Best Air Impact Wrench under $100 and $50

Best Air Impact Wrench under $100 and $50

An air impact wrench, also known as a pneumatic impact wrench, is a tool that uses air pressure with the help of an air compressor and air hose to create a rotational force. This force is used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. An air impact wrench can be very helpful in automotive repair, construction, and other industrial applications.

However, finding an appropriate air impact wrench in the market with more features and less cost is an incredibly exhilarating experience. This situation becomes more problematic when you are buying a mechanical item like an air impact wrench, and you don’t know which features are more likely to be considered before buying.

Chances are that you will end up buying an expensive wrench that will not only going to charge a lot but will also end up proving itself a purchase in vain. Therefore, looking for a cheap air impact wrench is a good choice. But what if you can get a list of the best air impact wrench under $100. Isn’t it an amazing and exciting thing?

Well, for DIY users, professional mechanics, and other workers, this list won’t make much of a dent in their wallets. Therefore, if you are one of them, make sure to get your hand on this list. Let’s check out some of the best pneumatic wrenches that you can purchase for under 100 bucks.

Shopping Tips – Best Air Impact Wrench under $100 and $50

Before buying a tool or a device, there are certain factors about that particular tool that you should look at before, purchasing. If you have bought a wrench before, you know how many factors or features vary from wrench to wrench.

But, if you haven’t bought one before, then you will need to consider these features before buying a new wrench. Therefore, I am going to discuss some features of a wrench here, so check them out before you purchase:

Torque Value of the Wrench: Most air impact wrenches are often required for removing or driving large, rusty, or heavy lugs and bolts. Therefore, they should have a high value of maximum torque output.

Otherwise, your job will become difficult and you will have to buy another powerful tool for your job.
Furthermore, if a wrench has powerful torque, then it will probably have high power and flexibility for the job.

However, impact wrenches with less torque also work well for many tasks. But still, certain circumstances require wrenches with high torque output.

Hence, before you purchase a wrench, make sure that you choose the wrench with the right value of torque according to your work. Among the above wrenches that I reviewed before, the TZTOOL 1/2″ Diesel air impact wrench offers the maximum torque.

Speed Settings of the Wrench: Impact wrenches with air-powered technology usually have more than 2 or 3 built-in speed settings in them. This feature is quite feasible when you are doing multiple jobs at a time. It provides you with the opportunity to perform multiple tasks as you can adjust how much air pressure you need.

Furthermore, different types of nuts or screws require different speeds and pressure. Hence, possessing a wrench that has multiple speed settings is just like getting icing on a cake.

Regarding wrenches, there are two kinds of speeds, i.e., heap speed and free speed (also known as impacts per minute). For better performance, free speed should be high. Therefore, selecting an impact wrench with multiple speed settings and an easy speed module is a good idea.

Rather than, choosing an expensive wrench with complex speed customization. Astro pneumatic tools 1822 ONYX 3/8″ nano impact wrench comprises up to 6-speed settings for forward and reverses functioning.

The size of the tool: Impact wrenches are mechanical tools that are specifically designed for use in tight spaces that other mechanical tools cannot reach. Therefore, you should select only the wrench that is small in size.

Otherwise, there is no use in buying a wrench that is the same size as that of another tool. For instance, if you are purchasing an impact wrench that is the same size as an impact driver, then your purchase is going to be in vain.

However, when we choose a small-sized tool, we usually get to know that, along with size, some other features also get shorter just because of the small size. Therefore, first, you have to visualize and analyze all the features of the tool along with its size. Then, you can make your purchase.

One of the smallest wrenches under $100 is the ACDelco ANI308 heavy-duty 3/8″ 150 ft-lbs free speed pneumatic impact wrench

Weight: Mechanical tools are usually handheld tools. Working with them requires high control and strength, especially when you are handling a tool that offers a high value of torque and power.

Therefore, weight should be an important factor that you should consider before buying a wrench. This is because if you are going to work for long hours, then you will probably be holding the wrench for a continuous duration. Imagine yourself, after hours of this work.

You won’t probably want your hands to get fatigued. Therefore, choose a lightweight and handy wrench composed of light materials to make your working experience comfortable and enhance the efficiency of the tool. The ACDelco ANI308 heavy-duty 3/8″ 150 ft-lbs free-speed pneumatic impact wrench is exceptionally light.

Durability: The durability of an impact wrench is highly significant. After buying expensive wrenches, people often find out that they are not durable, regardless of other high-quality features in them. Therefore, you should buy a wrench that combines good quality materials and has a high warranty.

You can purchase a wrench that has a good, thick casing, or one that is used for heavy-duty jobs. This will help you get a good quality wrench. Furthermore, the construction of a tool also matters, so choose the one with the best build.

Along with durability, you must also look for a wrench that has an adjustable power regulator so you can easily adjust power to weight ratio. The most important thing to consider is the price as everyone looks for an affordable air impact wrench.

Best Air Impact Wrench Under 100 At a Glance:

  1. Acdelco 5 Speed Pneumatic Impact Wrench
  2. Astro Pneumatic Tool
  3. WorK Pad 1/2-Inch Mini
  4. Tztool 1/2″ Diesel
  5. Neiko 3/8″ Butterfly Impact
  6. Tuzkozs 1/2″ Air Impact
  7. Acdelco ANI308 Impact Wrench

Recommendation for Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench under $100

These wrenches are not only efficient but also comprise some of the most demanded features on the market. Each of them has specific features that make it special.

To eliminate the idea that cheap air tools are not efficient and effective in working. I have researched all the specific cheap impact wrenches and come up with a list of the best air impact wrench.

ACDelco ANI405A 5 Speed Pneumatic Impact Wrench Tool Kit
ACDelco Pneumatic Impact Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Acdelco 5 Speed Pneumatic Impact Wrench

High Torque Air Impact Wrench under $100


Noise-free and air-blowing free handle exhaust design

An ergonomic, smooth grip for comfortable handling

5-speed settings for extensive jobs

The head and gears are made of alloy steel for increased durability

Compact design compatible with high torque control


It is a bit heavier than other tools

ANI405A impact wrench is one of the high torque air impact wrenches under $100. Working with heavy lugs and bolts requires an enormous amount of torque. Therefore, the high 500 ft-lbs torque of this wrench makes it suitable for heavy-duty functioning. Plus, this wrench assists in completing the work quickly and with ease.

It also comprises alloy steel helical gears that have previously been treated with heat for increased durability.

Unlike other impact wrenches, the ANI405A features four different forward speeds that make this tool compatible with multiple jobs.

The maximum speed of this fastest tool reaches up to 8000 RPM. While it also features one reverse speed setting. Hence, you can easily use this setting whenever the speed limit of the tool exceeds the speed required for your particular job.

With all these features, this impact wrench also possesses a slim and small structure, making the tool suitable for handling high torque with minimum control. This feature assists in minimizing the vibrations produced while working. Plus, the user will experience less fatigue due to fewer vibrations.

However, the weight of the tool is more than many other wrenches of its size. It’s about 5.72 lbs.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1822 ONYX 38 Nano Impact Wrench
Astro Air Nano Impact (Image credit: Amazon)

Astro Pneumatic Tool

Cheap Air Impact Wrench


Specific 6-speed settings for forwarding and reverse action

Harshly tested for thousands of working actions

A compact yet powerful tool

Efficient twin hammer design

It is lightweight and portable


Not for professional use

Among all the impact wrenches, ⅜ inches impact wrenches are the most expensive. One must think that getting a cheap air impact wrench in ⅜ size under $100 is not possible. Well, here we have an ONYX Astro 3/8″ nano impact wrench, an inexpensive ⅜ air impact wrench.

This model has as short a structure as possible making itself suitable for working in short-profile areas just like working with engines or suspension work.

Apart from the size of this nano wrench, it has become one of the most powerful small-sized impact wrenches by providing a high torque of about 450 ft-lbs.

The free speed value of the wrench is 10,500 RPM. Hence, it’s a two-in-one combo of high power and compact design. Another specification of this wrench is that it employs a twin hammer mechanism.

This tool has been tested on automated test benches for several specific days. Hence, this tool has all the eliminated weaknesses.

This mechanism uses a long-lasting dual hammer action that scales the produced power with the extra pressure of air. This is quite different from the mechanism employed by other mini wrenches, which use only a single large hammer.

WORK PAD Mini Air Impact Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

WorK Pad 1/2-Inch Mini

Mini Air Impact Wrench under $100


Multiple speed settings for ease.

Exceptionally high-speed value.

Best for professional use.

Durable structure, including sockets.

Comfortable grip handle


It’s a little bit noisy while working

Are you seeking a powerful and best budget impact wrench? Work Pad is here to serve you with an exceptionally powerful mini air impact wrench under $100. This impact wrench offers a maximum torque of 500 ft-lbs, which is enough for driving rusty bolts and nuts.

The free speed of the wrench is 10000 RPM, which is very high as compared to other wrenches. In addition, it also comprises 3-speed settings for screwing nuts in a forward direction and a 1-speed reverse setting for ease.

The durability of this tool is enhanced by using heat-treated anvil materials for its construction, making it a perfect impact wrench for the money.

Furthermore, the ergonomically designed rubberized grip sheath handle of this impact wrench provides excellent and convenient control.

Plus, it also reduces the number of vibrations while working. The tool is also very light and portable. The total weight that it comprises is 3.3 lbs.

This mini wrench has a clutch that uses a twin hammer mechanism to provide additional pressure while working. Moreover, it also offers a perfect balance of power and weight. To enhance the user experience, its housing is made of solid aluminum alloy. This feature has provided additional durability and reliability.

TZTOOL Diesel Air Impact wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Tztool 1/2″ Diesel

Best Budget Air Impact wrench for Mechanics


4 different speed settings for working.

An enormous amount of torque-1100 ft-lb.

A cheap, diesel-operated wrench.

Smooth and comfortable control.

Powerful mechanics.


Some people find the casing thin (although it’s quite good)

This diesel air impact wrench is the best budget air impact wrench for mechanics. This air impact gun offers a maximum torque of 1100 ft-lb. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful and cheap wrenches for driving large nuts.

Hence, you can say it’s a perfect match for professional mechanics’ work. Isn’t it amazing that you are getting such an effective impact wrench for just 100 dollars?

Just like many other wrenches, it has 3 built-in settings for controlling forward action and also 1 speed setting for controlling reverse action.

This assists in providing a perfect balance of forward and reverse switching while working. Unlike other powerful, expensive impact wrenches, the TZTOOL uses a twin hammer design. This design uses a ¼” inches air inlet along with a dual hammer to provide high pressure.

It’s a diesel-operated wrench, so there is no need to charge. Therefore, you can easily complete your work without being stopped.

The sound pressure level of the tool is also lower It is about 93 dB, which doesn’t produce much noise while driving lug nuts. The casing of the tool is also made of high-quality and durable materials. The handle grip helps in providing a smooth and comfortable work environment.

Best Air Impact Wrench under $50

Apart from air impact wrenches that fall under the category of $100, there are some air impact guns that cost under $50. Therefore, we have listed them separately below so you can easily find a suitable wrench for your job

NEIKO 30088A Butterfly (Image credit: Amazon)

Neiko 3/8″ Butterfly Impact

Best Pneumatic Impact wrench for Automotive repair


High free speed of 10,000 RPM.

It has an efficient air inlet that rotates at 360° to prevent any hassle.

Tiny and portable structure.

Smooth control on the grip.

Excellent for beginners.


Torque value is not suitable for professionals.

NEIKO always provides its customers with unique and creative mechanical tools with less load on your pocket. The 3/8″ butterfly impact wrench is one of them which will only cost you only $54. It is a highly compatible tool for mechanical work. Its body, tiny engine, and exhaust make it perfect for working in small spaces or compartments.

For instance, if you want to drive nuts in an engine or under a vehicle, then it is extremely suitable. Hence, it’s the best pneumatic impact wrench for automotive repair. However, it can also perform a wide variety of applications.

The control that this impact wrench provides while working is also flawless. The butterfly throttle on the top of the tool gives it effective single-handed control over speed and direction.

This control is perfectly balanced between clockwise and counterclockwise operations. Hence, it easily applies torque to sockets.

Apart from control, the design of this wrench is specifically constructed for working in cramped or tight areas that are difficult to reach. Although it is small in structure, it still maintains the inlet at 360° to prevent any uneasy angle while working.

The tool is also very durable. This is because of the nose guard. This guard protects air tools and the surrounding areas to avoid any kind of damage during work.

The tool is also very durable. This is because of the nose guard. This guard protects air tools and the surrounding areas to avoid any kind of damage during work.

TUZkozs Air Impact Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Tuzkozs 1/2″ Air Impact

Best Heavy-duty Air Impact wrench under $50


The exceptionally high torque of 520 ft-lbs.

Up to 5 multiple speed settings.

Best suited for heavy-duty jobs.

It provides the perfect balance between torque and speed.

Tough aluminum and iron casing


Extremely heavy.

Tuzkozs 1/2″ air impact wrench is the best heavy-duty air impact wrench under $50. The maximum amount of torque that this tool provides, reaching up to 520 ft-lbs. This is the result of possessing dual hammers.

Moreover, it works effectively in both directions, i.e., forward and reverse. Plus, there are five different speed control options available in the tool for supporting clockwise and anticlockwise operations. Hence, it is perfect for performing heavy-duty jobs.

This air impact wrench requires an air inlet. Therefore, you will need to attach at least 8 gallons of air through the pump to the wrench to get more power output. If you are a machine tool user, you will know that the maintenance of these types of tools is highly important.

Therefore, we will recommend that you use about 5 to 10 drops before you start working for about 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the kind of job you are going to do.

Being a professional tool, this impact wrench is very heavy as compared to other wrenches. It weighs about 5.85 pounds, probably because of the heavy materials in its housing, for example, iron and aluminum. Moreover, it also comes with a 1-year warranty on its parts.

ACDelco ANI308 Pneumatic (Image credit: Amazon

Acdelco ANI308 Impact Wrench

Lightest Pneumatic Impact wrench


Highly compact and portable structure.

It is extremely lightweight, and suitable for tight spaces.

An exceptionally high speed of 12,000 RPM.

A 1-year warranty.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Torque value is less as compared to speed.

Are you searching for the cheapest impact wrench? well, the ANI308 is probably the one you are looking for. It costs only $30, so it’s an inexpensive impact wrench. The dimensions of this impact wrench are 2 x 5.25 x 6.25 inches. This means that this tool is highly compact and handy. Moreover, it weighs only 2.6 pounds. Hence, it is also the lightest pneumatic impact wrench.

For beginners, I would suggest that this tool is very suitable for DIY use. It also offers a compatible amount of torque, i.e., 150 ft-lbs, which is enough for either car tire removal or changing a lawnmower blade.

While, the amount of free speed that this impact wrench offers is up to 12,000 RPM which is very high as compared to other impact wrenches that fall under the category of $100.

Hence, there are several applications that you can easily perform using this wrench. Plus, don’t be concerned about the noise it makes because this tool includes an exhaust handle that ensures you can do your work without interruption.

Furthermore, it comprises a composite casing and ergonomically designed handles to provide the user with comfort.


Since you have checked all the reviews of the best air impact wrenches under $100 and the features that a reasonable pneumatic wrench should have, you can easily determine which wrench under $100 is suitable for your working journey.

In my verdict, however, the ACDelco 5 speed pneumatic impact wrench tool kit is the perfect one to buy if you are planning to work hours performing heavy-duty operations. It is an excellent air impact wrench with remarkable features that will enhance your mechanical tool experience. Check out this amazing product and thank me later..

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the strongest impact wrench, 1/2 or 3/2?

Impact wrenches are specially designed tools for driving large bolts and nuts. Therefore, they need to be strong. However, when you have multiple options, Choosing the strongest impact wrench is difficult, yet possible.

The feature that makes a wrench strong is its power. In this regard, ½ inch impact wrenches are the most powerful and provide more torque with their efficient motors than 3/2-inch impact wrenches.

In this regard, ½ inches impact wrenches are the strongest one that provides an enormous amount of torque with their efficient motor than 3/2 inches impact wrenches. Furthermore, ½ inches impact wrenches comprise more powerful motors with a larger size than 3/2 inches impact wrenches.

What size air impact wrench does it need?

Well, the answer to this question simply depends on the job you want to do. You should select the wrench by estimating the job first. If you want to do a heavy task or job that requires a lot of power, try to use, ½ inches impact wrenches.

However, if your job requires less power and torque, you should select 3/2 inches impact wrenches. However, in my opinion, ½ inches impact wrenches are mostly suitable for almost all kinds of jobs, including DIY use, professional use, or repair use.

What type of socket should be used with an air impact wrench?

Air impact wrenches are probably more powerful than other wrenches. Therefore, the sockets that you can use should be made of high-quality materials. Therefore, using an impact socket would be a better choice.

An impact socket has a 50% thicker wall than other sockets. Hence, they are suitable to be used with pneumatic impact wrenches. As a result, use an impact socket of a compatible size with your impact wrench.

What is air impact wrenches well for?

Air impact wrenches are powerful mechanical tools. Hence, they are good for doing jobs that require a moderate-to-high level of power or torque. For instance, driving or removing rusty lug nuts or bolts is one of the biggest uses of the wrench.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of applications in which you will find air impact wrenches as good tools. These include professional mechanic work, automotive work, amateur work, etc

What is the difference between a pneumatic and cordless impact wrench?

The first and obvious difference between pneumatic and cordless impact wrenches is their mode of power. A cordless impact wrench needs a charged battery for its functioning while a pneumatic impact wrench needs an air hose for its functioning.
However, many differences distinguish both of them. These are maintenance, convenience, and durability.

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