Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing Tires – Experts Researched

Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing Tires – Experts Researched

An impact wrench also known as an impact gun is an extremely useful tool for working on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. You might come across several power tools that can be used for changing tires, but it is important that you know what tool is best suited for the job. The most common type and useful tool is the Corded Impact wrench.

Well, you may think, why would you need a corded tool when there is already a cordless version available? A corded impact wrench is more valuable because it provides a constant and robust source of power. This power is enough for fastening large nuts and bolts.

A corded impact wrench also known as an Electric impact gun is able to handle larger screws and bolts. It provides high pressure in portions that assist in loosening the nuts more quickly.

Hence, if you are facing the toughest and most corroded lugnuts, the best corded impact wrench for changing tires can fasten those nuts easily and quickly.

At a Glance:

  1. Porter-Cable Impact Wrench
  2. Enertwist 8.5A Impact Wrench
  3. Dewalt 7.5 AMP (DW292)
  4. Milwaukee 1/2″ Impact
  5. Craftsman Electric Impact

Best Corded Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

Tires often contain stuck, stubborn, or rusty nuts or bolts that require enough power, torque, and speed for the installation or removal of such large and heavy fasteners. Therefore, we have tested some of the Electric wrenches for lug nuts and shortlisted 5 top brands.

The brands and wrenches that we have selected not only provide the essential features but also comprise some additional specifications that ensure the comfort and safety of their customers. Let’s check out the best impact guns

PORTER-CABLE 20V Impact Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Porter-Cable Impact Wrench

Best Budget Corded Impact Wrench


It possesses forward and reverses rocker switches for quick switching of modes

Strong and durable anvil hose for quick socket changes

Powerful and robust motor with 7.5 AMP

Durable and long-lasting aluminum housing

It has a high torque of 450 ft-lbs



Are you on a tight budget but still want to buy a high-quality impact wrench? Porter-Cable provides you with the best budget corded impact wrench for your car tires. This wrench is inexpensive but provides the user with all the essential features the best impact gun possesses.

Being a ½” electric wrench, it has a powerful motor that works at 7.5 AMP, which is a beast for performing heavy-duty applications.

To drive and remove large and heavy nuts, it comprises a high torque that reaches a maximum value of 450 ft-lbs. This implies that you can easily perform a variety of functions quickly while stopping.

You can use it for tire rotation, changing wheel bearings, and other repairs. To work with large fasteners, another feature that an electric wrench should have is high speed.

Hence, this wrench offers a maximum of 2,200 RPM along with 2,700 BPM, which makes it a suitable tool for professional work.

The tool also comprises a rocker switch. This switch helps in the switching modes, i.e., forward and reverse mode. The reverse switch helps in preventing any kind of damage.

Apart from the heavy-duty features, it also comprises an aluminum housing that is thick and robust. Therefore, it is also a very durable device.

Furthermore, the power cable is also very good and properly secured. It possesses ½ inch power anvil hose for fast and easy socket changes. It weighs about 7.5 pounds, which is moderate weight. Some people find the weight of this impact wrench heavy. But, being a heavy-duty tool, this feature is quite suitable.

Enertwist ET-IW-1020 Wrench (Image credit: Amazon)

Enertwist 8.5A Impact Wrench

Most powerful Impact Wrench for Lugnuts


All-metal gear construction makes the wrench a durable and long-lasting tool

Rubberized nose grips for enhanced safety

10 ft long power cord for improved working conditions

Rugged rubberized hose for the high-impact casing

The high torque of about 1050 ft-lbs


A little heavy for DIY users

Enertwist always provides its users with powerful mechanical tools. Enertwist wrench with 8.5 AMP is the most powerful impact wrench for lug nuts. Due to its powerful feature, you can easily drive and remove heavy lug nuts and bolts. With a bolt-breaking torque of 1050 ft-lbs, it has become the most robust wrench for removing rusty and stubborn nuts.

Apart from this, it is also a fast tool. It delivers a maximum speed of 2600 RPM with a compatible impact rate of 2700 IPM.

This means it also comprises a solid combination of speed and impact for flawless performance. With an easy one-handed trigger, you can switch between forward and reverse working.

Furthermore, the rubberized grip adds more comfort to your one-handed work by minimizing the level of fatigue while doing the job.

To ensure a secure connection or retention of the device in the impact sockets, the producer has used a strong ½ inches anvil with a heavy hog ring.

However, to ensure further protection, you should choose high-quality sockets. Besides being a powerful tool, it is also a heavy one. The tool weight of the device is 8.2 lbs. The weight is quite suitable and compatible with the length of the tool, which is 9.9 ft.

DeWALT Corded Impact Wrench
DEWALT Corded Impact Wrench with Detent Pin Anvil (Image credit: Amazon)

Dewalt 7.5 AMP (DW292)

Most Durable Impact Wrench for Tires


Detent pin is highly reliable and secured

Perfect for removing lug nuts

Enhanced ergonomics for comfortable handling of tools

Two-in-one forward and reverse mode switch

The maximum speed of 2100 RPM for fastening


Few complaints about the torque capacity

The DeWALT 7.5 AMP corded impact wrench is one of the most durable impact wrenches for tires. While other mechanical marketers only ensure heavy-duty features in their tools, DEWALT gives you a guarantee of being durable as well.

This wrench comprises a ball bearing construction along with an all-metal front and ½ inch detent pin that provides the user with a highly durable tool.

It comprises a powerful motor with carbon brushes. Many users think that corded impact wrenches will provide less speed and torque.

However, this is not the case with this wrench. Its motor runs at the rate of 7.5 AMP and has a torque of 345 foot-pounds, which is the same maximum level of torque that many cordless impact wrenches offer. It also delivers superior balance by combining an ergonomic handle with a soft grip.

Another feature that makes this corded impact wrench stand out from the crowd of other impact wrenches is its high impact action of 2700 IPM.

Moreover, the speed level of this impact wrench is 2100 RPM. Although the value of speed is lower than many wrenches.

Milwaukee Impact Wrench (9070-20)
Milwaukee Impact Wrench (9070-20) (Image credit: Amazon)

Milwaukee 1/2″ Impact

Heavy-duty Corded Impact Wrench for Hard stuck nuts


High impact mechanism of 2600 IPM

Reliable detent pin socket retention

It has a cushioned and well-balanced grip

It is lightweight and easy to carry

Powerful 7.0 AMP motor


Not suitable for professional use

Did you try to remove the stuck nuts on your tire wheel and they wouldn’t come out? Check out Milwaukee’s heavy-duty corded impact wrench for hard stuck nuts. It consists of a heavy-duty motor that efficiently runs at 7.0 AMPS.

Moreover, it delivers a high-impact action at a rate of 2600 IPM, which is enough for removing stuck and stubborn nuts. Also, the torque that it provides is about 300 ft-lbs.

However, the maximum amount of speed that it delivers is 1800 RPM. Hence, it is an all-in-one combination of speed and power.

Another feature that makes this wrench everyone’s favorite is its compact size and lightweight. It weighs only 6 pounds, which is very little compared to the other impact wrenches on the market.

Plus, it also comes with a handle made of rubber that provides a balanced and cushioned grip while running the tool.

Milwaukee always cares for its customers and ensures their safety in the workplace. Hence, in this wrench, customers’ safety is ensured by installing a pin-detent system for secure socket retention. It also contains an AC rocker switch for fast selection of forward and reverses working modes.

Craftsman Electric Impact Wrench (CMEF901)
Craftsman Impact Wrench (CMEF901) (Image credit: Amazon)

Craftsman Electric Impact

High-Quality Electric Impact Wrench


A high-quality tool with high torque

Durable hog ring anvil for easy socket changing

High impact action rate of 2700 IPM

Heavy tool plus a heavy hitter

Variable speed trigger for fast switching


Some users complain that it is underpowered

Are you trying to find an impressive electric impact wrench for changing tires? Well, Craftsman is here to serve you with its high-quality electric impact wrench for changing tires. With a weight of 8.95 pounds, It is a little heavier than the above Dewalt impact wrench, but it is also a heavy hitter.

This means that it delivers a good amount of torque, which is 450 ft-lbs. Whether the nuts are freshly installed or they are rusty, it removes fasteners quickly. Thus, it’s a suitable corded impact wrench for tires.

The first feature that makes an electric wrench a secure tool is its durable and high-quality anvils. As long as the anvil of the wrench is good, you can freely use sockets.

Therefore, the Craftsman impact wrench possesses a strong and reliable hog ring anvil with which you can easily change sockets as long as they are of high quality.

Besides containing high power, the motor of this wrench is also very fast, providing maximum impacts at a rate of 2700 IPM and an exceptional speed of 2200 RPM.

Furthermore, it also comprises a variable speed trigger for faster and easier speed control during the fastening of bolts. You can also purchase extra hooks or accessories with the wrench.

Best Corded Impact Wrenches Comparison Chart

WrenchesTorqueRPMHead StyleWeight
Porter-Cable450 ft-lbs.2,200 RPMHexagonal7.5 pounds
Enertwist1050 ft-lbs2600 RPMHexagonal8.8 pounds
DeWalt345 ft-lbs2,100 RPMC-shaped8.14 pounds
Craftsman450 ft-lbs2,200 RPMHexagonal8.95 pounds
Milwaukee300 ft-lbs1800 RPMHexagonal6 pounds

Shopping Tips – Electric Impact Wrench for Changing Tires and Lugnuts

Every tool has its own specific features, which makes it a valuable product for specific purposes. Like all the other tools, an impact wrench is a tool that can perform versatile functions or jobs.

Different applications require different features or specifications of an impact wrench. In this article, we are reviewing the best electric impact wrench for lug nuts or changing tires. Therefore, we have to find some specific features of this tool before purchasing it:

Cord length: The first thing that a power tool user needs, whether he is a professional or a beginner, is a level of ease and precision while using the corded impact wrench.

Whether you are working at home or at your mechanic’s house, sockets are located at specific points. You can’t do anything to move these sockets to the place where you work. Therefore, you have to get an impact wrench with a good cord length.

It’s better to have a long cord on your electric impact wrench along with power features than to have an electric impact wrench with a short cord length.

Because if you purchase a wrench with a short cord length and the available sockets are located far away from your working space, ultimately you will end up doing nothing at all. So, try to invest your money in a good purchase.

Weight: It is another significant feature that is very important if you are buying a corded impact wrench. Of course, you will have to carry this wrench until the completion of your task. Corded impact wrenches are mostly lightweight.

However, those corded wrenches that are designed for heavy-duty tasks like changing tires, hard lug nuts, or bolts, are usually heavy.

But still, some impact wrenches possess moderate weight. Hence, you will have to take a look at the weight of the wrench, compare it with others, and choose the best one for yourself.

Among all the above-reviewed wrenches, the MILWAUKEE impact wrench (9070-20) comprises the lightest weight.

Torque: When you are searching for a tool for a heavy-duty job, you will have to look for a tool that has a high amount of torque and power in it. So, the same is the case with our situation. For removing or installing heavy and stubborn nuts on tires or wheels, you will need a large amount of torque for this purpose. Moreover, it also decides the precision and accuracy of your task. Plus, it also reduces the working time.

To see how much torque you require for turning or removing the nuts on your wheel, you will have to check at what value of torque they are tightened.

Usually, the bolts are tightened at 80 to 150 ft-lbs. So, you have to purchase impact wrenches that deliver at least 150 ft-lbs of torque. The ENERTWIST 8.5A electric impact wrench delivers a maximum of 1050 ft-lbs of torque, which is very good.

Size: Along with the weight of a corded impact wrench, its size also matters because you will have to spend many hours working with the tool. Also, there are many sizes of impact wrenches that are not suitable for changing car tires. Therefore, take into account the size of the tool before buying it.

Impact wrenches are probably available in many sizes, but the most common sizes are ¼ inches wrench, ½ inches wrench, and ⅜ inches wrench.

For heavy-duty jobs, mostly ½ inches and ⅜ inches impact wrenches are used. But, I would like to recommend ½ inches impact wrenches for changing tires. The reason is that they are the most powerful and are best for this purpose.

Anvil of the Wrench: The hog ring anvil of a corded impact wrench is very important for the durability of the tool and the protection of the user. A hog ring anvil ensures that the cord of your electric impact wrench is securely attached to the sockets.

Therefore, the material of the anvil should be good enough that it doesn’t explode in the socket.

Moreover, it should be durable enough to provide a good, long-lasting life for your impact wrench. Mostly, the anvils are made of aluminum material, and their common size is ½ inches. Hence, choose an impact wrench that has a good quality anvil.


Hopefully, you have got the knowledge of the best-corded impact wrench for changing tires. These wrenches are equipped with a robust motor that delivers high torque, speed, and power.

They also possess strong housing that provides a durable, long life for your impact wrench. Hence, you can easily install and remove nuts from your tires.

However, in our verdict, the Porter-Cable electric impact wrench is a powerful tool for this purpose. Thus, we hope this guide will be a helpful piece of information for you to keep your hands on the quality corded impact wrenches.

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