Best Corded Electric Weed Eaters to Buy This Year

Best Corded Electric Weed Eaters to Buy This Year

Often it happens that your lawnmower fails to reach the narrow spaces like the side of a lawn or near a tree to trim the grass. So what comes in handy at that time is none other than the best corded electric weed eaters.

Yes, you read that right! With its compact design and powerful features, you can remove weeds from the corners of your garden, cut the over-grown grass, and fix all the areas where your lawnmower couldn’t make it to.

With that being said, we are here with everything you need to know about weed eaters, weed whackers, or string trimmers (whatever you may call it).

You’ll find a basic overview of the tool, along with a detailed review of the top 10 best corded Electric string trimmers on the market, leading up to a comprehensive buying guide in the end. So without any further ado, let’s get this show on the road:

What is a Weed Eater? Is a Weed Eater the Same as a String Trimmer?

Before heading forward, let’s get settled on what precisely a weed eater is, its features, and how it’s different from other gardening tools.

So starting with the overview of weed eaters here’s what you should know:

A weed eater, also known as a weed whacker, or strimmer, is a gardening tool that is used to cut or trim the grass by the edges of concrete pavements or near trees.

Its construction is different from a regular grass trimmer, as in lawnmowers; it comprises a monofilament line instead of a blade attached to a rotating spindle and a power source at the end of a long shaft.

Adding to this, the power source can either be a gasoline engine or an electric motor. Now, this begets a question: Is a weed eater the same as a trimmer to trim tough weeds? Let’s find out:

Now, this begets a question:

Is a weed eater the same as a trimmer? Let’s find out:

Is the Weed Eater the same as a String Trimmer?

To get things straight, weed eaters are no different from string trimmers. Just for a fact, the weed eater is a brand name that refers to plenty of gardening tools, like blowers, hedge trimmers, etc.

That being said, the term weed eaters also cover the string trimmers in it. So it turns out that these two names are interchangeable to refer to the same thing.

Note: If the line of your weed eater keeps coming out, then read this detailed guide.

Best Corded Electric Weeder At a Glance:

  1. Black+Decker 14-Inch Trimmer
  2. Greenworks String Trimmer
  3. Toro 51480 Trimmer
  4. Craftsman String Trimmer
  5. LawnMaster Electric Trimmer
  6. Ryobi Shaft String Trimmer
  7. BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch Trimmer
  8. Powersmart String Trimmer
  9. Worx Trimmer
  10. Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer

10 Best Corded Electric Weed Eater

BLACK+DECKER 14-Inch Trimmer
BLACK+DECKER 14-Inch Trimmer(Image credit: Amazon)

Black+Decker 14-Inch Trimmer

Best Corded Weed Eater with Auto Weed


Automatic Feed Spool technology

8000 RPM speed

Lightweight design

Adjustable handle and height positions

6.5 amp of motor

Reasonable pricing

2 lawn tools in one packaging


Not so easy to use for tall people

For those looking for an ergonomic yet heavy-duty weed eater, BLACK+DECKER brings its marvelous piece of equipment.

This newest 14-inch model is the best corded electric weed eater with auto-feed. With its professional and versatile design, you can have a multi-functional tool that can add to your convenience. And to top it off, it comes at a very reasonable price.

With that being said, let’s get down to its notable features:

First things first, This electric weed eater’s automatic feed spool technology is one-of-its-kind as it boosts up the procedure like anything.

It saves your time on the work and makes sure that you don’t end up super-exhausted after using this.
In the second place, Its fastest, 8000 RPM of speed limit manages to make it work at a super-fast pace.

So much so, that you can quickly cut the overgrown grass by the side of hedges or pavements with this remarkable electric trimmer.

Having said that, Unlike lawn mowers, these are compact and handy tools that are easy to use. In fact, the lightweight construction of this BLACK+DECKER weed eater is exceptionally convenient for all-day-long use as well.

Moreover, The 14-inch corded electric trimmer features a remarkable cord retention system that prevents accidental cord disconnections.

So this makes sure that your work experience with this one remains smooth and uninterrupted.
Lastly, All of these amazing features are wrapped in an extremely affordable price tag. That’s right! Now you can have this best corded electric weed eater with an auto-feed system by paying even less than 50 bucks!

Final Views:

BLACK+DECKER 14-Inch corded electric weed eater is one of the most powerful and functional trimmers that you can have this year.

Make sure to check this out in the first place, if you are planning to get a new compact weed eater for yourself.

Greenworks String Trimmer(Image credit: Image Amazon)

Greenworks String Trimmer

Best 18-inch Electric String Trimmer


10 amp motor gives enormous power

Simple electric start reduces saves your time

Large size for up to 18 inches

Up to 50 minutes of run time

Plug and go system with no recharging troubles

Less noisy


Difficult to remove spools

Vibrates intensely

Second on our list is the best weed eater for tall people, which is the new Greenworks 18-inch string trimmer.

The best thing about this Greenworks corded string trimmer is its extensive size as, unlike BLACK+DECKER, it ensures a strong and convenient grip over the tool.

Having said that, with the excellent workability of this best 18-inch electric string trimmer, you can have your yard all cleaned up from the overgrown grass and weeds with great professionalism!

So on that note, let’s dig deeper into its excellent features, and explore more about it:

Starting off,

The 10 Amps of powerful motor equipment is the best thing about this weed eater. It not only enables dynamic operation but also makes sure effective results.

You’ll have all the unwanted stuff removed from your yard within no time.

Adding to this,

The 18 inches of extensive size makes it easier for tall people to use it with ease. Apart from that, it features an easy start-up option that gets the machine ready for action in no time.

However, the trigger button tends to be a little stiff though.

That being said,

It features a quick connect coupler, which allows for easy attachment changes and thus increases convenience.

Aside from that, the cushioned handle allows a firm grip that reduces the chances of instability.

Final Views:

Greenworks shows up with the best 18-inch electric string hedge trimmer that is loaded with a number of remarkable features to boost up your garden maintenance.

It is a great pick for professionals as well as for tall people.

Toro 51480 Trimmer
Toro 51480 Trimmer (Image credit: Amazon)

Toro 51480 Trimmer

Best Powerful Electric String Trimmer


The telescoping shaft ensures durability

The adjustable assist handle improves productivity

Auto-feed trim line

Swift switching from trimmer to edger

Affordable pricing


Basic design

A little heavier than others

If you want to have the best powerful electric string trimmer and edger that can last longer than you may expect, then better get your hands on the new Toro 51480. It has a 14-inch of size and a compact construction that enables easy handling as well as effortless usage.

That being said, let’s get down to exploring its notable features:

Important Features You Must Know:


It features an auto-feed trim line that is of great benefit when you have a big yard to clean up. Apart from that, the 14-inch, dual-line cutting head speeds up the operation and gets the job done quickly.

In the second place,

The extended and adjustable assist handle of this weed eater increases convenience as you can keep hold of it firmly. Moreover, it is equipped with a 5 amp motor, which renders tremendous power to the machine.

So much so,

That it can pluck even the tiny bits of the over-grown grass beside concrete surfaces. However, if you want a stylish tool for your gardening purposes, then this might not be a good option for you; as it comes up with a very basic and regular appearance.

Final Views:

For those who prefer power overlook and everything, then Toro 51480 weed wacker would be the most accurate choice in that regard.

With its super-cool features accompanying a reasonable price tag, it becomes the best powerful electric string trimmer and edger.

Craftsman String Trimmer
Craftsman String Trimmer (image credit: Amazon)

Craftsman String Trimmer

Best Electric Corded Weed Whacker


Includes 2 replacement spools

Push-button feed system

Ergonomic telescoping pole with adjustability options

Wheeled edger enables a quick transition from trimmer to edger


Comparatively pricey

Limited run time

Craftsman String Trimmer is yet another excellent gadget that you can have in your gardening tool kit, for regular usage.

With its electric corded power supply, you can have a quick and effective action that would clean up all of your space without any hassle.

So let’s check out some of the noticeable features of this best electric corded weed whacker down below:

First things first,

The CRAFTSMAN string trimmer is an exceptional gadget for grass trimming on your own, as it comprises a nylon cutting extension cord that rotates rapidly on a spindle. As a result, it moves rapidly and plucks plenty of grass at a time.

Having said that,

It comes up with a telescoping pole or shaft that enables adjustability as well. So now you can drag the slider up or down to set it at a height that suits you.

Apart from that, the push-button feed system ensures convenience and rapidness at the same time.


The accessory package that comes with the new CRAFTSMAN string trimmer is a whole different treat as you get to have two replacement spools within it.

So now, in case of any damage or inefficiency, you can have the previous one replaced with a newer one

Final Views:

The Crafstman string trimmer is the best choice for homeowners as it is a minimal tool that can be used for small-scale gardening.

If you want to have one of the top corded string trimmers for your basic yard maintenance, then this is the best option in this regard.

LawnMaster Electric Lightweight Trimmer
LawnMaster Electric Lightweight Trimmer (image credit: Amazon)

LawnMaster Electric Trimmer

The best lightweight electric weed eater


10 amps of motor power

Accessories included

Adjustable yet comfort-grip handle

Reduced vibration effect

16 inches of length


Expensive price tag

Not good for beginners

If the price doesn’t play a huge role in your decisions, then getting this new LawnMaster electric string trimmer is the perfect option for sure.

It is the best lightweight electric weed eater with a shoulder strap and numerous other features, which justify the extravagant price tag. Apart from that, it has a sleek and stylish appearance as well.

Coming to its tremendous features:

To begin with,

It features the most powerful motor that delivers 10 amps of power with every single usage. In addition to that, the vibration effect of the machine is considerably less, even with this much power deliverance.

Having said that,

The length of this weed eater is up to 16 inches, which is the most perfect size for a trimmer. So much so, it weighs way too little in your hands that you feel no extra strain while holding it for a longer period.

Moreover, the shoulder strap included in the accessory package doubles the convenience.

With that aside,

On the downside, it is one of the most expensive weed eaters that make many potential buyers think twice before making such an initial investment.

However, its plenty of features and ergonomics balance out the negative.

Final Views:

LawnMaster brings its lightweight electric weed edger with a shoulder strap for you! Now you can have the most stylish and functional trimmer for your day-to-day gardening chores, only if budget is not a problem for you.

Ryobi Shaft String Trimmer
Ryobi Shaft String Trimmer (image credit: Amazon)

Ryobi Shaft String Trimmer

Best Electric Straight Shaft String Trimmer


Corded electric power supply

10 amps of motor equipment

High RPMs than its rivals

Best customer support service


The trigger is a little stiff

You might face some blowbacks from this weed eater

Here comes yet another big-budget string trimmer, but with a plethora of useful features, the new Ryobi Shaft string trimmer.

With a unique design and a corded string trimmer bump feed, it manages to be an exceptionally functional tool for cutting grass near beds and trees.

However, the price tag of this Best electric straight shaft string trimmer is way too expensive – even more than previously mentioned in the list.

Having said that, let’s get down to check out its features:

To begin with,

It is a heavy-duty weed eater that is designed for next-level performance in maintaining gardens and yards with utmost perfection.

With a Ryobi Shaft string trimmer by your side, cutting grass and removing weeds from the side of trees or beds becomes a breeze.

Adding to this,

The highlight of this brand is that it gives the best after-sales service to its customers, along with an extensive warranty.

That being said, you’ll face some blowbacks at times with this machine, which might ruin your experience.

Final Views:

Ryobi Shaft string trimmer is one of the best electric straight shaft weed eaters that is the most recommended for professionals.

If you are planning to buy an advanced trimmer, no matter the price tag, then Ryobi Shaft is the best option in this regard.

Black + Decker 13inch String Trimmer
Black + Decker 13inch String Trimmer (image credit: Amazon)

BLACK+DECKER 13-Inch Trimmer

Best Corded Electric String Trimmer for the money


2-in-1 edger plus trimmer

Wider trimming area

Lightweight enough for easy handling

Adjustable height handles

Noiseless operation

Affordable price tag


No wheels for easy mobility

The handle is a bit on the short side

Are you looking for the best corded electric string trimmer for the money? If yes, then this is the right place for you. We have another power-packed weed trimmer from BACK+DECKER.

Just like the 14-inch model, this advanced 13-inch trimmer marks to be a budget choice for the beginners out there.

With that being said, let’s get straight to its features:

First things first,

The two-in-one edger plus trimmer functionality of this weed eater is remarkably perfect. You get to have the most versatile tool to carry around the yard in order to remove unwanted stuff.

With that being mentioned,

The high power and low noise operation of this machine are totally exceptional. I mean, you can use this machine all day long without even worrying about your neighbors, as it doesn’t make too much noise.

Final Views:

Edge a flower bed with a power edger like that of the new BLACK+DECKER 13-inch corded electric weed eater. It can help you remove weeds from the side of trees and cut through the grass near beds with great ease.

Powersmart String Trimmer
Powersmart String Trimmer (image credit: Amazon)

Powersmart String Trimmer

Best Heavy-duty Corded Electric String Trimmers


Ergonomic design

Hassle-free, electric powered weed eater

9000 RPM of speed

Easy maneuverability


Not a lightweight construction

Powersmart string trimmer is undoubtedly one of the best heavy-duty corded electric string trimmers out there. With its amazing experience of cutting through grass and removing weeds.

Let’s get straight to its excellent features:

To begin with,

The Powersmart string trimmer shows up with an ergonomic design, which enables a firm grip over the machine.

Apart from that, the hassle-free, electric-powered weed eater allows super-fast operation with an extensive run time.

In addition to that,

The 9000 RPM of its speed is all that you need on a hot summer’s day. As it is really hard to work straight for two hours or more in sun, having a weed trimmer that can work with a lot of speed is a must in this regard.

Final Views:

Powersmart string trimmer is one of the best electric string trimmers that feature an affordable price tag with a number of useful features. You must consider this while buying the best corded electric weed eaters in 2021.

Worx Weed Eater
Worx Weed Eater (image credit: Amazon)

Worx Trimmer

Best Durable Corded Electric Weed Eater and Edger


5.5 amps of battery type

Lightweight build quality

Telescopic shaft for ease of use

Auto line feed system


The plastic wears out by the time

At number nine, we have the best durable corded electric weed eater and edger, the new Worx WG119. It shows up with a moderate series of features that can be beneficial for regular usage at homes and small-scale yards, etc.

That being said, let’s explore its notable features:

First things first, Worx features a handle that enables multiple positioning options. You can keep on adjusting the trimmer handle by moving it back and forth until you find the most comfortable position to hold the tool.


The flower guard system prevents the accidental breakage or damage of flowers and other plants by the side of trees or flower beds.

That said,

With its cutting-edge technology, the Worx trimmer tends to be an exceptional choice while dealing with unwanted grass or weeds in your gardens.

Final Views:

If you are running low on the budget this year, then having the new Worx WG119 trimmer edger is the best option.

Sun Joe Lawn Trimmer
Sun Joe Lawn Trimmer (image credit: Amazon)

Sun Joe TRJ13STE Trimmer

Best Budget Corded Electric String trimmer


Comfortable positioning with adjustable handle

Flower guard protection system

13 inches of compact size

Best for women

Cheap price tag


Not good for tall people

Last on our list is the best budget corded electric string trimmer, the one, and only Sun Joe TRJ13STE. It costs you way too little money that you don’t need to worry about your hard-earned money going to waste.

With that being said, let’s check out the basic features of this weed eater:

Starting off,

The first and foremost thing to be talked about is none other than its extremely affordable price tag.

For all the beginners out there, as well as homeowners, this is the most appropriate thing to have as it features a very basic set of features.

Moving forward,

The 4-amp motor is not that good as compared to its rivals mentioned previously. However, it makes up to be a good enough option for many of the buyers out there as it ensures ergonomics and easy handling.

Final Views:

Sun Joe TRJ13STE is one of the very basic weed eaters available out there. If you want to have a cheap string trimmer by your side, then better get this one in this regard.

Shopping Tips for Best Corded Electric String Trimmer (Edger)

Finding the best corded electric string trimmer edger can become a daunting task if you’re not aware of the basics that are to be kept in mind while shopping for this masterpiece.

Having said that, numerous elements can help you choose the most appropriate weed eater for your regular use.

Down below is an account of some of the most common factors that are to be considered while shopping for the best electric string trimmer. So without further ado, let’s have a look:

Revolutions per minute:

The typical number of revolutions a weed eater takes is around 7000 RPM, which is a pretty good average for carrying out regular gardening.

Apart from that, there are several other models that has the RPM value of around 3000 as well, which is quite a slower pace.

Having said that, there are certain heavy-duty weed eaters, which operate with a 15,000 revolutions per minute.

So it all comes down to your preferences; for it may be that a mediocre sort of a weed eater with 3000 RPM can get the job done for you, or a sturdy string trimmer with up to 15,000 RPM.


In the second place, you have to keep a check on the weight of the product that you are intending to buy. The reason for this is that weed eaters are kind of an alternative to lawnmowers, which are comparatively very big machines. So this needs to be handy enough to be held easily.

Cutting Width:

Every string trimmer cuts through grass and removes weeds from a specific area at a time, within a particular space.

In a similar context, the cutting width of a weed eater or strimmer depicts how many inches would the tool be able to cut the grass from, without moving the unit.

So while buying one of the best corded electric string trimmers, you better keep check of this feature, as the ideal range in this regard is from 12 to 14 inches.

Line Diameter:

Line diameter measures the range of thickness, which is impactful to cut through different types of grass. For instance, in normal grass type, a 0.065″-0.085 range, and in slightly thicker grass, 0.085″-0.110″ range of thickness would do enough.


Weed eaters are lately becoming quite affordable as many brands are trying to outsource their competitors.

That said, while choosing a weed eater, it’s important to keep the budget factor in mind along with what you need.

A good weed eater can easily cost you within a range of $100. What’s even more impressive is that quite cost-effective models are available that can meet your demands and requirements for a long time.

So, while you make up your mind to choose the best-corded string trimmer, make sure that you at least have the right amount of budget for it.


So this was all about the best corded electric weed eaters in 2022. You can choose the most appropriate one for yourself from the top 10 best-ranking trimmers on the market.

By then, you’ll have a gardening tool, which could be used to clean the flowerbeds or the narrow spaces near trees easily and without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful electric string trimmer?

Toro 51480 Corded electric string trimmer is undoubtedly the most powerful string trimmer that you can have as your go-to garden tool. With its enormous features and durability, it delivers the utmost strength while cutting grass.

What is the best-corded line trimmer?

The Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch electric trimmer stands on top in the realm of the best corded line trimmer. With its 5 amps of powerful motor, you can get to have a heavy-duty edger that can turn your garden chores into a breeze.

Which is better: a gas or electric trimmer?

If you want to get the job done within no time, nothing would get any better than gas trimmers. They speed up the activity to the maximum and take half of the time as the electric trimmers do.

Are battery-powered trimmers any good?

In order to have a garden tool that you can use for a whole day of activity, having battery-powered trimmers would be the best option. They bring about the option of changing and replacing dead batteries with new ones instantly. Also, they are easy to carry along and are useful for vast areas.

How long do electric weed eaters last?

There is no such timeline for these garden tools that can help predict their exact lifespan. However, if properly maintained and used with extra care, they can last for even more than 10 years.

Do I need to buy an electric weed trimmer?

With the increasing inventions in every field of life, garden tools are now also coming with tremendously advanced features that can turn your experience of gardening upside down. The same is the case with the newest electric weed trimmers.
These handy tools are powerful enough to do the task of a lawnmower. In fact, the compact design of the machine makes it usable in narrow places as well. So it’s definitely worth your money and needs!

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