hammering, the anti-slip soft-grip handle will not slip from your hands and it even has an LED light to help guide the way in dark spaces.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 38 Nano Impact Wrench
ONYx Astro (image credit; Amazon)

Onyx Astro Pneumatic Impact

Best ½ Nano Pneumatic Impact wrench


Solid and compact


Not very loud

Lightweight and comfortable to hold


Overrated torque capability

Switches cannot be handled by one hand

The Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX Nano Impact Wrench delivers 450 ft./lbs. of max torque and 2,700 RPM for tackling the toughest jobs. Featuring an incredibly lightweight design, Best 1/2 nano Pneumatic Impact wrench offers 3 forward and 3 reverse settings, along with its innovative twin hammer design.

This compact, lightweight impact wrench offers 450 ft./lbs of max torque and a short profile, which makes it ideal for tight places, whether you’re building cars, trucks, or anything in between.

The forward/reverse operation of the ONYX Nano is programmable by the unique forward/reverse toggle button, allowing users to customize their tool settings. From the workshop to the Jobsite, the Nano offers precision engineering and quick tool access when you need it most. Having a weight of just over 3lbs, it is perfect for automotive technicians working on small parts with limited space.

Craftsman Electric Impact Wrench(image credit: Amazon)

Craftsman Impact Wrench

Best ½ Corded Impact wrench


Easy to change the socket

Able to remove fasteners quickly

Variable speed trigger



The Craftsman ½-inch 7.5, corded impact wrench maximizes torque and the speed of the fastening collars with special Hog ring anvils. It also boasts a durable metal chuck, max 450 ft.-lbs. torque and 2,700 IPM.

The 5½-foot quick change cord allows for easy access to power without the hassle of carrying an extension cord or getting tangled. This powerful impact wrench is designed for use in all situations where a strong finishing torque is necessary, including truck and RV hoses, heavy machinery extensions, and much more.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best ½ corded impact wrench with the highest performance, you should look no further than the craftsman1/2-inch Impact gun. Using its Hog ring anvil of 1/2 inches, it can fit smaller nuts and bolts while still having the muscle to hammer bigger ones. It comes with a 1/2 inch drive limiter that prevents over-tightening while removing nuts and bolts.

Ryobi P261K (image credit: Amazon)

Ryobi P261K Impact wrench

Best ½ Ryobi Impact wrench


Perfect for tight wheel nuts

Long Life battery

Heavy and good quality



Heavy to handle

The conveniently sized Ryobi P261K is an 18V Cordless impact wrench designed for maximum torque and performance. The 0-2,900 RPM variable-speed motor provides you with the control you need for each project, whether at the worksite or in your garage.

It is the Best ½ Ryobi Impact wrench with its high-performance motor that produces 300 ft./lbs. of torque and up to 3,200 impacts per minute. A built-in 4-bar charge indicator allows you to see the remaining battery charge before you begin a project so you’ll never run out of power.

It’s also designed with a fuel gauge so you can track the remaining battery life at any time. It is powerful enough to loosen jammed screws in almost any application as well as tighten them onto fasteners and other metal parts which makes it the best choice. The 18V impact wrench features an LED charge indicator that advises you when the battery needs charging.

Shopping Tips – Best 1/2 Impact Wrench Reviews

If you want to purchase the best ½” impact wrench, there are certain things that you should consider before buying one. You should check out how long it will serve and how safe it is to use. It is also mandatory to check out its price so that you can easily buy one that fits your budget.


The power of an impact wrench can range from 350 ft/lbs to as high as 2000 ft/lbs. More powerful models are ideal for working on heavy-duty projects. For example, if you work on trucks or cars, a tool that has a higher power rating would be ideal. However, it depends on the application and the kind of material you’re working with. If you need a lot of strength to break through stubborn bolts and nuts, then get something with higher power levels.


Having an adjustable clutch setting is important because it allows for more control during use. Adjusting the clutch setting also allows you to use the tool in places where there is minimal space. An adjustable clutch setting would allow you to choose either low or high depending on your needs.


The weight of an impact wrench also plays an important role in how effective it is during use. If a tool is too heavy, it could cause fatigue after prolonged use and make your job harder than it needs to be. However, having too light is also an indication of low-quality material and it will be quite difficult to handle and maintain balance. This will ensure that you are comfortable using the tool for long hours without any strain on your body. The lighter it is, the less tired you will feel when using it for a long time.


The design of the ½” impact wrench must be stylish and compact. Having a stylish design will add more value to your tool and make it stand out from other products with similar features. This factor also contributes to making it more attractive.


Next thing, you have to check out whether the ½ inch impact wrench has been constructed out of high-quality materials or not. If it has been made out of low-quality materials like plastic or rubber, it is likely to break down within a short span of time.

What is the difference between an Air impact and ½ inch regular impact wrench?

An air impact wrench is more powerful than a ½ inch regular impact wrench. The air impact wrench can produce up to 3,600 lb-ft of torque and has about 10% more power when compared to the ½ inch regular impact wrench. It is also lighter than the ½ inch regular impact wrench. It is operated through
an air compressor, rather than a battery. It has a few advantages over the ½ inch regular impact wrench:
Air Impact Wrench has no downtime. You can take it to any job site and it will never run out of battery power.

  • The air impact wrench is less noisy than the ½ inch regular impact wrench.
  • The air impact wrench can transmit more torque than the ½ inch regular impact wrench because it doesn’t have to use battery power like the ½ inch regular impact wrench does.
  • The air impact wrench is easier to maintain because it has fewer parts than the ½ inch regular impact wrench does.
  • The air impact wrench is lighter than the ½ inch regular impact wrench because it doesn’t have a battery pack on it like the ½ inch regular impact wrench does.


Now that you have got the useful information about the best ½ inch impact wrenches that exhibit excellent performance and are very durable. So, it’s your turn to decide and pick the best wrench on the list according to your requirements. The best overall I recommend is the Avid Power 20v Max Cordless Impact wrench, however, if are tight on budget then you should go for a Hammerhead corded impact wrench

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact wrench do mechanics use?

An impact wrench 1/2 inch in diameter can be used to handle the power needed to perform most repairs on regular vehicles used daily. In addition, a maximum torque of 500 ft-lbs, from either battery power or air-powered, is best. ½ impact wrench is therefore widely used by mechanics.

What is a good torque for an impact wrench?

You can consider 500 ft-lbs of torque to be a good torque. Tightening the lug nut will require the same amount of torque as removing it. Overtightening might require torque greater than 500 ft-lbs. The most popular torque range is 450 ft-lbs. Almost every automotive task requires torque in this range.

Can you use normal sockets on an impact wrench?

An impact socket is a common hand tool. Since hand tool sockets have thinner walls and are made from a different material, they are not designed for use with impact wrenches. This could result in serious injury. When used with Power tools, sockets are liable to break or shatter.

What’s The Difference Between Torque, RPM, And IPM?

Basically, an RPM is a revolution per minute. The RPM is the measurement of rotation speed. By contrast, torque is interpreted as the FORCE of rotation or the power of rotational motion. In order to understand the torque, it is important to note that torque is dependent on the RPM, while the RPM will be determined by the power of the engine.

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